About Us

About Us

We Are The Travel Entity With A Passion Of Sharing Tanzania Your Way.

At Jerry Tanzania Tours, we create experiences that help people find the greater version of themselves. Travel with us and you will immerse yourself in some of the most incredible places and cultures in Tanzania.

Whether you are looking for the thrill of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, an exciting animal immersion on Tanzania Safari or relaxing through Zanzibar Beach Holidays, we can guide you on an adventure you will never forget. There are many adventures that await you in Tanzania with Jerry Tanzania Tours. Feel the thunder, catch the wonder!

Climbing Kilimanjaro – The Jerry Way

Our local, expert guides know the paths like the backs of their hands. From the moment you make contact, to the delight at the summit, and all the way back to the airport transfer, we’ll be with you all the way. We treat our guests with the best you would want to be treated and we strive to provide them with great travel experiences. Excite yourself for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with us will definitely change your view on life.

Safari Tanzania – The Jerry Way

When you travel with us, you don’t just observe Tanzania Safari through the window pane. You lace up your shoes, you get out of the safari vehicle. Take in the smells and sounds and colours. Shake hands, respond to smiles and start conversations. Our on-site guides are with you every step of the way. We share with you our favourite routes and places, travel in small groups and stay at intimate camps. So you experience Tanzania the way it should be.

Experience our amazing once in a lifetime journeys…and let the Tanzania Destinations touch your soul.

Tailored To You

Tell us your travel interests, dreams and desires, then let our travel experts tailor the perfect Tanzania Tour for you!

Peace of Mind

You can have confidence in our experts' dedication to traveller safety, comfort, & providing a seamless Tanzania trip.

Responsible Travel

We are fully committed to low impact Tanzania travel that not only preserves but gives back to the amazing places we visit.

Insider Access

Our personal experience, local partners & access to over 50 Tanzania destinations are valuable to design your unique journey.

Why Travel With Jerry Tanzania Tours?

We create authentic Tanzania experiences. So you can take a break from the world as you know it and experience a world you have yet to uncover. There’s no such thing as a standard safari or climbing or beach holiday. It has to be special and unique. This is our Promise to you.

Outstanding Service

Outstanding Service

Safari, Climbing & Beach Holidays

No matter which Tanzania trip you choose & what’s your budget, whether you are traveling alone or with a group, everyone will receive our full attention – find a trip of a lifetime!

Honesty, Integrity & Trust

Honesty, Integrity & Trust

Highest Travel Ethics & Impact

We adhere to the highest business ethics standards, which include delivering exactly what you expect in a Safari & Climbing and practicing responsible tourism in Tanzania.

Financial Protection

Financial Protection

A Safe Payment, A Lifetime Journey

We offer value for your travel dollar. We provide travel benefits details including Travel Insurance protection, Baggage protection, Airline cancellation insurance, Buyer protection, and more.

Safer Together

Safer Together

A Safe Travel, Number 1 Priority

When you travel with us, you’re family. Safety is our number one priority. A member of our team will be with you from the moment you arrive to the moment you depart your destination.

Gear It Up On Kilimanjaro!

  • Clothing
    Learn About Layering

    If you are Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in summer you will need to carry full sleeve clothes and if you are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in wet season then you will require warm clothes.

  • Head Gear
    Protect Your Head & Face

    Headgear is important to protect yourself. Carry a headgear which covers ears and neck during the wet season and carry a simple headgear to protect from UV rays during summer.

  • Hand Wear
    Protect Your Extremities

    Inner gloves provide the next-to-skin insulation that is critical in cold temperatures. Outer gloves are thicker & provide the shell protection needed to prevent freezing hands.

  • Foot Wear
    Boots To Wear

    Choosing your hiking boots and/or sneakers is a task of supreme importance. For Kilimanjaro Climbing you will need high-quality trekking boots, gaiters and hiking socks etc.

  • Equipment
    Essential Equipment

    Your daypack should contain drinking water, snacks, camera and any extra clothes you might need that day. Make sure to check with your tour operator in advance to know what is included.

  • Accessories
    Small things count!

    Get something for your lips or skin like Sunscreen and Lip Balm to protect yourself from sun. Find Hydration Bladders to make it easy to drink as you're walking. These are the additional Kilimanjaro Gear List.


