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By the time you got to the Bottom of this Page, You’ll be ready To Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro! A complete guide to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro by Jerry Tanzania Tours – 98% Kilimanjaro Success Rate, over 15000 Clients to the summit. Are you going to be the part of it?

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Mount Kilimanjaro, the only highest peak of Africa which can be summited without any technical skills. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro can be a challenging trek considering the Altitude level on the higher elevations. But, if your fitness level is good and you have the determination of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, then Uhuru peak awaits your arrival with a freezing welcome. There is no favouritism of age, gender, professional, adventure traveller can get a guide for Climbing Mount KilimanjaroFor Beginners. It welcomes everyone with its beautiful panoramic view, magnificent landscapes and snow-capped peak.

Situated in the Kenyan border in Northern Tanzania; Kilimanjaro is the highest peak of the African continent. Acquiring 5,895m height it’s also the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Being the topmost mountain in Africa, this is a dream for hikers who want Climbing Kilimanjaro Solo offering a complete non-technical climb. There are 30,000 trekkers including the experienced to the aspiring one visiting Tanzania for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro....

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing that is a dream for many trekkers throws a good challenge while trekking to its highest peak Uhuru. The mountain has 3 volcanic peaks known as Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. This dormant volcano is now inactive. It is believed that the last major volcanic eruption was on 1.9 million years before. The shira plateau at the height of 3,800 meters is the natural caldera created after an eruption. This is the most iconic section of Kilimanjaro. However, this can be witnessed by those who successfully climb to such a height with Climb Kilimanjaro Guide.

This giant dormant mountain resides next to the equator and has its own climate zones. While Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro,trekkers have to go through 5 different climatic zones. The mountain is so big that it forms its own climatic zones. Kilimanjaro offers 5 climatic zones to the trekkers.

If You Will Climb Kilimanjaro You Will Traverse Through These 5 Climatic Zones-

Cultivation Zone - It is the first zone where the trekking starts. The zone starts at approximately 2,600 ft. and continues up to 6,000 ft. This zone receives a great rainfall. The zone runs through mostly the coffee plantation of the chhaga villagers.

Rainforest Zone - Rain forest zone is known as the second climatic zone. The zone elevates from 6,000 ft. to just over 9,000 ft. Rainforest covers most part of Kilimanjaro. This zone introduces with few wildlife such as; Blue and Colobus monkeys. Few rarely seen species are olive baboons, leopards, mongooses, elephants, bush babies, black rhinoceros, giraffes and buffaloes.

Heather and Mooreland Zone - this is the zone 3rd climatic zone. It starts at 9,000 ft. and continue up to 13,000 ft. The zone can be very hot during day time, with 40 degree Celsius temperature.

Highland Desert Zone - It is the 4th climatic zone that starts at 13,000 ft. and continue up to 16,000 ft. This is truly the rarest and strange place of mountain. Here the trekkers cross the lava tower which is the challenging part of the climbing. Arctic Zone- starting from 13,000ft Arctic zone reaches up to the Uhuru peak at 19,340 ft. The lower section of arctic zone is difficult to climb. The lower zone is made with dirt and pebbles hence it is difficult to hike. Then trekkers follow the crater rim to reach the Uhuru peak walking on glaciers.

Kilimanjaro has the most unexpected weather on planet. It can let the trekkers meet the strong sun in day time as well can suddenly change to downpour in afternoon. The nights can become chilly. The arctic zone or summit zone can just freeze your sweat. It usually goes down up to -7 to -29 degrees Celsius. So Best Time To Climb Kilimanjaro is a best optionto consider before Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Climbing in March or October, just before each of two rainy seasons, is the best hedge to avoid both crowds and foul weather.

Not only the high elevation but the iconic mountain Kilimanjaro offers 5 prime routes. The top recommended routes to Kilimanjaro are;

  1. Marangu Route - the only route which offers hut accommodation.
  2. Machame Route the popular route with scenic view and called as Whiskey route.
  3. Lemosho Route the only route with highest summit success rate raging more than 95%.
  4. Northern Circuit Route the longest route of all the Kilimanjaro routes, which also has a best acclimatization time.
  5. Rongai Route considered to be the least crowded route and quietest of all.

Jerry Tanzania Tours hopes to provide prospect climbers with anall-inclusive guide that contains valuable information to increase one’s chance of a successful summit when Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Get expert advice on the Best Route To Climb Kilimanjaro, best times to climb, dates and Kilimanjaro Climb Cost.  Start Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro easily with one of the industry leaders!

How To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

The tour operator will pick you up from the Airport and you can get fresh in the designated lodge or camps. Once you meet your guide, you will explained regarding the complete Climb Mount Kilimanjaro Packages. The weight of your gear will be checked and further proceeded to the gate where you will start Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. You will be accompanied by a Kilimanjaro Porters and your guide on the climb. The porter will be able to carry your gear and guide will explain the details of Kilimanjaro while climbing.  Remember, slow and steady wins the race. You should give more time for yourself to acclimatize the body and have a successful summit.

climbing mount kilimanjaro packages

A complete guide to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro by Jerry Tanzania Tours – 98% Kilimanjaro Success Rate, over 15000 Clients to the summit. By the time you got to the Bottom of this Page, You’ll be ready To Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro! Are you going to be the part of it?

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