Tanzania Safari Cost

Tanzania Safari Cost

What Is The Real Tanzania Safari Cost?

Tanzania Safari Cost starts from $250 per person per day and ranges up to $1000-$1400 per person per day depending on the type of Tanzania Safari Tours you are opting for.

Budget Safari Tanzania, Lodge Safaris, Camping Safaris and Luxury Safari Tanzania along with the number of days you spend on your safari and the number of people accompanying you decide whether you will be paying less or more on your Tanzania Safari Adventure.

What Are You Paying For In Your Tanzania Safari?

Jerry Tanzania Tours provides the following cost inclusions on your Tanzania Safari Cost:

  • Round trip airport transfer: ($50 to $70 per minibus) Starting from the picking our guests up from the airport and dropping them back during departure we are at their service from the beginning till end.
  • 4×4 Custom built – safari vehicle with pop up roof for game viewing: ($70 per day) what make for great safaris are the top-quality Tanzania Safari Vehicles that we provide which takes you safely closer to the wildlife and helps you experience the more enhanced Tanzania Safari Adventure.
  • Professional, English-speaking safari guide: A good guide will enlighten you with great knowledge and insights on Safaris in Tanzania. We provide you with great English-Speaking safari guides who are quite professional in their undertakings.
  • Accommodation: You will be provided with one night stay in Moshi ($90 per night), 6-7 nights on Safari ($40 to $150) in the following astounding resorts and hotels:
    • Panama Garden Resort on Bed and Breakfast
    • Tloma Lodge
    • Kati Kati Tented
    • Mara Under Canvas
    • Mara Under Canvas
    • Mara Under Canvas
    • Kati Kati Tented Camp
    • Ngorongoro Rhino Lodge
  • Meals: ($10 to $15 per day) You are provided with three times meals a day including Dinner, Breakfast and Picnic lunch box
  • Drinking water: We provide safe, distilled drinking water for your health safety.
  • Park Entrance Fee:
    • Park fee for Tarangire National Park - $15-$30
    • Park fee for Serengeti National Park - $30-$60
    • Park fee for Ngorongoro Crater - $30-$60
  • All Taxes/VAT
  • One pair of binocular

Now that you know How Much Does It Cost to Visit Tanzania and what are you paying for you must be wondering how to customise your itinerary to choose the best tour packages.

Tanzania Safari Cost
Tanzania National Park Park Fees VAT Total
Adults (17 years and above)
Lake Manyara National Park $ 45.00 $ 8.10 $ 53.10
Tarangire National Park $ 45.00 $ 8.10 $ 53.10
Serengeti National Park $ 60.00 $ 10.80 $ 70.80
Ngorongoro Crater $ 60.00 $ 10.80 $ 70.80
Arusha National Park $ 45.00 $ 8.10 $ 53.10
Kilimanjaro National Park $ 70.00 $ 12.60 $ 82.60
Adults (17 years and above)
Tanzania National Park Camping Fees VAT Total
Serengeti National Park $ 50.00 $ 9.00 $ 59.00
Ngorongoro Crater $ 50.00 $ 9.00 $ 59.00
Children (Age of 5 – 16)
Tanzania National Park Park Fees VAT Total
Lake Manyara National Park $ 15.00 $ 2.70 $ 17.70
Tarangire National Park $ 15.00 $ 2.70 $ 17.70
Serengeti National Park $ 20.00 $ 3.60 $ 23.60
Ngorongoro Crater $ 20.00 $ 3.60 $ 23.60
Arusha National Park $ 15.00 $ 2.70 $ 17.70
Kilimanjaro National Park $ 20.00 $ 3.60 $ 23.60
Children (Age of 5 – 16)
Tanzania National Park Camping Fees VAT Total
Serengeti National Park $ 10.00 $ 1.80 $ 11.80
Ngorongoro Crater $ 10.00 $ 1.80 $ 11.80

