Kilimanjaro Climb Cost

Kilimanjaro Climb Cost

"How much does it cost to climb Kilimanjaro? The prices for Kilimanjaro Climbs vary wildly. To climb Kilimanjaro can cost you anything from $1000 to $4000 and above."

Kilimanjaro Climb Cost is somewhere between US$1,000 and $4,000 eliminating flight charges, clothing, and gear. You can add another $1000 or $2000 for these costs depending on the places you are coming from.

A full breakdown of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro inclusions and exclusions. As you start planning for your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost, the first step includes preparing a budget plan. The Climb Kilimanjaro Cost depends on numerous factors such as duration of the climb, type of route, and your itinerary.

So how much does it cost to climb Kilimanjaro? The Kilimanjaro Climb Cost may vary depending on a season, the route and the length for the summit. Usually, the prices start at $1,000 USD and above. However, this may be varied depending upon the purchase of any extra equipment, accommodation or add any additional transportation.

To avoid this confusion we have provided the most practical and grounded information about Climbing Kilimanjaro Cost, after reading which you will not need to surf anymore on the web regarding your Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing expenses.

We have listed 18 factors that determine Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost along with some frequently asked questions. If you wish to climb Kilimanjaro soon and have been wondering “What It Really Costs To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro”, this complete guide on Kilimanjaro Climb Cost by Jerry Tanzania Tours is the one-stop solution for you!


*Budget* – $4000 - $5000

*Highlights*Don’t Look for Climbing Kilimanjaro Tour Packages based on Kilimanjaro Climb Cost. As you will end up paying more than expected upon arrival in Arusha or Moshi.

Your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost depends again on numerous factors like Kilimanjaro Park Fees, Kilimanjaro Crew Salaries, Hotel Accommodations, and gear costs, etc. We have discussed these in detail below:

Kilimanjaro Climb Cost

01 . Kilimanjaro Flight Cost

  • *Budget* – $700 - $1600
  • *Highlights* Book your flight tickets early to pay less

Depending on your location of departure your Kilimanjaro's flight costs will exponentially change adding to your Climb Kilimanjaro Cost. The major cities from which climbers arrive and the cost of their flights to Kilimanjaro International Airport has been mentioned below:

London Kilimanjaro Int. Airport $735
Chicago Kilimanjaro Int. Airport $1000
New York Kilimanjaro Int. Airport $1600
Sydney Kilimanjaro Int. Airport $1700

The detailed list of costs as per the departure and arrival destination will help you plan your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost well. The prices of flights are dynamic and for exact details, you can contact our travel experts.

Kilimanjaro Flight Cost

Below is the table displaying costs of international flights from major Airports across the globe:

Baltimore(BWI) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD740
Washington, D.C.(WAS) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD740
Chicago(CHI) toKilimanjaro(JRO) From USD828
San Francisco(SFO) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD891
San Jose(SJC) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD901
Philadelphia(PHL) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD923
Fort Lauderdale(FLL) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD991
Miami(MIA) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,028
Charlotte(CLT) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,055
Minneapolis(MSP) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,094
Salt Lake City(SLC) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,130
Los Angeles(LAX) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,132
Houston(HOU) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,167
Houston(IAH) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,167
Orlando(ORL) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,187
Dallas(DFW) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,262
Portland, OR(PDX) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,331
Cleveland(CLE) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,353
Indianapolis(IND) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,357
Kansas City(MKC) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,357
Saint Louis(STL) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,357
Detroit(DTT) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,381
Pittsburgh(PIT) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,387
Nashville(BNA) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,391
Phoenix(PHX) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,407
Seattle(SEA) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,463
Cincinnati(CVG) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,487
Memphis(MEM) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,487
Omaha(OMA) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,557
Birmingham(BHM) to Kilimanjaro(JRO) From USD1,591

This table gives an overall idea of the cost of International Flights that range from $500-$1500 depending on your location of departure.

Important Points To Consider:

  • Airlines flying to Kilimanjaro International Airport - Air Tanzania, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Kenya Airway, Condor, Qatar Airways, RwandAir, and Ethiopian Airways
  • Kilimanjaro Flights From USA -Approximately US$2000 from the West Coast, dramatically lower US$1100 from the East Coast.
  • Kilimanjaro Flights From Europe- Averages range between $550 to $850.

02 . Tanzania Visa Cost

  • *Budget* – $50 - $100
  • *Highlights* Book your flight tickets early to pay less

Tanzania Visa Cost for all citizens is the same except for the USA and North Korean countries. This is due to the special travel agreement between Tanzania and these countries. The differences have been mentioned in detail below:

For USA Citizens

You will have to purchase a multiple-entry e-Visa online if you are a tourist from the United States of America. The cost of Visa id $100 and you will receive your visa in five to nine business days depending on the speed of processing you choose – super rush or standard processing.

