Kilimanjaro Climb Cost – Top 10 Factors That Affect Your Budget

Your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost is not an exact figure to define as there are numerous factors that can impact your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro tremendously.

There is a misconception that Kilimanjaro Climbing is a rather expensive trek. This is contradictory to the fact that there are various factors such as your flight expenses, travel insurance and visa, tipping costs, and much more which influence the Climbing Kilimanjaro Cost that we have described in detail below. It will give you a practical idea of the Cost Of Climbing Kilimanjaro. Depending on the personalized itineraries such as standard, budget, or luxury the cost may be anywhere between $1000-$4000.

Therefore we have listed the top 10 factors that influence Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost and the approximate cost of each element has collaborated in the list below

1. Estimate International Flight Costs for Kilimanjaro Climb

Your Climb Kilimanjaro Cost includes the domestic travel but not the international flight charges which you must book early on to avoid the rush. There are two towns in Kilimanjaro, Moshi, and Arusha. These are the places you need to first reach from the JRO (Kilimanjaro Airport). Arusha is an 83 km drive and Moshi is a 66 km drive from Kilimanjaro National Park.

Depending on the place you are booking your flight to the town of Kilimanjaro, your climb cost will differ. It is estimated to be between $500-$2000 (approximately) for a to and fro journey.

Your Cost To Climb Kilimanjaro includes domestic travel but not the international flight charges which you must book early on to avoid the rush. There are two towns in Kilimanjaro, Moshi, and Arusha. These are the places you need to first reach from the JRO (Kilimanjaro Airport). Arusha is an 83 km drive and Moshi is a 66 km drive from Kilimanjaro National Park.

Tanzania International Airports

As you book your flight tickets for Kilimanjaro you can choose the following three international airports in Tanzania:

  • Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR)
  • The Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (ZNZ)
  • Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)
Are Flight Costs included in Jerry Tanzania Climbing Kilimanjaro Cost?
Traveling domestically in towns close to Kilimanjaro is inclusive in your Climbing Kilimanjaro Cost but the international flight expenses are exclusive of the package costs.

2. Tanzania Visa Cost for Mount Kilimanjaro Climb

You will need a Visa to enter Tanzania which doesn’t include in your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost. The cost of a 90-day, single-entry travel visa to Tanzania is $50. This visa gives you access to travel between the mainland and Zanzibar. For citizens of the US, the tourist visa costs $100, not $50.

Why is the Cost of Tanzania Visa more for the USA compared to other countries?
The Tanzania Visa cost for the USA citizens is $100 while for citizens of other countries, the cost of eVisa is $50. This is a result of the special Tanzania-USA travel agreement.

3. Travel Insurance Cost Affecting Kilimanjaro Climb

Kilimanjaro is a tough climb and you must apply for Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance which covers to following:

  • Delayed, canceled, or interrupted travel: In case you are stuck in a traffic jam that prevented you from reaching the airport on time, or perhaps a mechanical issue with your plane, or severe weather preventing the plane from reaching its destination, all this and more must be covered in your insurance.
  • Medical insurance: Most medical insurance does not cover any medical expenses outside the country. It is therefore important to have a proper medical cover for emergencies as well as medical evacuation.
  • Cover for lost or damaged luggage: The cover for lost or damaged is essential as well.
  • Recommended cover: It is suggested that you cover yourself to the tune of at least $200,000 for each of the factors mentioned above.
  • Cost of Kilimanjaro travel insurance: The cost of Kilimanjarotravel insurance is around $200 or less.
Does Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost include Travel Insurance for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro?
It should be noted that your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost does not include buying travel insurance. It is part of your expenses.

4. Cost Of Medications And Vaccinations For Climbing Kilimanjaro

Apart from these the Kilimanjaro Climbing Cost also includes vaccinations and medications for Climbing Kilimanjaro. You need vaccines against Hepatitis A and B, typhoid and rabies, yellow fever vaccination, anti-malaria medication, and other personal medication after consultation from the doctor. These vaccines cost anywhere between $20-$50.

Do Vaccines have any side effects on health in general?
Sometimes they do have some side effects but it does not last long. It is therefore essential to consult your physician before taking these vaccinations.

5. Cost Of Buying/Renting Gear For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Your Climb Kilimanjaro Cost also includes your trekking gear (check out our exclusive Kilimanjaro Gear List most of which will be provided by your Kilimanjaro Tour Operators such as tents, a mess tent, cutlery, cooking equipment, the food itself, and so on.

