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Safari Packing List Tanzania

Why Safari Packing List Tanzania is so important?

Safari Packing List Tanzania is the most essential topic to keep in mind before starting your Tanzania Safari Tours adventure as you simply do not want to miss any essential item on the mountain.

We are often asked by our clients What To Pack For Safari In Tanzania? For your convenience, therefore, we have provided you with a detailed list of materials that you need to pack before travelling to Tanzania. So let’s dive into it!

Travelling To Tanzania What to Pack?

Tanzania Travel Requirements

What most Tanzania Tour operators may miss to tell you is the most essential Travel requirement before starting your Tanzania Safari Tours. So you are Travelling To Tanzania What To Pack is your query, then here are the most essential items you need for your trip:

  • Passport
  • Tanzania Visa
  • Tanzania Travel Insurance
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Travel Itinerary
Tanzania Rainfall

For more information on Tanzania Travel Requirements please contact our travel experts.

Tanzania Currency

How would one survive in a foreign land without cash in foreign currency? But whether you are from the USA, Europe or Australia, you can use the USA dollar anywhere in Tanzania. The best part is most restaurants accept this currency. However, the Tanzania Currency is Tanzanian Shillings which you can cash out for your future use. But we do not recommend you to carry too much cash while walking in the Tanzanian Streets as it could be dangerous.

Tanzania Clothing and Toiletries

So what are the Clothes for Safari in Tanzania that you need to pack? What to Wear On A Safari In Tanzania? Let’s have a quick look:

  • duffel or soft-sided bag
  • TSA approved clear toiletry case
  • 2 pairs of pants in the breathable fabric in earth tones
  • 1 - 2 long sleeve shirts in chambray or earth tones
  • 3 layering tanks or t-shirts
  • utility jacket
  • light scarf
  • sports bra
  • wide brim hat with chin strap
  • closed-toe shoes like trail runners or fashion sneakers with good traction
  • waterproof dry bag
  • moisturizer
  • sunscreen
  • insect repellent with Deet
  • conditioner
  • lip balm
  • plug adapters/convertors
  • USB flash drive
  • Memory cards for your camera
  • first aid kit
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Tanzania Safari Packing List>
Tanzania Safari Packing List>

Wondering What to Pack for Serengeti Safari? You need something light and comfortable, and you Safari Packing List Tanzania needs to have some light and neutral colours to avoid wildlife attention. Apart from this it also needs to include:


To capture your stunning journey in to keep your memories fresh don't forget to pack a camera. The country offers breath-taking views in each step you take into the national parks of the country. There are 16 Tanzania National Park and wildlife reserves inside the country that are worth clicking in camera.


Binoculars are an exceptionally convenient and easy way to detect the predators or birds on your Safari. Binoculars help to recognize some highlights of the natural life which can’t be seen clearly as you maintain a safe distance from the wildlife.

Sunscreen Lotion

With the sun extremely solid in the day, it is basic to pack a sunscreen lotion with high SPF. It is worth packing as it fights sunburn.

Basic First Aid Kit

On your Safari Packing List Tanzania, you simply cannot miss a basic first aid kit especially if you are travelling with kids. Although first aid kit is accessible with Tanzania Tour Operators and at each campground, still, it is ideal to convey a basic first aid kit. Add some basic things like; plasters, antiseptic cream, anti-histamine cream, electrolytes and mosquito-repellent creams.

To Know more about Safari Packing List Contact Jerry Tanzania Tours

If you wish to know more about the packing list for Tanzania or the Best Time To Visit Tanzania or what are the different interesting Things To Do In Tanzania our Safari experts at Jerry Tanzania Tours are here for your help. They are very well aware of the Tanzania Safari Facts and have great knowledge which they can share with you.

Then do not wait longer and start planning your Tanzania Safari with us today!

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Safari Packing List Tanzania FAQ’s

We Have Compiled A List Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Tanzania Safari Tours In General, And About Tanzania Safari Packages, Get The Real Tanzania Safari Guide From Jerry Tanzania Tours.

Safari Packing List Tanzania is known as layering packing with considerable stuffs. Primarily Passports, Visas, proof of shots. And proper intimate accessories such as Lenses or glasses, Snacks, Lip balm, hand lotion, Light jacket, raincoat jacket, Pyjamas, Sun hat, 3 pair socks, shoes, khakis and light coloured clothes, deodorant, sunscreen and lip balm, journal or notebook, camera, batteries, water, sunscreen, Glasses, Sunglasses, Flashlight. And many more.

The packing of clothes, gadgets can be packed according to concerning to the operator booked.

Packing list of have particular necessity in Tanzania Adventure Tours. Some of the suggested are bottom wear with full sleeve shirts, safari pants, boots, cameras, binoculars, safari jackets, safari sunglasses, hats, sunscreen lotion. And other necessaries can be carry according to personal need.

Tanzania Safari Packing List will remain same whether it’s for long time or for two weeks. The packing list include the layering pack of clothes, personal hygiene stuffs, camera, binoculars, shoes, snacks light night dress. And additionally the fast aid medicines and equipment can be taken.

There are more things to avoid in safari than the thing pack for Tanzania Safari Tours. There are highly recommended that to avoid contrast coloured clothes during the safari in term of avoid the animal’s attention. And not to wear half sleeved shirts and t-shirts to protect from sun burn. Don’t take sandals for safari and it illegal to wear army printed garments.

On Tanzania Safari it’s recommended the specified T-shirt, shirt or blouse - long sleeves and collars help to protect from the sun and mosquitoes, fleece or warm jacket, a pair of safari trousers - those that zip off at the knees are very handy, comfortable walking shoes (or boots) and socks.

Tanzania Safari Packing List include more and more recommendable stuffs like personal hygiene stuffs, personal medication stuffs, extra edibles, camera with different lenses, sunglasses, binoculars, hats, headlights, gloves etc.

Packing for Tanzania safari have several kinds of things for several purpose.

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