For North Korean Citizens

You will have to purchase a Volunteer e-Visa well in advance if you are a tourist from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or North Korea. The cost of a visa is $100 and will be available to you in five to nine business days depending on the speed of processing you choose – super rush or standard processing.

For All Other Nationalities

You can purchase a Tourist e-Visa online if you are not from the United States or North Korea. The cost of a visa is $50 and you will receive your visa in five to nine business days depending on the speed of processing you choose – super rush or standard processing.

The below table decribes the costs of processing charges along with the number of business days it takes for different kinds of visa processing speed:

Standard Processing 15 $80
Rush Processsing 13 $105
Super Rush Processing 10 $135

The above table gives a brief idea of the costs and the number of days it takes to process your travel visa to Kilimanjaro.

Important Points To Consider:

Most Climbers Need A Tanzanian Visa.

  • You can either organise a visa with your local Tanzanian embassy or purchase a visa on arrival in Kilimanjaro.

Entry visa for Tanzania

  • US$50 per passport holder for most nationalities
  • US$100 per visa for USA passport holders

03 . Vaccination For Kilimanjaro Cost

  • *Budget* – $150 - $250
  • *Highlights* Consult your doctor to get the exact prescription of medication and vaccines before taking them for your health security.

For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro you will require to take the necessary vaccinations which include vaccination against Hepatitis A and B, rabies, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, typhoid, and yellow fever the cost of these vaccinations are up to $150. These are a significant part of Climb Kilimanjaro Cost.

Rabies Hepatitis A
Typhoid Hepatitis B
Diphtheria Polio
Tetanus Yellow Fever

Important Points To Consider:

  • Most visitors will need yellow fever vaccination card to enter Tanzania, the cost is not more than $100.
  • You might also need malaria prophylaxis, and the recommended brand

04 . Cost For Tipping Guides

  • *Budget* – $200 - $300
  • *Highlights* It is not compulsory to Tip in Kilimanjaro but is a compulsory tradition. You can tip as per the quality of services you receive.

The Budget for tipping all Kilimanjaro crew members is $300. The table below lists the per crew member cost along with minimum tipping cost mentioned by KPAP that affects your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost:

Guides $20 $12
Cooks $15 $10
Porters $10 $6

This is an approximate cost of tipping which may vary from time to time.

In Terms Of Climbing Kilimanjaro Packages

Depending on the packages you choose your tipping costs will vary as follows:

  • 6-days climb: Expect to tip anything between USD 140 – 190
  • 7-days climb: Expect to tip anything between USD 190 – 225
  • 8-days climb: Expect to tip anything between USD 220 – 265
  • 9-days climb: Expect to tip anything between USD 245-295

Important Points To Consider:

Our Kilimanjaro Tips Clue

  • From $ 20 to 25 per day for head guide
  • From $ 15 to $20 per day per person for assistant guide & chef
  • From $8 to $10 per day for potter

Our Kilimanjaro Tipping Member

  • The number of crew depends on group size, 2 persons can have at least 12 Crew.

05 . Kilimanjaro National Park Fees

  • *Budget* – $900 - $1100
  • *Highlights* Pay to Keep the beauty and serenity of Mount Kilimanjaro alive. Kilimanjaro National Park fees is for a responsible climb to protect the mountain and safety.

Kilimanjaro Climb cost depends majorly on the Kilimanjaro Park Fees which includes camping fees, conservation fees, rescue fees, and crew fees (inclusive of taxes).

Conservation Fee $70 $490
Camping Fee $50 $350
Rescue Fee (Paid Per Trip) $20 $20
Crew Fee (13 People) $13 $91
Vat 18% - $171
Overall Park Fees $120 $1122

These calculations are for reference to help you understand the cost of park fees and what determines its cost.

Important Points To Consider:

  • Kilimanjaro National Park imposes fees on both visitors and crew.
  • Hut fees only include access to the sleeping huts and toilet facilities, they do not include food, kitchen gear or anything like that.

06 . Kilimanjaro Crew Fees

  • *Budget* – $500 - $600
  • *Highlights* This is where the unlicensed tour operators cut your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost. Do not choose such services that compromise the hard work of the Kilimanjaro team that helps you reach the peak of the summit.

Whether you choose small or larger group climbs, you will be assisted with Kilimanjaro porters, Guides, assistant guides, Cook, and more who are a dedicated group of 7-8 people who will be accompanying you on the climb. Their salary or crew fee is inclusive of the Kilimanjaro Climb Cost.

