Tanzania is a country that has been attracting many safari lovers worldwide for a few decades. The country offers 2 seasons overall. One is dry season and the other one is the wet or rainy season. Both the season have its pros and cons, however, the dry season is considered as the best season for safari. During the dry season that is from June to October, the national parks offer a great wildlife viewing.

June and July is the best time to search out the extraordinary wildebeest movement in the Serengeti. However, February is an exceptional time to witness wildebeest calving. The month is not considered the best season as it is the short rainy time. However, this is the time when wildebeests and other antelopes give birth to their calves.

If you are planning for a beach vacation or expedition on Kilimanjaro then we will advise you to plan it on the dry season. As the mountain offers some drastic challenges during the wet season so it is better to climb in the dry season.

However, there is no worst time for visiting Tanzania. Just choose your suitable time and contact Jerry Tanzania Tours for a charming safari trip.

Most appropriate time for wildebeest migration encounter: January & February is the best for the great migration safari

Most appropriate time for general wild-life viewing: June-July-August-September is the most preferable time to meet the untamed wildlife of the national park.

The crowded time: July to March is the time when the park witness the most crowd

Not-so-suitable weather: March and April encounters less visitors due to heavy rain fall