How to Create A Budget for Your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost?

While budgeting for your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost there are various considerations you will need to make, like package costs, flight costs, visa, travel insurance, and more while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro as these factors define the Total Cost To Climb Kilimanjaro.

We suggest you budget an average Climbing Kilimanjaro Cost of $4000 to $6000. While numerous tour operators in Kilimanjaro may suggest you buy packages in prices even less than this, we highly recommend you to refrain from this for the following reasons:

  • These operators will be paying porters less than minimum wage or not at all
  • They even may be allowing guides to take tips and wages meant for porters
  • They may even be feeding porters only once or twice a day
  • They may be requiring porters to pay the operator a fee for food or camping on the mountain
  • They could be forcing porters to carry loads greater than the weight limit
  • Also, they could be allowing porters while Kilimanjaro Climbing with insufficient clothing
  • They may not be providing porters with shelters (such as mess tents)

For those wondering if the prices ranging from $4000 to $6000 are too much, here’s the deal:

  • Are you willing to risk your lives and pay less, to eventually be rescued at higher Climb Kilimanjaro Cost from the mountain?
  • Are you willing minimum wages to be paid to your Kilimanjaro Crew, to save your money?
  • Are you supporting the ill-treatment of the porters who carry huge weights on their shoulders and take your luggage up the summit?

Well, if it is so, you are free to book cheap porters, or you can simply follow our cost-cutting tips and plan a beautiful budget for your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost. Let’s start with the basics, and figure out your budget for your next Kilimanjaro climb in 2020-2021.

Step 1: Analysing the Total Cost of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

When you learn what’s included in your Cost To Climb Kilimanjaro, you will have simply no difficulty planning your Kilimanjaro trek cost. After having analyzed prices of various factors and inclusions, Jerry Tanzania Tours suggests you prepare for spending at least $3500-$4000, depending on your:

  • Location Of Departure,
  • The Season You Are Booking Your Packages In And
  • The Number Of People Travelling With You.
All Park Fees1772886
Crew Salaries1018509
Expedition Arrangements (Meals, Water, Tents, Tableware Etc.)11055
Amortization Costs10050
Indirect Taxes12060
Reasonable Comfort Add-Ons10050
Necessary Safety Add-Ons8040
Accommodation Before And After The Climb16080
Average Tour Operator Commission25%25%
Total Cost Of The Trip In Us$43252162

Step 2: Track Your Average Monthly Expenditure

The best way to start saving is to manage your monthly expenditures:

  • You can Record everything you earn and everything you spend: Make a list of your earnings and expenditure.
  • Plan where you can cut costs: There are many places where you can cut extra Kilimanjaro cost and implementing it is the key.
  • Stop partying and going out too often: When you are up to achieving your dream hike the best thing to do have patience until you have saved enough for the trek. There may be some sacrifices you have to make for this like going out less often or partying.
  • May be joining a part-time job: The best way to manage your travel budget is to take a part-time job on the weekends or after work and make up for your monthly savings.
  • Ask for an increment: This may be far too preached but if it’s high time you are looking forward to obtaining a hike, we suggest you ask for it. If lucky, you may be able to save your dream climb.

Step 3: Create A Savings Plan For Your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost

You can start saving for your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost with the following tips:

  • So you are hungry but want that extra scoop of ice cream? How often do you eat out for lunch instead of bringing a home-based sandwich to work? Are spending on several online movies or TV subscriptions, or have a crazy high cable or cell phone bill?
  • Some of the essential expenditures you cannot skip out on we can’t go without – such as a roof over our heads and food to eat – are needed.
  • But you can definitely cut Kilimanjaro cost on extra payments like purchasing the latest Smartphone or top-tier gym membership.
  • These small cost cuts can help minimize the Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro Cost of your current wants and needs;

Step 4: Choose your Kilimanjaro Route According To Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost

There are seven different Kilimanjaro Route options which you can choose from such as:

  • Marangu Route: The Coca-Cola route of the Marangu Route is the oldest route on Mount Kilimanjaro and can be trekked in 6-Days including an extra day of acclimatization. There are several hut-accommodations throughout the route.
  • Machame Route: Machame route is the most popular route on Mount Kilimanjaro and is busy throughout the year except the low seasons. The climb through this route can be completed in 6 days but we recommend the 7-Days trek to give an extra day to acclimatize.
  • Rongai Route: The Rongai route on Mount Kilimanjaro is a 7-days trek and hosts the lowest traffic and is an easier route compared to the southern slopes for climbing Kilimanjaro. It’s preferred by numerous travelers who are amateurs in trekking.
  • Lemosho Route: Lemosho is the most beautiful route to Mount Kilimanjaro and the 8 Days Kilimanjaro climb package that gives an extra day to acclimatize is the most popular choice among travelers.
  • Northern Circuit Route: The Northern Circuit is the longest route up to Mount Kilimanjaro and takes around 10-Days with the acclimatization day. This is the only route with the highest success rate to Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Umbwe Route: Umbwe route is the steepest and the toughest route up to the mountain and is chosen by experienced hikers only.
  • Shira Route: Shira route is a new route and is similar to Lemosho. It joins with the Lemosho route and Machame route on the 2nd and the 3rd day of the hike.
 Northern CircuitLemoshoMachameRongaiMarangu
Distance (miles)6042384543
Crowdsvery lowmediumhighlowhigh
Sceneryexcellentexcellentexcellentvery goodgood
Acclimitizationbestexcellentvery goodfairpoor
Costhighmedium – highmediummediumlow
Success Ratehighesthighmedium – highmediumlowest

Step 5: Choose Your Packages To Get A Budget For Climbing Kilimanjaro Cost

Currently, our best selling Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Packages are the 7-Days Machame route and 8-Days Lemosho route whose costs range from $1730 to $1980 per person. The Tour packages are group climbs with 8 to 10 people per group.

You can choose other packages and routes as well in which Kilimanjaro Climbing Cost is $1650 to $2500 per person depending on the choice of route and the number of days of the trek.

6 Days Machame Route$1,755$1,670$1,580$1,500
6 Days Marangu Route$1,740$1,660$1,570$1,495
7 Days Rongai Route$1,850$1,770$1,645$1,560
7 Days Lemosho Route$1,850$1,770$1,650$1,570
9 Days Northern Circuit Route$2,430$2,350$2,275$2,160

Step 6: Book your Flight Tickets early

To save on your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost we suggest you try saving on your international flight expenses which can be best done by booking your flights early. The flight expenses from the USA to Kilimanjaro range from $900-$1200 while the UK to Kilimanjaro is $750-$1050 and so on. We suggest you book at least 6-9 months before your actual trek date to save on your flight costs and confirm your bookings.

Step 7: Consider Group Climbs Over Private Climbs

Another important way to save on your Cost To Climb Mt Kilimanjaro is to join group climbs instead of private climbs. Group climbs are cost-saving mechanisms that help you cut essential yet huge Mount Kilimanjaro Climb Cost like tipping costs, transportation, and food costs, and so on.

While in private customized climbs you will be paying huge Climb Kilimanjaro Cost which is almost double the group travel costs. You may get more Kilimanjaro crew members and more privacy but that accounts for the high cost you have to pay.

Step 8: Rent your Equipment and Gears

The cost of the entire gear and equipment that you require and would be buying costs more than $800 or more. It is important to note that if you have some of these items mentioned in our Kilimanjaro Gear List, you can very well simply rent the remaining items from us at lower costs up to $100 or less.

Jerry Tanzania Tours provides high-quality gears and equipment even in budget or mid-range climbs at affordable prices. We provide sleeping bags, hiking poles, tents, and other essential camping and clothing equipment to our valuable customers.

Step 9: Choose Green Season for Kilimanjaro Climb

To save your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost we suggest you avoid peak seasons and choose the Green Season which ranges from December through March. This period is the short rainy season and it even snows during this time. However just the beginning of this season and towards the end (in November and April-May) it rains torrentially in Kilimanjaro.

As the period is part of the low season there are fewer climbers during this time and hence the package costs and flight costs are lower.

Step 10: Purchase A Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance

The best way to save on unnecessary expenses is to invest in travel insurance that covers you for:

  • Emergency Rescues
  • Overseas Medical expenses
  • Delays in flights and other delays, etc

A Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance will cost anywhere from $80 to $100 and make sure it covers up to a height of 6000 m and up to $5000  or more to be on the secure side.

Partner With Jerry Tanzania Tours To Get The Most Value For Your Kilimanjaro Climb Cost

Our travel experts help you train just the way your body needs and we help you manage your expenses even before you start your Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing journey. What we help you provide is the most needed peace of mind without losing out on your finances.

Do not make the mistake of choosing the wrong travel company or Budget Kilimanjaro Operators and regret later. You can look us up and read our past travel reviews by our ex-customers and choose us only when you are completely sure.

For any other cost-related information we suggest you contact us at Jerry Tanzania Tours today!

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