Depending on the size of the group, and your luggage, at least two porters per climber will accompany you on the mountain. This is coupled with a lead guide and two to three assistant guides in case you have a large group with 10+ members.

Here is a breakdown of the costs of salaries of each Kilimanjaro Crew Member:

Chief Guide 1 $25 $175 $175
Assistant Guide 1 $20 $140 $140
Cook 1 $15 $105 $105
Porter 8 $8 $448
Porter-Waiter 1 $8 $56 +$10[1] $66
Camp-Master 1 $12 $84 $84
Total Crew Salary $1018
Total Per Climber $509

These costs are an average of the Climbing Kilimanjaro Cost and may vary depending on the number of climbers.

Important Points To Consider:

  • For a group of 12 climbers, we will typically hire 45-50 porters, depending on the length of the trip.
  • Smaller groups will have 4-5 porters per climber.

07 . Kilimanjaro Food Cost

  • *Budget* – $50 - $60
  • *Highlights* What helps you keep going for long hours without giving up is the Kilimanjaro Food you eat. It’s the most important aspect of the climb and should not be compromised.

You must choose a tour operator that provides at least three timesa meal a day including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. You can also carry your snacks (trail mix, nuts, pretzels, jerky, Pringles) in your daily bag pack. Your meal is another important aspect of your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost.

Important Points To Consider:

  • Supplies and Logistics - Approximate costs that are fairly standard for the industry in Tanzania are:$55/climber
  • All your meals — from a midnight snack on your arrival night through lunch on your final day — are included in your cost to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

08 . Kilimanjaro Accommodation Price

  • *Budget* – $160 - $300
  • *Highlights* If you are on a Budget Climb to Mount Kilimanjaro, you can cut costs at this stage by choosing to stay at inexpensive hotels without compromising on the quality of services.

Accommodation is inclusive in your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost whether you stay in hotels on the first and the last day of the climb or camps on the mountain.

As you arrive on the first day in the towns around Kilimanjaro – Arusha or Moshi, you will want to rest for the day and start climbing the next day. Again when you return after the climb you will want to rest for a day. These hotels have a scenic Mount Kilimanjaro view, giving you a motivation to reach the peak.

You can choose from a variety of accommodations available depending on luxury, standard, or budget hotels. The prices of these hotels are listed below:


Panama Garden Resort in Moshi or Arusha Planet Lodge in Arusha $70 $90 $45
Pink Flamingo Boutique Hotel 3* (Moshi) $136 $148 $100
Arusha Coffee Lodge 4* (Arusha) $447 $596 $298
Gran Meliá Arusha 5* (Arusha) $255 $330 $165

The hotel accommodation charges may increase from closeness to the mountain to the services and facilities.

Important Points To Consider:

  • Estimated costs of accommodation before and after the climb - $160
  • Single supplement (if you want your own accommodation) – Arround $200

09 . Kilimanjaro Gear Cost

  • *Budget* – $50 - $100
  • *Highlights* If you are not a professional hiker, & do not want to purchase hiking gear which you will not be using again, then you should rent your gear &equipments which provide the lower cost comparing total gear cost.

Do not worry about the high cost of gear that is required on Mount Kilimanjaro. This is because we will provide you the majority of the equipment such as sleeping bags, camping equipment, (inclusive of Kilimanjaro Climb Cost), for your convenience.

You will be provided with the basic equipment for camping but some of the gear you will need to bring on your own:

  • For Head: You will need, sun hat, warm hat, sunglass, sunblock, headlamp, balaclava, or buff.
  • Upper Body: 4 Thermo (long fleece), 2 T-shirts, 1 down jacket, 1 rain jacket, a windbreaker jacket, & a pair of gloves with liner.
  • Lower Body: 3 long underwear, 1 rain trouser, 2 warm trouser, hiking boot & gaiters, 6 pairs of Socks.
  • Others are Camp shoes, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, bottles of water at least 3 liters (Camel bag) walking poles, a day pack & big duffel bag (North Face Product is the best), toiletries, personal first aid kit & small towel.

You can rent most of the equipment from us at affordable prices.

Important Points To Consider:

  • Average amortization costs are $50/climber.
  • The budget for buying the equipment is $800 to get fully kitted.

10 . Kilimanjaro Safety Equipment Cost

  • *Budget* – $40 - $50
  • *Highlights* Practice hiking at least a month before the day of your actual climb on Mount Kilimanjaro to acquaint your body to high altitude challenges.

When on 5000 m high from the ground on Mount Kilimanjaro, you simply cannot risk your life on the grounds of lack of medical equipment such as pulse oximeters, stethoscopes, rescue stretchers, oxygen regulators, cannulas and other medical devices.