Customised Tanzania Safari As Per Your Budget

Jerry Tanzania Tours looks forward to planning a customised Tanzania Safari Tours which are tailor-made as per your taste. Depending on your Tanzania Safari Budget we have the perfect Tanzania Safari Packages to choose from to make tour holidays the Best Safari In Tanzania:

Tanzania Safari Adventure In $500 - $1000

2-Days Tanzania Camping Safari

Your Tanzania Safari Cost is the least when you opt for the camping safaris. The best part is you will wake up to arousing smell of a hot coffee to the shivering chills of the safari delight drives; including having your dialogues agitated with the hoot an owl or a roaring lion going about as the morning alert. That’s how much a camping safari has to offer. Then why miss it?

3-Days Tanzania Camping Safari

Explore the diversified landscapes and the wildlife traversing in the rich terrains of Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Park. You will also be visiting the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apart from this, you will see huge herds of elephants, in-season flocks of flamingos and troops of baboons.

Tanzania Safari Adventure in $1000 - $1500

4-Days Tanzania Lodge Safari

When you are wondering How Much Does A Safari In Tanzania Cost? And wish to spend less than try our lodge safari adventure through which you can visit three of the most well-known reserves on Tanzania’s “northern circuit” – the Tarangire National Park, the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater. With all the diverse landscapes and a crater full of animals, this safari has something for everyone and is ideal for those with limited time.

5-Days Tanzania Lodge Safari

Immerse yourself fully in the wild and dive completely into our 5-day lodge safari adventure where you will visit the Tarangire and Serengeti National Park as well as the world-famous Ngorongoro Crater and so much more!

Tanzania Safari Adventure in $1500 - $2000

Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safari

Are you pondering How Much Does a Serengeti Safari Cost? Have you tried the Hot Air Balloon ride with a sip of hot coffee viewing Serengeti from the top? In Serengeti, Hot Air Balloon rides are a must! A curious sense of sentiment and enthusiasm swells through you as the exceptional balloons steadily load up with traveller, ascending clumsily over their secured cartons.

Tanzania Safari Adventure in $2000 onwards

6-Days Tanzania Luxury Safari

The Average Cost of Safari in Tanzania can increase drastically depending on what lavish services you are ordering for on your Tanzania Luxury Safaris. Sometimes the cost ranges up to $5000-$1000 or even more. You will be staying in different luxury resorts, yet have an incredibly empowering and suggestive experience in the arranged campground inside the colossal national parks in Tanzania.

8-Days Great Wildebeest Migration

Your Tanzania Safari Cost are completely worth it while choosing to watch the Great Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti which is popular worldwide. On our eight-day great wildebeest migration safari in Serengeti, you will get a chance of seeing death-defying leaps and heart-wrenching near misses as you spend multiple nights and days in the world-famous Serengeti National Park. This safari will also take you to two other noted national parks of Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater and see the best they have to offer.

What Are Some Additional Costs?

  • Post Night Accommodation in Moshi at the end of safari: You may wish to extend your holidays and stays and we do not pay for these extended stays in Tanzania.
  • International & Domestic Flights: The international flight costs are almost equivalent to your Safari costs and we do not include it in the itinerary as well.
  • Optional Activities: Other extended activities that you may wish to add to extend your holidays are exclusive of the costs.
  • Visa Fees - Visas cost $100 per person for US Nationals and $50 per person for other Country Nationals. We suggest you apply for your visa online to avoid hassles at the airport.
  • Tips For Safari Guide: Tipping highly recommended on safari and it all depends on how satisfied you are. As a company, we recommend $30-40 for your Safari guide per day / per vehicle, but it also depends on your budget.
  • Laundry Service
  • Travel Insurance US$80: We recommend you to buy your Tanzania Travel insurance for a safe and secure safari in Tanzania.

How To Travel On A Budget In Tanzania?

Southern Tanzania

The best way to save your Tanzania Safari Cost is to visit the southern part of the country which is less crowded and more affordable:

Choose these off-beaten safari ideas to save your Tanzania Safari Park fees and costs.

