Tanzania safari is all about experiencing the combination of natural wonder, abundant wildlife, and colorful traditions. The country is heart of African Safari and drives people crazy worldwide.

One of the dream destinations amongst many travelers the country holds some of the famous spots of the African continent. Safari and trekking activities attract more than 1,093,000 tourists every year.

The country offers 2 international airports that are connected to various overseas countries. Many international airports are operating their flights in Tanzania.

The overseas flyers can book flights to Julius Nyerere International Airport or Kilimanjaro International Airport from their countries.

Tanzania is primarily divided into 4 circuits; Northern Circuit, Southern Circuit, Eastern Circuit, and Western Circuit. There are 16 national parks and game reserves lying in these 4 circuits.

Apart from spectacular natural view and wilderness, Tanzania is home to a few breath-taking volcanic peaks. These volcanic peaks include the highest mountain of the African Continent; Kilimanjaro.

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What are the must visit spots??

The safari lovers, who are planning Tanzania Safari, mostly tick the northern circuit as their first choice. The northern circuit of the country holds some of the world-famous national parks like Serengeti National Park , Ngorongoro Conservation Area , Arusha , Tarangire national park, Lake Manyara National Park , and more. Not only the wildlife the country has to offer more than 1114 bird species in various national parks.

What is the best time to visit??

Planning a Tanzania safari is possible all year round. Just be sure what you want to witness on your safari trip to Tanzania. If you are in love with watching the calving season you can plan it around January to February. The migrating herds participate in annual Great Migration passing through Serengeti stop for the 2 months. It is the calving season of the plain games. If you are a nature lover and want to discover the lush greenery of the country, plan it in the wet season. Around April and May, the wet season of the country. However, lower crowds, stunning views, and migrating birds can make the trip worth remembering. For game viewing, it is though not considered as best.

If you love general wildlife viewing then planning it on the dry season from June to September will be the best. As the vegetation get thinner wild animals spotting gets easier. The game drive is easy and a lot of games can be captured in the season. The Big Five to spot in Tanzania Safari!! The big Five games...the title is enough to create Goosebumps. While planning a Tanzania safari usually travelers get excited to meet the Big Five;

  • Lion
  • Cape buffalo
  • Leopard
  • Elephant
  • Rhino

These are the 5 most aggressive and furious species of Africa. While Lion and leopards are deadliest predators, others are herbivores but can be dangerous if provoked. Cape buffalos are known as the most aggressive. Tanzania is a country that is improving its travel and tourism sector day by day. It has to offer some of the world-class accommodations. We make sure that a Tanzania safari will be the most luxurious holidays of your life. While planning a Tanzania safari don’t forget the country has to offer a lot more than national parks. Tanzania has to showcase some of the finest beaches in the world. Discover Zanzibar Archipelago that is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. The Archipelago holds some of the breathtaking beaches. The beaches offer soft palm breeze, white powdery sand, and turquoise blue water. Explore a beach holiday on the shorelines of the Indian Ocean that is a heaven for beach lovers.

Tanzania is not all about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and discovering national parks. A country is also a great place for adventure seekers. Dive in the water spots to discover the marine world. You can also enjoy our Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safari; an unforgettable fly to take. Apart from it, you can opt for a day trip, Tanzania Camping Safari or Great Wildebeest Migration Safari. You can also enjoy our Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safari; an unforgettable fly to take. Apart from it you can opt for a day trip, Tanzania Camping Safari or Great Wildebeest Migration Safari.

Tanzania Holiday Ideas

While on a holiday trip to Tanzania you can plan anything to explore. The country has so many varieties that you can discover all most anything you want to discover. Looking for open plains teeming with wildlife or rugged mountain peaks you will meet all.

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