These are the basic equipment we at Jerry Tanzania Tours provide that is carried up the mountain to keep our climbers safe and are part of Kilimanjaro Climb Cost.

Important Points To Consider:

  • Estimated costs of climbing safety add-ons: $40/climber
  • We use MediaclEquipmentstokeep our climbers safe and make the journey successful.

11 . Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance Cost

  • *Budget* – $50 - $100
  • *Highlights* 90% of the climbers to Mount Kilimanjaro face altitude sickness, & other health-related problems, therefore, choose an insurance that covers your medical expenses charging outside of your homeland for security.

Jerry Tanzania Tours recommends you cover travel insurance for high altitudes, trekking accidents, off-mountain illnesses and accidents, theft, and other considerations which will also cost between $50-$100 depending.The travel insurance is not part of Kilimanjaro Climb Cost. Some of the must include cover in your travel insurance for Kilimanjarois:

  • Medical expenses
  • Search and Rescue Cover
  • Personal Liability and Accidents
  • Travel Delay
  • Legal Expenses
  • Cancellations
  • Loss of Travel Documents, etc.

Important Points To Consider:

  • Estimated costs For Travel Insurance: $50-$100
  • Emergency evacuation cover by KILIMANJARO SAR HELICOPTER but the climber must have an insurance which cover up to 6000 meters above sea level

12 . Kilimanjaro Private Climb Cost/ Kilimanjaro Group Climb Cost

  • *Budget* – $1500 / $2500 / Group Climbs/ Private Climbs
  • *Highlights* To save Kilimanjaro Climb Cost, choose group Climbs instead of Private Climbs.

The number of people who climb Mount Kilimanjaro with you determines the Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost. More number of people (Group Climbs) will decrease the cost while private tour climbs increases your climb cost significantly.

Following are the reasons why:
  • Kilimanjaro Food: The more the number of people in your group, the cost of food and related expenses decreases.
  • Kilimanjaro Park Fees: Depending on the group members the park fees either increases or decreases with more people.
  • Kilimanjaro Tipping Cost: You can divide your tipping cost among group members helping you cut some costs.
  • Gear and Equipment Cost: The cost of gear and other climbing equipment also can be managed, cutting down costs in group climbs.

Choose private if you wish to avoid the crowd or choose group climbs to save your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost.

Important Points To Consider:

  • From a cost perspective, it would surely be cheaper to join a group as the "common" equipment would be spread across more Porters but there would also be a lower Porter-to-Trekker ratio.
  • You will be able to climb on days that fall outside of the group departure dates and therefore have areas of the mountain all to yourselves and not as part of a giant community on the nights in the campsite spots.

13 . Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes Cost

  • *Budget* – $1700 - $2500
  • *Highlights* Choose a Longer itinerary to achieve a guaranteed high success rate.

Seven routes help you climb Mount Kilimanjaro. The most affordable of these seven routes (Northern Circuit route, Machame route, Lemosho route, Marangu route, Shira route,Rongai route and Umbwe Route) is the Marangu Route which offers a 6 Day climb package.

The Marangu Route Cost is the lowest and Jerry Tanzania Tours chooses the Lemosho route and Machame routes as their Kilimanjaro Climb Cost is comparatively less and they are easier to climb.

This is because it is considered a shorter itinerary based route which is easier to climb and is busy. Below is a list of some of the Route choices with their prices that Jerry Tanzania Tours offers:

6 Days Machame Route $3,171 $2,499 $2,231 $2,183
6 Days Marangu Route $3,123 $2,408 $2,196 $2,125
7 Days Rongai Route $3,752 $2,940 $2,658 $2,561
7 Days Lemosho Route $3,717 $2,912 $2,629 $2,549
9 Days Northern Circuit Route $4,900 $3,814 $3,382 $3,256

Depending on the time of travel – low or peak seasons the Cost To Climb Kilimanjaro and the packages increase or decrease.

Important Points To Consider:

  • We recommend 6 days as a minimum, but 7-8 days on the mountain gives you the best acclimatization protocol and offers the highest chance of a safe and successful summit.

14 . Kilimanjaro Climbing Duration Cost

  • *Budget* – $100 - $200 / (For Extra Day For Acclimitization)
  • *Highlights* Before Understanding why staying longer duration on the mountain is essential you must understand what altitude sickness is and how it can be avoided.

You must choose longer itinerary putting an extra day to acclimatise to avoid any health conditions. Most climbers choose shorter itineraries to cut on their Kilimanjaro Climb Cost.

But this results in lower Kilimanjaro Success Rateon the mountain as well as numerous medical conditions due to your bodies inability to adjust to the change in altitude and temperature. Among the most common complication that occurs is altitude sickness.

Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness is various symptoms that can come about when someone ascends to a high altitude too rapidly, without sufficient acclimatization.

There are three main forms of altitude sickness:

  • AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) – very common when climbing Kilimanjaro.
  • HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema)-a fluid buildup in the lungs.
  • HACE (High Altitude Cerebral Edema) – a fluid buildup in the brain.

Both HAPE and HACE are potentially serious but are thankfully extremely rare during a well planned Kilimanjaro climb.

Lemosho route 7-8 days Arguably the most beautiful route to ascend Kilimanjaro. It’s popular, but not as crowded as the Machame route. High
Machame Route 6-8 days The most popular Mount Kilimanjaro route. Very Scenic Route and has acclimitization advantage, hike high sleep low High
Marangu Route 5-6 days The only route on Mount Kilimanjaro that has hut accommodation. Not very scenic. Low
Rongai Route 6-7 days Rongai route ascends Kilimanjaro from the north-eastern side of the mountain, along the border between Kenya and Tanzania. It’s the easiest route and best during rain season Medium
Northern Circuit Route 9-10 days The newest and longest Mount Kilimanjaro route. It’s very scenic, and is one of the least crowded routes. High

Important Points To Consider:

Choose Longer Itinerary!

  • Why? Because your body needs to acclimatize well (adapt to the temperature and altitude changes on the mountain). Take a day extra to acclimatize even if it means adding to your overall Kilimanjaro Climb Cost as it guarantees success.

15 . Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages Cost

  • *Budget* – $1600 - $3000
  • *Highlights* Choose Midrange Kilimanjaro Climb if you wish to cut down on extra cost without compromising on the quality of services.

There are three types of package choices you have:

Luxury Climb Midrange Climb Budget Climb

You can choose from the above three categories whose quality of equipment varies tremendously. The Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Packages cost ranges from $1600 to 3000 and may even be more for luxury packages

Cost $1600- $2000 $2000- $3000 $3000 - $4000
Private Toilets And Mess Tents YES YES YES
The Quality Of Food Good Enough But Not High Quality High Quality High Quality
Carry Oxygen YES YES YES
Carry Pulse Oximeter YES YES YES
6 Days, 7 Days Or 8 Days 6 Days 7 days Or 8 8 Days
Acclimatization LOW HIGH HIGH
Accommodation Quality LOW MEDIUM HIGH
GEAR NO Yes But Normal Range Gears Yes, High Range Gears
Electronics Equipment NO NO YES

Important Points To Consider:

  • Choose Specially the Midrange Climb or Budget Climb for a great Acclimatization and a Better Success Rate.

16 . Kilimanjaro Tour Operator Cost

  • *Budget* – $1600 - $3000
  • *Highlights* Choose standard or high-end tour operators like Jerry Tanzania Tours and request a personalized itinerary. Budget tour operators more often compromise on the quality of services..

Jerry Tanzania Tours mostly provides both mid-range and luxury climb choice to Kilimanjaro.

The comparison of services of luxury, mid-range, and budget tour operators is briefed in the below table:

Services Comparison Luxury Tour Operators Mid-Range Tour Operators Budget Tour Operators
Kilimanjaro Crew A well-trained and professional mountain crew A well-trained and professional mountain crew The unprofessional and poorly paid mountain crew  
Kilimanjaro Safety A focus on client safety A focus on client safety Subpar safety policies
Kilimanjaro Food Nutritious and plentiful food Nutritious and plentiful food Food quality Compromised
Camping Facilities Quality camping facilities Quality camping facilities Lean camping amenities and food
Other Factors Longer Routes Proper wages for the mountain crew Risk of fraud
Solo traveler supplement Mistreatment of mountain crew

Important Points To Consider:

  • It is advisable therefore to choose mid-range or luxury Kilimanjaro climb packages to enjoy a success climbing Kilimanjaro experience.

17 . Kilimanjaro Seasonal Cost

  • *Budget* – $200 - $500
  • *Highlights* If you wish to save on Kilimanjaro Climb Cost, choose the period just before the rain, to save on your climbing costs.

The time you choose to make your trek in Mount Kilimanjaro will decide your prices as well. This is because during the peak Kilimanjaro Climbing seasons (June-October) flights to Tanzania are more expensive which means you will need to book well in advance to secure affordable flights.

Many trekkers choose peak season as the weather is pleasant and more wildlife visibility is possible during this time. This increases their Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost.

The Low seasons begin from March to May which and it rains torrentially during this period. The flight charges are less and fewer crowds are visible on the trail. Another low season is from October to December which is another short rainy season.

