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Zanzibar Beach Holidays – Relax On World’s No1 Beach Holiday Destination


Zanzibar Beach Holidays are all about sand between the toes, drink in hand, and tan over the body. Tranquil Zanzibar spices up more the wilderness of Tanzania with its stunning beauty. The Zanzibar Archaeology combines more than 50 stunning islands. Lying on the Indian Ocean coastal, Zanzibar welcomes 376,000 visitors each year.

Zanzibar is a widely popular post-Safari Destination combining with some of the stunning beaches in the world. Not only the beaches but Zanzibar has to offer some world heritage sites protected by UNESCO.

Apart from this, the island offers iconic wildlife and adventurous water sports. Zanzibar is surrounded by some breathtaking islands such as;

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Chumbe beach- is a dream destination for snorkelers, Chumbe Island in Zanzibar’s 1st marine sanctuary. The island is accessible only by boat. Take a boat ride in the tranquil blue water of the Indian Ocean and reach the island. Explore the lovely eco-lodge of the island. As its run by locals, gets a 100% authentic African hosting experience.

Bawe beach- Just about in the size of a football pitch, Bawe beach is about 30 minutes boat ride from Stone Town. This tropical island is a private island that is breathtaking enough to make you fall in love with. Explore peace, tranquillity on this lush paradise.

Changuu beach- surrounded by the turquoise blue water of the Indian Ocean, the exquisite beach is one of the iconic places of Zanzibar. With coral reefs, tropical vegetation, and beautiful surroundings the island is one of the well-known spots of Zanzibar. The island is also known as the prison Island and can be reached from stone town via boat.

The prime attraction is the tortoise sanctuary of the island. Just pay $5 and get to meet these giant tortoises. The Aldabra giant tortoises that are residing in the sanctuary are one of the largest tortoises of the world.

Nungwi beach- what Nungwi beach offers?? It offers soft white sand to walk miles on, turquoise blue water, safe swimming and breathtaking boat rides. This is the 3 rd largest beach settlement of Zanzibar Archipelago. This is one of the 100 best beaches of the world voted by CNN. Explore the fishing village centres, dhow building centres, and more in this iconic beach destination. Kendwa beach – One of the dreamiest beaches of Zanzibar, Kendwa is just 3km away from the Nungwi beach. This picture-perfect beach is a great place for spending some relaxing moments of your life. Explore the Rocks Beach Bar & Restaurant which is a spectacular place for enjoying sunsets. Witnessing a sunset in African land is probably one of the best scenes to remember forever. Undoubtedly Zanzibar occupies the no 1 spot of watching the best sunsets of Africa. There are many points in Zanzibar which are the best places to witness a golden sunset. There are many points in Zanzibar that are specially introduced to watch the stunning golden sunsets of the island.

The nightlife of the island is truly splashing. The combination of world-class new hotels with the traditional restaurants gives vast opportunities for the night life lovers to explore. There are lot of choices travelers can get for exploring the street foods including fresh seafood and local Zanzibari cuisine. This hypnotizing island blends with beauty and the finest accommodations that offer world-class services to travelers. There are many lodges available that are fitted to every pocket. No matter you is a budget traveler or luxury lover the island has to offer you the best with your budget.

Here is some exiting packages especially made for you:

3 Days Discover Stone Town

4 Days Zanzibar Beach Holiday

5 Days Magical Zanzibar

6 Days Zanzibar Getaway

The island is a perfect destination for the newlyweds. This is a perfect destination to spend some quality time with the each other after the busy marriage ceremonies. Many couple loves to go a place that is peaceful and away from hustling bustling cities. It is also a great place for them who are looking for a destination marriage.

Zanzibar beach holidays  are incomplete without a visit to Stone Town. Stone Town is one of the oldest cities of the African Continent and a world heritage site protected by UNESCO. The city stands proudly holding some of the oldest architectural constructions.

Not only the stone town or beaches the island is sealed with history and mystery to explore.

Another iconic attraction of the island is the spice plantation. Formerly known as Spice Island, Zanzibar is one of the great places to take an aromatic spice tour. The spices were earlier introduced in the 16th century. It was brought by the Portuguese traders to the island, and afterward, Zanzibar became the hub of the spice cultivation.