Go in Jan-Feb

Depending on the time of your visit your Tanzania Safari Cost per Day will vary to a great extent. Visiting the country during the dry winter period is a great way to save on your Tanzania Safari Cost.

How To Combine Your Safari Adventure With Other Fun Activities In Tanzania?

Kenya Safaris (Tanzania & Kenya combined)

If you wish to enhance your Safari experience we suggest you visit the neighbouring countries like Kenya which is even better a choice for a safari. With exceptional Game drive, both Tanzania and Kenya serve a great combination for an adventure Safari in Africa.

Zanzibar Island holiday add-ons

We suggest you add Zanzibar to your Tanzania Safari Tours along with Serengeti Safari as it is the ultimate beach and bush getaway from the wildlife adventure in Serengeti. Close to the warm Indian Ocean, Zanzibar’s white sand beaches are excellent for diving and snorkelling, dhow sailing trips and exotic spices, to name a few.

Travel At Best Prices With Jerry Tanzania Tours

With Jerry Tanzania Tours you never have to worry about your safari costs in Tanzania. We understand your needs and therefore personalise your itinerary accordingly. Choose from our bespoke services and never be disappointed with your visit to the Gem of Africa – Tanzania!

Contact us now and start planning your safari adventure with us today!

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Tanzania Safari Cost FAQ’s

We Have Compiled A List Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Tanzania Safari Tours In General, And About Tanzania Safari Packages, Get The Real Tanzania Safari Guide From Jerry Tanzania Tours.

A tailor-made private safari with lodge-style accommodation costs about $350 to $400 per person per day, making it a remarkably affordable choice. A mid-range budget lodge safari in Tanzania Safari Cost from about $320 per person per day.

By including safari in groups in Tanzania may costs from about $285 per day per person. It mostly includes guide, 4x4 vehicle, two-man ceiling tents, entry fees, and specified meals.

Tanzania Safari may cost around $200 per person per day, including a driver/guide, most meals, camping accommodation, transport (including trip to Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Zanzibar included).

Sometimes it varies by booking Private Safari Tanzania it may cost more as it can be customize and group safari. And by additional Things To Do In Tanzania like Balloon Safari, visiting Masai village etc.

While our safari quotes cover the basics such as meals, accommodation, private game drives, park entry fees, transfers, and included activities.

There are a few things you'll need to budget for in addition that booking your international flights, Travel Insurance, Laundry, Souvenirs & Snacks etc. The Tanzania Safari Packages generally not include these additional amenities.

For comfort and exotic destination $280 - $600 Per Day - Mid-Range Safaris price range gives you.

The average Tanzania Safari Cost per person per day comes to about $280 including accommodation, transport in a 4x4 safari vehicle, and a flight from Arusha to Zanzibar, park entry fees, and game drives and in some case a fluent English-speaking guide.

Safari type and Duration of Tanzania Safari, these two are major factors of Tanzania Safari Cost. The additional factors like seasonality, destinations in Tanzania, your flights and visas, safari activities to extend the trip, special interest safari may cost you extra.

There are several factors which make your Tanzania Trip expensive. From them some are from Tanzania Safari Packages and some are additional.

Choosing lodge with all-inclusive rates may seem more expensive, but a lower-priced lodge may charge exorbitant rates for your gin & tonic, laundry, internet or other extras. And extra activities also make the trip expensive.

There are no fixed figures, there is a convinced limit that prices lie on. On average, a one-week safari in Serengeti National Park may cost between $2,500 USD (budget) and $7,500 USD (luxury).

In camping options, the cheapest accommodated operator exclude the Serengeti National Park, however. Many of the operators propose Serengeti Trip as an optional extra that will may cost about $1000 extra.

The additional Tanzania Safari includes the time choosing for the safari, type of vehicle choose for safari, Type of accommodations, Tanzania Safari Guide, adding more destinations, adding extra food items may cost more.

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