As per your convenience, you can choose the Best Time To Climb Kilimanjaro.

Important Points To Consider:

  • Jerry Tanzania Tours always recommends Peak Season, as the exploration path towards success is higher and climber can see the scenic views during the climb.
  • But still you can book during lower season, when the no of crowd is less.

18 . Kilimanjaro Preparation Cost

  • *Budget* – $300 - $500
  • *Highlights* Take expert guidance from Jerry Tanzania Tours before starting your fitness preparation for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Your preparation for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro starts at least a month ago or more depending on your level of fitness. This also significantly adds to your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost which is your personal expense.

You may choose to go to the gym or buy Nutrient or food Supplements in case of any deficiency.

You will also need to visit the doctor to understand what your body exactly needs.

You can read our fitness blog that will help you plan and budget your cost of preparation well.

Important Points To Consider:

Come Prepared And Maximise Your Experience!

When it comes to preparing for Kilimanjaro, there are a number of factors to consider. And Jerry Tanzania Tours provide all with a great options and cost, contact Us today!

Get Kilimanjaro Climb Cost guide!

Cost Breakdown for a successful Kilimanjaro climb.

Kilimanjaro Climb Pdf


Here are some interesting facts about the prices you should know:

  • Budget Kilimanjaro trekking operators reduce the cost of its staff expenses.
  • With low prices, trekking operators sometimes cut the corner side prices.
  • The overall Kilimanjaro Climb Cost highly changes as per the route you have chosen.
  • Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost also includes the training to staff.
  • Booking in Tanzania is less expensive than booking in an overseas country.
  • Climb Kilimanjaro Cost UK is below 3, 500 Euros.
  • Environmental unaware behavior costs you money.

To know more about such facts you can contact travel experts of Jerry Tanzania Today!


If you want to know aboutClimb Kilimanjaro For Free, then it is impossible. However, for affordable trekking, you should follow these Kilimanjaro Faq’s.

  • Choose a direct flight to Kilimanjaro airport.
  • Choose the shortest route and low climbing season.
  • Always join a trekking group
  • For Kilimanjaro Gear List, use second-hand gear or rental.
  • Use local bus to Moshi town

In case you want to plan a budget trip to Kilimanjaro with Jerry Tanzania Tours, contact our experts today who will help you prepare a personalized itinerary for you to Mount Kilimanjaro today!


The Total cost to climb Mount Kilimanjaro as per our estimate starts from $4000 - $5000. The approximate cost estimations of the total costs of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro along with the factors and their expenses affecting it have been mentioned in the below table:

All Park Fees 1772 886
Crew Salaries 1018 509
Expedition Arrangements (Meals, Water, Tents, Tableware Etc.) 110 55
Amortization Costs 100 50
Indirect Taxes 120 60
Reasonable Comfort Add-Ons 100 50
Necessary Safety Add-Ons 80 40
Accommodation Before And After The Climb 160 80
Average Tour Operator Commission 25% 25%
Total Cost Of The Trip In Us$ 4325 2162

This breakdown will help you understand the true Kilimanjaro Climb Cost and not compromise on your safety at any means by going for the climb at rates below than this.


The answer would be ‘yes’, as it makes you free and gives a pleasurable memory with a sense of achievement. If you have planned for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, then do not forget to enjoy the scenic beauty of different zones from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

#1 Booking with a trustworthy, compliant operator: We are completely honest with you from the start till the end because we believe in building trust and long-lasting relations.

#2 Six Experienced GuidesFor Climbing: We have some of the best trained and experienced tour guides who will accompany you on your trek.

#3 High Altitude Medical Emergency Training: Our guides are well-equipped to handle medical emergencies as they have undergone various High Altitude Medical Emergency Training to save the lives of climbers who fall sick on the mountain.

#4 Ample Time To Acclimate To The Altitude: We help you constantly with our guided tour techniques assisting you to acclimatise well to achieve maximum Kilimanjaro success rate on the mountain.

#5 Kilimanjaro National Park fees are included: Your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost includes the Kilimanjaro Park fees which are a major expense in Climbing Kilimanjaro.

#6 Company pays a living wage to their porters: We pay our porters and other Kilimanjaro Crew a specific salary to support them financially. We abide by the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP), rules and regulations, and forbid any kind of mistreatment towards them.

#7 Delicious meals included every day of your climb: We serve you four times meal on a standard mid-range Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Packages. You will be climbing constantly for long hours and Kilimanjaro food is something you simply cannot compromise with. Our experienced cooks will provide you with nutritious, delicious, and hot meals daily on the mountain.

#8 Guides Carry safety equipment for Kilimanjaro Climb: Our guides will carry various safety medical equipment in a kit including a first aid box in case of any medical emergency.