What We Do

Jerry Tanzania Tours attend to all the details that make your Tanzania Trip unforgettable and lets you focus on the good stuff. We provide top-of-the-line Safari & climbing adventure, beach relaxations and accommodations, tailored to meet your travelling needs.

Our trips also include local cultural experiences, private guided journey, solo Kilimanjaro Trek, Tanzania Group tours & many more. Each trip is meticulously planned based on the abilities of each guest and the team.

Guided Safaris

Go on Tanzania Safari and take a break from the rest of the world. Whether you stay at luxurious lodges, personal tented camps or back-to-basic campsites, you can look forward to extensive game drives and a meet-and-greet with Tanzania’s wildlife.

Guided Mountain Climbs

Climb the mountains of East Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro, and push the limits of your comfort zone. All you need is a decent level of fitness and a more than decent portion of will-power. Put one foot in front of the other, breathe slowly – and we will do the rest for Climbing Kilimanjaro.

Beach Getaways

Beaching in Tanzania may just be your best barefoot experience yet. Diving, snorkelling, surfing, and water-skiing, sunbathing, lounging, and dining – Zanzibar Beach Holidays await. The warm waters and tropical white beaches of the Indian Ocean await you in Tanzania.

What We Have

We create life-changing experiences that transform travellers, connecting them to Safari & Kilimanjaro around them. We handle every detail what we have like the Equipment, Group Tours, Rental Gear, Professional Guide so you can enjoy the best safari & climbing journey, carefree and present.

Team Of Professional Guides

All our Safari & Kilimanjaro guides have Wilderness First Responder certifications, normally they are employed by Jerry Tanzania Tours. We regularly conduct professional workshops to improve their skills & make sure that they are always set to the most recent trends.

Modern Safari Vehicles

We have our own Tanzania Safari Vehicles. Not only does it help our team to get our tour under full control, but also this method assures that our comfort and safety standards are met at all times with refreshment drinks, Wi-Fi router, comfortable seats and convertible pop-up roof.

Branded Gear For Hire

Normally climbers arrive at Kilimanjaro without a full set of mountain gear. Some basically want to keep the weight of their luggage minimal, others just don’t want to spend a dollar to buy all. We have a rental solution for Kilimanjaro Gears – provide the first service to the date.

Our Exeprtise

We want the best trip for our travellers, a trip unique to you and your travel style. This requires dedication and; creativity to come up with the best possible combinations given availability, budget, location; and services.

Once the itinerary is finalized we create a final Tanzania Package with all of the information you will need regarding visas, vaccinations, packing lists and all other logistics. Our travel experts are always available to answer any questions from our customers to make sure they are at ease and excited!

Prior To Your Trip

With our personalized service, we get to know you so we can give you the best Tanzania Tours, unique to you and your travel style. We will work hand-in-hand with you throughout the entire process until we come up with the perfect product. This requires a great deal of dedication & creativity.

During Your Trip

Once you book your Tanzania Tours, our job isn’t over. We make sure that you are well taken care of everything from putting you in the hands of our trusted and reliable operators on the ground and getting you the best guides, down to the smallest details, such as making sure all your dietary needs are met.

After Your Trip

Throughout the entire process, we really bond with our clients. We love working with you and sharing in your safari/ climbing experience. We also really value your feedback on our experience, on everything from the food, to the guides, to ways we can improve, your input is essential.

Top Rated Kilimanjaro Climb

Experience the Jerry Tanzania Tours Difference

With Jerry Tanzania Tours, you can see Kilimanjaro the way you want to see it, whether it’s an independent or privately guided journey. Working over 5years, our Kilimanjaro Guides have never diverged from what we know best—safely reaching the Rooftop of Africa.

Our promise to this Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro adventure experience is matchless according to other trekking company. Year after year, we carry on to lead the best summit success record. Our guides and porters take great care and attention to every travellers needs while you are climbing with us.

We convert the right fitness program tailored to your chosen route, age, the amount of time before your climb and current fitness level. We know the suitable exercises and the right frequency to prepare you for the Kilimanjaro Climbing adventure that awaits.

After all, Jerry Tanzania Tours offer the best services at a better value than any other, that’s always been our guarantee.

The Jerry Tanzania Tours Difference

Ethical Fair Treatment Of Porters

Our mission is to build a sustainable solution for fair treatment of Kilimanjaro Porters. Porter support is an expensive item for a company, and justifiably so, as it is essential to take good care of this team.