Get other gears such as layers and clothing, stay protected from a variety of changing climatic conditions. These gears can be expensive starting from $200 to $500. These can be expensive. You can, therefore, rent these gear and equipment from Jerry Tanzania Tours at less than half the cost.

What is the cost of renting Gear from Jerry Tanzania Tour?
You will be charged specifically for each gear. i.e. $10 for each gear. The basic camping and sleeping equipment will be provided by us but on average it may cost up to $60 for renting the basic gear requirements.

6. Save Kilimanjaro Climb Cost by choosing the right Kilimanjaro tour operator

Kilimanjaro Tour Operator
Kilimanjaro Tour Operator

Before you start planning for Kilimanjaro Climbing you first need to find the right tour operator such as Jerry Tanzania Tours.

This is an important part of your Climb Mount Kilimanjaro Cost as most gears are expensive and you can also rent them from us. In case you are wondering what you must be looking for while choosing a tour operator, we have a list of factors to look out for:

  • Kilimanjaro safety equipment and training
  • Amortization
  • Every tour operator charges a package fee for taking you up to Kilimanjaro. This fee covers the following expenses:
  • Kilimanjaro National Park fees
  • Mountain crew cages
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Indirect taxes
  • Accommodation before and after the climb
  • Tour operator’s commission
What is the cost of climbing on different Kilimanjaro Routes?
Depending on the number of days the cost of Climbing Kilimanjaro on different Kilimanjaro routes will vary. As per our estimate, it costs from $175-$250 per day on any route depending on the type of itinerary you choose. So on average, the Kilimanjaro Climb cost for 7 days on any route is $1650-$3500.

7. Climb Kilimanjaro Cost Tips For Solo Travelers

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Solo is truly a great adventure but there are extra expenses for single occupancy stays which most tour operators may charge. For Jerry Tanzania Tours such stays cost anywhere around $200.

How to save costs of stay while traveling solo on Mount Kilimanjaro?
You can inform us beforehand about this query so that we can accommodate you with other solo travelers.

8. Your Choice Of Kilimanjaro Route

There are 7 different routes to Kilimanjaro, and you can choose whichever suits you. The most scenic of them all is the Lemosho, Marangu and the one with the highest Kilimanjaro Success Rate is the Northern Circuit route. The Machame is the most popular of them all and Umbwe is the shortest route to Kilimanjaro. You can also choose Shira which is a newer route and connects with Lemosho on Day 2 and Machame on a third of the hike. Rongai is another great choice with simply outstanding panoramic views.


9. Tipping on Kilimanjaro

It is important to know about the Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide as it is a customary tradition in Kilimanjaro. The recommended budget for tipping is $250 to $300 for the entire Kilimanjaro mountain crew per climber.

10. Personal cost to climb Kilimanjaro

The Total Cost To Climb Kilimanjaro is at least $4000-$6000 per person including international flight expenses. If you are Climbing Kilimanjaro On A Budget you can plan a personalized tour itinerary to cut on the Cost Of Climb Mount Kilimanjaro. The following is the list of items to keep in mind to calculate your estimated budget for the Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Tours.

Item Cost
Travel to Tanzania The price of international flights from your country
Travel to Arusha region Cost of an internal flight or the drive to Arusha if not flying to Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)
Tanzania tourist visa $50 (US citizens pay $100)
Travel insurance Around $200
Universal adaptor Price of a universal adaptor and voltage converter if you don’t yet have
Tanzanian SIM card $2
Doctor visit, meds, and vaccinations Variable amount
Camping and trekking gear No costs involved if using a tour operator like Jerry Tanzania Tours
Trekking clothing Cost of whatever clothes you need to buy
Kilimanjaro tour operator package fee Price varies according to tour operator and route. Between about $2,000 and $3,000 for a value-for-money tour operator.
Single supplement (if you want your accommodation) Around $200
Kilimanjaro mountain crew tips $250 to $300
Spending cash Personal preference
Choose Jerry Tanzania Tours to justify your Kilimanjaro climb cost for your adventurous tour

If you wish to enjoy a truly amazing trip go for Jerry Tanzania Tours. You will be accommodated by the ever-friendly and dedicated crew and the experienced guides to help you learn a little more about how to manage Climbing Kilimanjaro Cost.

They assist you in maintaining your pace as you are suggested to hike slowly. With great planning and optimization of our team, you are sure to reach the top of the summit. Choose us and believe us, you will thank us later for our organizational skills.

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