#9 Quality camp gear, equipment, and vehicles are standard: The Quality camp gears that we provide are inclusive in your Kilimanjaro Climb cost and are of high quality.

#10 Transportation and stay in a local hotel before and after your climb: You will be tired of flying long hours to the towns near Kilimanjaro. And you will also need rest after a long climb in the mountains. We, therefore, have arranged hotels for you before and after Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing. The costs of these hotels are inclusive in your package.


Before you start planning your Kilimanjaro Climb with us you should be aware of the package inclusions we provide that are mentioned below:

  • 2 Transfers to and from Kilimanjaro airport.
  • Tanzania VAT on tourism activities and park fees.
  • The adequate and appropriate number of guides, porters, and cooks.
  • Government taxes.
  • All park fees, camping fees, rescue fees, and team fees.
  • Transfers to and from the route gate(s) (2 transfers)
  • sanitation and hygiene requirements,
  • sanitizers, disposable masks, personal protective equipment, face shields,
  • Sleeping mattress pad(s), dining tent(s), sleeping tent, and crew’s equipment
  • 2 nights in a hotel in Moshi on a Bed & Breakfast basis and Double Occupancy
  • 3 full fresh meals daily.
  • Hot drinks on the mountain and Hot water for washing will be provided everyday on the mountain.
  • 3-4 liters of mineral (per Climber) provided daily during the climb
  • Portable toilet for the trek
  • Kilimanjaro National Park rescue fees (Kilimanjaro Rescue Team).
  • The chief guide carries a Pulse Oximeter, used to take blood-oxygen level readings of clients twice a day.
  • Emergency oxygen
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Salaries for the mountain support crew
  • Kilimanjaro National Park certificate for your successful summit attempt.

This is a complete list of inclusions in your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Packages that you will enjoy with Jerry Tanzania Tours.


Some costs that you will have to bear are excluded from our packages and are mentioned below:

  • Flights and airport taxes
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Compulsory tips for guides, porters and cook
  • Entry visa for Tanzania
  • Health requirements
  • Optional but highly recommended travel and medical insurance.
  • Personal hiking/trekking gear rental
  • Snacks, personal medicine, and water purifying tablets
  • Meals and drinks not specified.

You may want to buy some souvenirs or stay longer time at any hotel, these costs are extra and we do not include it in our itinerary.

The Cost to Climb Kilimanjaro as we saw is not that expensive once you know the practical factors that actually influence the Climbing Kilimanjaro Cost. Hope you have got your queries answered about How Much Does It Cost To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro. In case of any other queries feel free to contact our travel advisors at Jerry Tanzania Tours today. We believe our bespoke tour packages will be extremely useful for you and help you fulfill your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro dream.

Article Updated On 17th Oct 2021

want to know more about Kilimanjaro Climb Cost

Kilimanjaro Climb Cost FAQ’s

We Have Compiled A List Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro In General, And About Kilimanjaro Climbing Program, Get The Real Kilimanjaro Guide From Jerry Tanzania Tours.

Your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost is anywhere from $1000-$4000 excluding your International Flight expenses, travel insurance, medication, and vaccination costs. Including these expenses and depending on whether you choose luxury, mid-range, or budget tours, your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost will vary from $2500-$7000.

Do not worry about the cost of Climbing Kilimanjaro as our bespoke tour itinerary will help you prepare the best budget-friendly trek to Mount Kilimanjaro. It is advisable to choose mid-range tour packages or luxury tour packages to avoid risking your life due to faulty equipment or inexperienced guides. 

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is easier and achievable with proper equipment. We therefore advise you to rent your gears from us to save on your Climbing Kilimanjaro Cost. It’s significantly cold in the mountains and you need layering to protect yourself from the cold. The Kilimanjaro Gears you buy are quite expensive ranging up to $800 for purchasing the basic equipment.

Jerry Tanzania Tours provides you with the basic camping and hiking gear. The other equipment like sleeping bags, day packs, etc. can be rented. But it is advisable to inform us about this early on to avoid shortage of equipment during the last minute rush. 

TZS 20,000 of $9 per climb) but also the Kilimanjaro Crew fees of the guides, assistant guides, cooks, and senior camp crew. We abide by the Kilimanjaro Porters Association Project (KPAP) and never exploit our porters financially or physically while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

We provide our porter's proper camping equipment and sleeping facilities on the mountain. At night it gets really chilly, because of which we provide them with clothing, shelter and meals three times a day. They are part of our Jerry Tanzania Toursa Family.