In the context of Kilimanjaro, fair porter treatment is at the centre of our mission. As a result, they have the support they need to make it possible for you to have a safer, better quality trip.

Our Ethical Porter Treatment Practices:

  • Fair Hiring Procedures
  • Highest Porter Wages
  • Strict Weight Limits
  • Monitoring Porters
  • Appropriate Clothing
  • Comfy Sleeping Arrangements
  • Medical Treatment
  • Private Transport
  • On-going Training
  • Fair Practice First and Forever
The Jerry Tanzania Tours Difference

Our Guarantee

From our first Kilimanjaro Climb to our most recent summits, Jerry Tanzania Tours mission & Guarantee has never be indecisive.

We offer more services, safety equipment, has a higher summit success, and at a better value, which any other mountain company can’t. This is all about our Kilimanjaro climbing experience coming on your plate.

Go with the Best.... just don't risk it! That is what we express to our customers. We offer a range of Kilimanjaro Climb Packages to suit all requirements.

That’s always been our promise and that’s always been our guarantee.

Our Guarantee Over The Kilimanjaro climbing:

  • We keep on winning awards
  • We love going off beaten path
  • We take care of the details
  • We are experts

Our Custom-Built Tanzania Safari Vehicles

No matter where you travel in Tanzania, your type of Tanzania Safari Vehicle will be of key importance. Our safari vehicles are all custom-built 4x4 Land Cruisers. Depending on your destination and where you will be going on safari, you could be in any number of safari vehicle types.

Jerry Vehicle

Right Side View

Jerry Vehicle

Left Side View

Jerry Vehicle

Front View

Jerry Vehicle

Rear View

Jerry Vehicle
Our Director's Message

Jeremiah Kimambo

As a travel lover, I’ve always wanted to see what’s around the corner, over the next adventure. And, that’s what we do as a team at Jerry Tanzania Tours — we introduce you to an adventure destination in East Africa, a way that lets you experience it fully. We’ll show you the attractions, and then the adventures beyond the attractions, and give you the view to feel like you’re not just visiting a place, you’re a part of it.

I believe in……a region’s economic and social development through tourism. Because tourism done right has the power to transform communities. So it’s my best part to help locals & communities via Tanzania Tourism board.

My Promise to travellers are you will plan your trip with experienced travel consultants, you will receive a fair price for an invaluable experience etc.

Jeremiah Kimambo

Director, Jerry Tanzania Tours

Our Message To A Responsible Traveler

We have been working towards a better and more sustainable future for the Tanzania destinations we visit. This is the only way to ensure that Tanzania Travel will be available to all for years to come. Start small with a few easy ideas for taking action right away……

To Expand Community Standards

Eat at locally-owned restaurants, Support local businesses, wear culturally appropriate clothing, consider giving gifts or donations directly etc.

To Protect Wildlife

Avoid buying any exploitive wildlife products, Let it be—there’s no need to remove anything from its natural environment or leave any litter.

To Save Environment

Travel with a reusable water bottle, reduce waste by avoiding single-use plastics, go digital when you can, pack your own toiletries & grooming products.

1999 Adventurers Have Climbed Kilimanjaro With Jerry Tanzania Tours.

Download Kilimanjaro PDF Guide

Kilimanjaro Guide Book – Everything You Need to Know. Every page in the book is covered with useful and inspiring nuggets of wisdom. Climbers will get an authoritative resource to Prepare For Mount Kilimanjaro. The eBook version is available for download here.

Experiencing The Jerry Way

We listen to you. We understand exactly what you want your Tanzania Safari & Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to be. Then we make it happen. Every journey with Jerry Tanzania Tours is tailored to your specific needs and starts with the same question. What is your travel style?

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Reviews

Jerry Tanzania Tours has received a wonderful 5/5 star rating from 50 Clients on Trip Advisor. We appreciate and thank you to our clients! Your kind of holiday, Your kind of adventure, Your Kilimanjaro Climbing, Your successful way – We are just the medium.

Top Rated Kilimanjaro Adventures

Real Clients. Real Kilimanjaro Adventures

Our greatest compliments come from those who have Traveling with us. Don't just take our word for it - check out what our customers say about us while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. We consistently get great reviews and are rated as the best pioneer for Travellers!