Tanzania Safari Facts

Tanzania Safari Facts

Did you know?

Tanzania has the most animals per square kilometre?

About 4 million wild animals reside in the country and the country constitutes 20% of the large mammals that live in Africa.

There are numerous such Tanzania Safari Facts which every traveller who is planning to start Tanzania Safari Tours needs to know. We have shortlisted some of such amazing facts about the country that will give you Goosebumps and leave you startled.

Fun Facts About Tanzania

Have a look at several Fun Facts About Tanzania listed below:

  1. Tanzania’ national anthem is shared with South Africa and Zimbabwe. The title of the anthem is “Mungu Ibariki Afrika” that translates to “God Bless Africa” and was composed by Enock Sontonga. Isn’t that amazing?
  2. You will be stunned to know that the world’s earliest human skull was found in the Olduvai Gorge which is situated in Tanzania. It was discovered by Louis and Mary Leakey. How scary is that?
  3. What’s more interesting is that the moon can shine so brightly in Tanzania at night that you don’t even need a flashlight to see where you’re going.
  4. There is a great difference in time in Tanzania as their workday starts at 6 am but is called the 1st hour. Also when they say the church is at 10 pm it means 4 pm.

Did you know?

Tanzania consists of 17 national parks that cover an area of more than 42,000 km², corresponding more than 38% of the total area of the country.

Interesting Facts About Tanzania

Following are some intriguing and Interesting Facts About Tanzania. Have a look:

  1. The current economic and political hub of the country is Dar es Salaam, which was earlier the old capital of Tanzania.
  2. The thriving tourism industry in Tanzania with the help from local companies, its people are helping Tanzania wins the war against poachers to prevent the extinction of the African Elephant and the Black Rhinoceros.
  3. A Scottish doctor, David Livingstone was one of his explorations who became the first white man to discover Victoria Falls and named it after Britain’s queen.
  4. The largest unexploited animal reserve in the world is the Selous Game Reserve which has an enormous amount of biodiversity and was named after a famous British big-game hunter.

Did you know?

Tanzania offers the highest and biggest nature experiences such as Mount Kilimanjaro and the world’s largest intact caldera, a crater hollow – the Ngorongoro Crater.

Tanzania Facts For Kids

Here is a list of some interesting Tanzania Facts For Kids:

  1. World’s three most magnificent lakes– Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Nyasa surrounds Tanzania from all sides.
  2. Countries like Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique are the seven nations that share borders with Tanzania.
  3. The world’s only tree-climbing lions are found in Lake Manyara National Park, in Tanzania.
  4. Lake Natron which is the breeding place for Flamingos is alkaline, salty, and incredibly hot.

Did you know?

Tanzania has many colourful tribes, over 162 different tribes live harmoniously till today in the country.

Tanzania Culture Facts

The Tanzania Culture Facts are even more intriguing:

  1. Swahiliis the official language of Tanzania but there are over 120 languages spoken in the country.
  2. The coconut crabs, the largest in the world, are found in Tanzania on the Chumbe Island of Zanzibar.

Did you know?

Tanzania is located where the world’s shortest war took place between Great Briton and Zanzibar, which took place in 1896, lasted between 40 and 45 minutes.

Amazing Facts About Tanzania

Some of the Amazing Facts About Tanzania are listed below:

  1. Jane Goodallin 1960 studied the behaviour of free-living chimpanzees that still stands as the longest-running study of its kind in the world in the Gombe National Park of Tanzania.
  2. Most amazing Tanzania Safari Facts are - Tanzania is just a little bit more than twice the size of California.
  3. Tanzania hosts Mt Kilimanjarostanding at 19,341 feet above sea level, which is the highest mountain in Africa.
  4. Another Tanzania Safari Facts is that the country has the largest concentration of wildlife animals per square kilometre. Over 4 million wild animalsand representatives of 430 species and subspecies are found in the country.

Did you know?

Tanzania has a unique ecosystem which has hardly changed in a million years with breathtaking flora and fauna that is not found in any part of the world.

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Tanzania Safari Facts FAQ’s

We Have Compiled A List Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Tanzania Safari Tours In General, And About Tanzania Safari Packages, Get The Real Tanzania Safari Guide From Jerry Tanzania Tours.

Tanzania have numerous fact as it has vast flora and fauna with colourful cultured of people at Masai Mara village. Every natural phenomenon are fact over there. Such as Nearly 30 Percent of Tanzania National Parks, Mount Kilimanjaro is the Tallest Mountain in Africa, The Great Migration Sees Over 2 Million Animals Travel Across the Plains, Ngorongoro Crater is One of the Best Places to See the Big Five, Lake Tanganyika is the Second Largest Lake in the World, Tanzania is Home to Distinctive and Delicious Cuisine, Baobab Trees Can Easily Live 1,000 Years, Tarangire National Park is Home to Unique Tree-Climbing Lions, Scuba Diving Off the Coast Offers Experiences Unlike Any Other.

Tanzania is best for safari tours. It will make you feel the actual safari feeling ever. Tanzania are home to the Great Migration, Tanzania claim to be one of the inspired country in the world for wildlife bump into on a Tanzania Safari Tours. However, if you have to go by sheer numbers, Tanzania gets the slight edge.

Tanzania is basically famous for it’ vast golden grass with incredible wildlife in Tanzania Safari Parks, the majestic mountain “Kilimanjaro”, The big five that is lion, rhino, buffalo, elephant, and cheetah. The yearly great migration of wild beast, the breeze of Zanzibar coast and last but not the least that is the delicious food at Tanzania.

A Tanzania Safari may be for 10 days or 2 days as well depending on the time you have to spend and the locations and the Best Time To Visit Tanzania. The more time you spend on the safari the better knowledge you are going to have.

The cost of living in Tanzania is usually inexpensive than in most Western countries if you eat locally and take local transport. Though, if you want to buy introduced Western foods and goods, eat out at fancy restaurants, travel around the nation, and live affording to Western standards, it can get expensive.

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