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Top Tips For Climbing Kilimanjaro On A Budget

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

If you are planning for climbing Kilimanjaro and wondering about the price tag of it all. Here is a quick guide from travel experts to reduce Your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost to making the most out Of YouClimb Conquering – The Great Mt. Kilimanjaro. You will find a variant of prices from different operators which help to decide about the Climbing Kilimanjaro On A Budget. This will mainly depend according to the type of operator you choose, the quality of food, accommodation, equipment, and other essentials required while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

You can climb to the roof of the mountain at a lower cost but may not be able to make it to the summit. However, there are high-end operators who will take you to the top of the summit with more than 95% success rate and you will need to pay more for them. They are expensive but worth it!

Here are a few factors which Cost to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro:

Kilimanjaro Trekking Equipment Price

Kilimanjaro Trekking Equipment Price
Kilimanjaro Trekking Equipment Price

Trekking equipment is one of the factors. Anyway, you will not need any technical skills for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro but if you are a beginner you will need to carry a few climbing equipments for a successful summit. You will need to invest in a proper Kilimanjaro Gear List keeping in mind that you will be climbing through different terrains and temperatures.

The main Kilimanjaro Trekking Equipment’s include;

  • Trekking jackets
  • Hiking boots
  • Good sleeping bag
  • Layered clothing
  • Headlamps
  • Insulated water bottles

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Fee

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Fee
Kilimanjaro National Park Fee

These are the fees no one can avoid. It may cost you around $1000 for six-day five-night camping. The Park fees are segregated into different sections and the fees are included in the Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost. The fees include conservation, camping, rescue fee, special forest fee, and crew fees. Here are the details of some of the fees;

  • Rescue fee – $20/ paid once
  • Entry fee – $70/per day
  • Guide and porter entrance fee – $1.70/ per day
  • Camping Fee – $60 to $50/ per night

There is no chance to get to the summit escaping these fees, if you are planning and thinking, How to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, then it’s better to drop the plan now.

Accommodation cost before and after climbing

Kilimanjaro Accommodation Cost

There are few tour packages which offer accommodation costs before and after climbing. However, some may require you to upgrade with smaller fees. If your tour package includes accommodation costs before and after climbing then you are on the safer side. If not, you may need to pay an extra fee for it and if you think is it worth Climbing Kilimanjaro by paying an extra fee. Then, yes, it is worth experiencing the snow-capped mountain.

Kilimanjaro Tipping Cost

Kilimanjaro Tipping Cost
Kilimanjaro Tipping Cost

This is the oldest practice followed in Kilimanjaro to tip the mountain crews according to the Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide it will not only end with tipping the mountain crew but will follow with a tipping ceremony in the evening of the summit day. The porters carry all your food and gear, the guides guide you safely and efficiently to the mountain, the cooks provide you with all the meals.

You will need to have;

  • Porters – 3 per person
  • Lead guide – 1 per group
  • Assistant guide – 1 per 2-3 climbers
  • Cook – 1 per group

Here are the Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide:

  • Lead guide – $20 per day
  • Assistant guide – $12 – $15 per day
  • Cook – $12 – $15 per day
  • Porter – $5 – $10 per day

Value Added Tax [Tax]:

A value-added tax (VAT) 18% of services is a type of general consumption tax that is placed on goods and services whenever a value is added at a stage of production or distribution. The Tanzanian government charges an 18% VAT to Kilimanjaro operators.

Additional cost details except Kilimanjaro Climbing

Additional cost details except Kilimanjaro climbing
Additional cost details except Kilimanjaro climbing

Climbing Kilimanjaro On A Budget is important if you are looking to cut down the cost. You will always have hidden costs on every trip. The Total Cost To Climb Kilimanjaro should include all the minute expenses. There are few additional costs while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, they include;

  • Kilimanjaro Visa – If your country needs a visa to travel to Tanzania.
  • Equipment – If you do not have one and need to purchase new.
  • Flight transfers
  • Travel insurance – If you do not have one above 6000 ft above sea level

With all the above factors, you will have an idea of How Much Does It Cost to Climb Kilimanjaro. However, let the cost be high, mid, or low. If you want to experience the beauty of the snow-capped mountains and witness the incredible altitude, temperature, and terrain changes, then you will need to visit Kilimanjaro with Jerry Tanzania Tours.

jerry tanzania tours

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