You can take a spice tour to the spice cultivation fields called as Shamba by the locals. Smell and test some clove, lemongrass, nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, vanilla, coconuts, papaya, chili, black pepper, jackfruit, cardamom, and cassava in your spice tour. You can bring a few of them too.

Zanzibar Holiday Ideas

On A Holiday To Zanzibar, You’ll Find Glistening Beaches. For Help planning Your Holiday To Zanzibar,Talk To One Of Our Zanzibar Destination Experts.

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Zanzibar Beach Holidays is considered as a jewel among the island nations located in the Indian Ocean. The holiday ideas listed below are designed to give you a flavor of the things to do in Zanzibar.

4 Days Zanzibar Stone Town Tour And Kendwa Beach Holidays

3 Days Discover Stone Town

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7 Days Experience Of Zanzibar

4 Days Zanzibar Beach Holiday

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3 Days Zanzibar Stone Town Tour And Jozani Forest

5 Days Magical Zanzibar

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3 Days Zanzibar Stone Town Tour And Jozani Forest

6 Days Zanzibar Getaway

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Exploring what to discover in Zanzibar? The archipelago has to offer much more than exploring the idyllic beaches of Zanzibar. Apart from walking off the soft white sand, getting some tan, and sunsets the beaches offer a lot. Stroll through the stone town; the oldest city of Tanzania. The city showcases some old architectural buildings to explore. Explore some nice stores and buy souvenirs for yourself and your friends. You can try buying some jewelry, material, wooden carvings, Maasai bracelets, Zanzibar chests, and exotic spices. Well, don’t forget to bargain. Acrobatics and Capoeira on the Beach; mostly in the evenings, you can spot small gathers at some places near the beaches. This is where the young boys of Zanzibar perform stunning Acrobatic stunts. Explore foods at the Foordhani market; the street food hub of Zanzibar. Trying some Zanzibari Pizza or fresh prawns in the Foordhani market can be an amazing experience. Explore a rooftop restaurant; the Archipelago has many rooftop restaurants. The restaurants are a perfect place to spend some own time while enjoying a chilled drink while enjoying a sunset. Go for kite surfing at Paje beach; the beach has some great kite surfing companies, burger corners, bars, and more to explore. The beach is also considered as the best place for kite surfing in the world.

Riding a dhow boat; dhows are the traditional boats that are made by cloths and wood. The fishermen of Zanzibar still use these traditional hand-made boats. You can take a ride in these traditional dhow boats and enjoy some tranquil moments floating on the Indian Ocean water. Treat your stomach at a rock restaurant; it’s one of the famous spots of Zanzibar. The place is mentioned at all most all the guides of Zanzibar. The restaurant is stunningly situated on a single rock in Pongwe.

Spotting the unique wildlife; however, Zanzibar, doesn’t offer game viewing like Tanzania but you still can explore some wildlife. Explore JozaniChwaka Bay National Park and meet some Zanzibar red colobus, and other primates’ life. No matter you are planning a Tanzania trip for game viewing in Serengeti national park, or other national parks or for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, make Zanzibar the final stop. Explore the finest islands, eat some delicious cuisine, and spend few tranquil moments before leaving. Witness the world-class accommodations offering all the luxury you can expect. Meet the friendliest and warm-hearted people ever in Zanzibar. Keep a few things in mind to have a smooth beach holiday like;

  • Wear some decent clothes while on Zanzibar streets
  • Ask for permission before clicking pictures
  • And listen to your guide

Come and explore the heaven of Africa and plan your Zanzibar Beach Holidays with Jerry Tanzania Tours.

1. Hit The Beach

Hit The Beach

2. Dive The Reef

Dive The Reef

3. Get On Two Wheels

Get On Two Wheels

4. Tour Stone Town

Tour Stone Town

5. Get into the water

Get into the water

6.  Visit A Desert Island

Visit A Desert Island


Jerry Tanzania Tours offers the best hotel accommodation during your stay, extending from guest houses, lodges, fine hotels and safari camps in Zanzibar as per your budget.