Tanzania Visa

Tanzania Visa

Tanzania Visa is compulsory for all foreign nationals who are planning their Tanzania Safari Tours. We suggest you apply for your visa online in advance of travel to enjoy a hassle-free journey in Tanzania. Travelers can Apply For Tanzania Visa Online through the Tanzanian Immigration website where you can make payments online with a credit card or bank transfer.

Tanzania Visa Requirements

Your Tanzania Visa Requirements include the following items:

  • Valid Passport – All citizens are required to have a valid passport which is valid for a minimum of six months until the day of completion of your safari.
  • Yellow Fever Certificate – In case you are passing through a country with a risk for yellow fever virus transmission, it is essential that you show a yellow fever certificate to the Immigration Officer when you land in Tanzania.
  • Methods of Payment – There are various methods of payments where multiple types of credit and debit cards like Visa and American Express are also accepted. You can also pay through the process of PayPal as a standard payment method.
  • Flight Itinerary - The Tanzanian Immigration Officials also ask about your flight itinerary.
  • Passport Digital Scan – You also need to upload a copy of your passport bio page for the e-Visa application, along with carrying two recent passport photos with you to enter Tanzania.

Tanzania Visa Types

There are six types of visa valid for entry into Tanzania

Ordinary Visa (Single Entry Visa)

An ordinary visa is granted to all foreign nationals for attending Conference, Humanitarian, Visit, Tourism, Leisure, Holiday, and charity activities, Family Visit, Health Treatment, or any other purpose as may be determined by the issuing authority. These visas are valid for 90 days for a single entry.

Business Visa

Business visas are issued for a period not exceeding 90 days to any foreign national who wishes to enter the country for one of the following purposes:

  • For conducting special assignments such as fixing/repairing machines or running short term training programs, etc.
  • For conducting short time professional roles such as auditing accounts, and making business contacts, making feasibility studies, and more.
  • For conducting any other short term lawful business-related task recognized by the laws of the country.

Multiple Entry Visa

In case a foreign national needs to make multiple visits to Tanzania he/she may be provided with a multiple – entry visa. The people who can acquire such visas include Directors of Companies registered in Tanzania who do not reside in the country, Spouses married to Tanzanians/Residents, Persons engaged in Bilateral Meetings, Representatives of international NGO’s, Government Consultants, and any other person as may be determined by the Commissioner-General of Immigration or Commissioner of Immigration Zanzibar.

Transit Visa

A transit visa is issued to foreign nationals to transit through to another destination outside Tanzania for a period not exceeding seven days. For a transit visa, the applicant may be required to provide proof of a Visa of the destination country and/or onward ticket.

Gratis Visa

Foreign nationals entering the country for Academic conduct such as Research Students, EAC Students, Exchange students (EAC and Exchange students are free of charge), Intern, Volunteering, and Prospective Students admitted in recognized and legally registered Institutions are provided a gratis Visa.

Student Visa

A student visa is issued for a single entry or multiple entries to the holder of diplomatic, services or official passport or Travel Document of recognized International Organization who is on official duty and their Dependents.

Tanzania E-Visa Processing Time

The Tanzania Visa processing times are of three types:

  • Standard processing - Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 9 Business Days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.
  • Rush processing - Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 7 Business Days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.
  • Super Rush processing - Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 5 Business Days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.

Tanzania Visa Cost

On your Tanzania Safari Tours, you can get varieties of types of visas depending on the purpose of your visit. The Tanzania Visa Cost is provided in the following table:

STUDENT VISA 50, 250,550

Tanzania visa cost ranges from $50 to $550 depending on the type of visa and the duration of your stay.

Tanzania Visa On Arrival

Tanzania Visa on Arrival is available for all foreign nationals who are eligible for a Tanzania Visa are also eligible for a visa on arrival. Despite this facility we recommended you apply for a visa before visiting the country as you may require standing in long queues to obtain a visa at the airport.

Tanzania Visa Uk

Citizens of the UK need a tourist or business visa to enter Tanzania. The easier way to apply for your Visa is through the ‘e-visas’ system in advance. To get a tourist or business visa for a single entry on arrival one needs to fulfill all the immigration requirements. Most of the times you may be asked to provide proof of your return journey. But if you need a multiple entry visa you won’t be able to get one on arrival.

Tanzania Visa For U.S. Citizens

Tanzania Visa for Us Citizens can be obtained online for which they are required to fill in the online form, make a payment, and apply online. After reviewing and processing your application and your documents you will be provided the visa with a payment of US$100.

Tanzania Visa Refund

As per the Refund Policy of Tanzania High Commission, the Visa application fees are non-refundable despite your application is successful or not. You can, however, claim a refund in case you pay for same-day service or next day service and your application is not processed within the specified time.

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Tanzania Visa FAQ’s

We Have Compiled A List Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Tanzania Safari Tours In General, And About Tanzania Safari Packages, Get The Real Tanzania Safari Guide From Jerry Tanzania Tours.

Visas are required for U.S. citizens traveling to Tanzania Safari. A passport valid for a minimum of six months away from visa issuance date of entry. And at least one blank visa page, is essential. Visitors who arrive on visas must present a roundtrip ticket and validate they have sufficient funds for their stay at your Tanzania Adventure Tours.

There are basically three types of e-Visas for traveling to Tanzania Safari. Liable on which nation you are from, you will pay a dissimilar charges. People will have to buying a multiple-entry e-Visa online.

Standard, Rush, Super rush processing - Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 10, 7, 5 Business Days respectively, and the e-Visa cost will be USD100.

The Tanzania Visa For US Citizens applications will be processed within ten days, therefore applicants are strongly advised to observe the stipulated time frame while making their applications. After creating payments, applicants are mandatory to wait for sanction of their Tanzania Visa before they start their trip.

US and European countries required visa for Tanzania Safari. Apart from it many countries from Africa need visa to enter to Tanzania like Brazil, Bulgaria, Burundi, Canada, Central African Republic, Colombia, Croatia, Egypt, and Nigeria.

You can get single-entry and transfer visas on arrival at the port of entry into Tanzania. However, you're suggested to apply for a tourist visa in advance at a Tanzania legation near you.

Visitors to Safari Tanzania must obtain a visa from one of the Tanzanian embassy missions or online unless they come from one of the visa relieved countries or countries whose citizens can obtain a visa on arrival

All visitors to Tanzania Safari Tours must have their own visa to enter the country unless their nationality is visa-exempt. This take in children (under the age of 18) who have their own passport. Minors who are included on their guardian's passport can be involved on their parent's/guardian's visa.

You can apply for an Online Visa to visit the Tanzania and the Zanzibar Island. You are required to fill in the online form, make payment, and submit your application online for Tanzania Adventure Tours.

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