Yes, you can book your own international flights to Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). There are numerous airlines such as Delta, Qatar Airways, KLM, Singapore Airlines, Kenya Airways, Precision Air, Regional Air Services, and Etihad Airways all flying non-stop to Kilimanjaro. Also, you can book directly from the airlines to save on Kilimanjaro Climb Cost.

You must book at least 6-9 months in advance for your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro due to the possibility of a reduction in spaces and some of the vaccinations you will need to take in time to become effective. USA citizens need to book flights to Arusha or Moshi (towns around Kilimanjaro).

Kilimanjaro Climb Cost includes the round trip cost of airport transfer, accommodation costs, Crew Fees (Guide, Cook, and Porters), and transportation costs to & from the mountain gate, three times meals for 6-7 days on the mountain, treated Drinking Water, Park fees, portable toilets, sanitization expenses and oxygen for altitude sickness. 

Apart from this we also provide an awarded Certificate of Achievement if you reach Gilman’s Point (5,681 meters) or Uhuru Peak (5,895 meters). This is for boosting your confidence and a memory of the extreme challenges that you face while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on a budget is possible by joining a large group tour of 10-12 members with Jerry Tanzania Tours. The least expensive route is the Marangu route 6-Day Itinerary which costs up to $1600. It is advisable to cut costs on extra expenses, book flights early, and choose to climb in the period just before the low season from October-December or March to May. 

Kilimanjaro Safety should be the highest priority and must not be compromised at any cost. Avoid looking for packages and tour operators based on costs as there is no way you can travel paying less than the real cost of the climb. Someone else may have to pay for your climb and the cost will be cut from Kilimanjaro Crew fees.

Kilimanjaro Climbing without a tour guide! Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing do not come free of cost. You will need a certified tour guide for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. This is due to the rules and regulations assigned by the Kilimanjaro Park Authorities for your safety and environmental concerns.

Also, you will pay the Kilimanjaro Park fees to register and start climbing. Therefore in no means, the climb can be done free of cost. You can raise some funds for charity tours but it still needs initial investment.

Yes, all packages that Jerry Tanzania Tours provides includes sleeping tents, dining tents, sleeping mattress, and tables and chairs, irrespective of your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Packages. Apart from this, we have also included sanitation at hotels and regular health checks, oxygen for altitude sickness, and a portable flush toilet with a toilet tent for your privacy.

We have also included laundry costs at hotels, sanitation and hygiene requirements, sanitizers, disposable masks, personal protective equipment, face shields, etc, for your complete protection while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Other things included in the package are round trip airport transfers, and accommodations for 2 nights in Moshi, and 6 nights on the mountain.

The Kilimanjaro Park Fees include Conservation fees ($400-$500), Camping Fee ($350), Rescue fee ($150), and Crew Fee ($90). It also includes taxes (18%). The parking fee is charged for the safety of the climber and environmental concerns.

The above charges are for Kilimanjaro Climbing duration of 6-7 days. They are subject to change depending on several circumstances - the time you travel (Peak of Low seasons), duration of your trek, and the number of Kilimanjaro Crew members accompanying you. Depending on the Park Fees your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost also varies.

A good Kilimanjaro tipping ranges from $250 – $300 for a 7 days Kilimanjaro Climb. Tipping recommendations as per Jerry Tanzania Tours are $5-7/day for porters, $20/day for guides, $12/day for assistant guides, and $12/day for cooks. These are based on per group tips and not per climber. Kilimanjaro Climb Cost does not including tipping the Kilimanjaro crew.

However, tipping is not an obligation on Mount Kilimanjaro. You are not legally bound to tip the crew members. Kilimanjaro Tipping is a customary tradition and is expected by the crew members. It is completely up to you how much you tip the members for supporting their families financially.

The Kilimanjaro Climb Cost starts from $1650-$3000. Depending on the type of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Packages you choose – luxury, mid-range or budget climbs, your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost will be impacted. Apart from this duration of your climb and the choice of routes also are some of the important factors determining your Climb Mount Kilimanjaro Cost.

This is just the Kilimanjaro Climbing expense. There are other expenses such as International flight costs, Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance, Visa costs, vaccination, and medication costs, and much more. The total expense of a completely guided tour with Jerry Tanzania Tours is $2500-$6000.

Yes, Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is absolutely worth despite what it costs. Between the park permit fees, gear, flights, hotels, guides, and tips, the Kilimanjaro Climb Cost can easily run over $4,000 per person.You will get a chance to view the world from the tallest point in Africa and be able to climb one of the seven summits of the world.

It is an everlasting experience; you come back with vivid memories. The mountain with its majestic appeal is challenging of course but it teaches you lessons of a lifetime. You will experience at least five climatic zones on Mount Kilimanjaro including the snow-covered mountain peak at any time of the year.

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