Training For Kilimanjaro

Training For Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak and needs proper Training For Kilimanjaro and have a successful summit. Hence it is required to train yourself properly with a Kilimanjaro Training Program.

Your physical fitness is important while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and makes easy to climb. You will need to start preparation before 2 weeks of climbing Kilimanjaro. You can get into a normal in the park for 5-6 miles or hike a short hill or trek a short mountain.

It’s not only physical stamina but mental stamina is also important while climbing Kilimanjaro. It will be a real help on your summit attempt.

The type of fitness is more important compared to others. Jogging would also be beneficial for fitness level.

Your chances of success to conquer the highest peak of the second largest continent of the world merely dependent upon your extent of training for Kilimanjaro

How To Perfectly Prepare For Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing:

It would be better if you start Fitness Training for Kilimanjaro yourself before 2 weeks of departure to Kilimanjaro and get adjusted to the terrain levels. However, it is recommended that you will start the training to climb Kilimanjaro before 2 months if you are a beginner and you should start within shorter time intervals, a slower pace and no weight in your day pack. It should gradually increase all the above as your fitness level improves. You can join Kilimanjaro Training Program by consulting with your physicist.

Set a routine for training. Focus on discipline. Make a training schedule and stick to it.

  • Day 1: Hike/StairMaster for at least one hour
  • Day 2: Light leg workout with weights, or cycling, or jogging
  • Day 3: Hike/StairMaster for at least one hour
  • Day 4: Rest
  • Day 5: Open day to do any exercise you like
  • Day 6: Hike/StairMaster for at least one hour
  • Day 7: Rest

Notes: For your hikes and StairMaster sessions, you can begin with carrying a little weight in your daypack.

Build your foundation of endurance and strength. Keep workouts challenging and fun.

  • Day 1: Hike/StairMaster for at least one hour
  • Day 2: Moderate leg workout with weights
  • Day 3: Hike/StairMaster for at least one hour
  • Day 4: Rest
  • Day 5: Open day to do any exercise you like
  • Day 6: Hike at least three hours with a weighted pack
  • Day 7: Rest

Notes: Increase the weight of your pack to about 20 lbs. Weekly, do one long hike that takes a full day of 6-8 hours of hiking. Also, plan at least one overnight backpack trip where you can test out your sleeping gear.

Your hardest workouts should be at the four-week point. Increase the weight of your pack to 25-30 lbs. Do everything at a faster pace. Really challenge yourself this month to gain mental toughness.

  • Day 1: Hike/StairMaster for at least one hour
  • Day 2: Hard leg workout with weights
  • Day 3: Hike/StairMaster for at least one hour
  • Day 4: Light leg workout with weights, or cycling, or jogging
  • Day 5: Open day to do any exercise you like
  • Day 6: Hike at least four hours with a weighted pack
  • Day 7: Rest

Wind down your training to prevent injury. Maintain your strength and endurance with easy to moderate workouts. Be sure to get enough sleep before embarking on your travels.

  • Day 1: Hike/StairMaster for at least one hour
  • Day 2: Light leg workout with weights, or cycling, or jogging
  • Day 3: Hike/StairMaster for at least one hour
  • Day 4: Rest
  • Day 5: Open day to do any exercise you like
  • Day 6: Hike/StairMaster for at least one hour
  • Day 7: Rest

The Best Exercise for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro:

After consulting with the professional trekkers and doing a lot of researches, we have given some training for the successful summit on Kilimanjaro. Get more details from our Climb Kilimanjaro Guide page.

In this guide, we will help you for How to Train for Kilimanjaro Climb:

Strength Training:

While you are on your Aerobic training to climb Kilimanjaro, it is also necessary for you to build the immune system of your body. You will need to do some Strength Training for Kilimanjaro for better fitness and increase stamina. The main strength exercise is particularly for legs, core and upper body. The strength exercise includes: Lifting weights, using resistance bands, doing push ups, pull ups, crunches, leg squats and push up against walls.

Aerobic Training:

The Cardio is one of the best training to do. It normally uses more oxygen to meet the energy demands of exercise via aerobic metabolism.The Aerobic exercises which are a bit of moderate intensity are; long distance hogging, swimming, slow walking and running. These exercises differ from other high intensity exercises which are weight lifting and sprinting. Include the Aerobic exercisesin your Training for Kilimanjaro.

Practice for Hiking:

This is one of the best Training for Kilimanjaro, you just get on your boots and start climbing a short hill. You can opt between walking on parks or within local for about 3-4 hours. Choose your nearest hill and give work to your feet for few hours or a full day. Walking “up & down” on stair case is the best exercise for the Altitude Training for Kilimanjaro.

The small hiking practice allows you to understand the stress of your joints will be put under and how well you can deal with this. It also allows you to be comfortable in your boots.

Weight Training:

The weight training increases lean muscle mass and prevents from loss. It also increases bone density and reduce risk of osteoporosis. Weight training boosts metabolism to help with weight loss or weight maintenance. Helps to increases muscle strength to make everyday activities easier. It lowers risk of injury as it allows the muscles to support the joints. This is the best Training for Kilimanjaro especially for backpackers.

By building your core muscle and upper shoulder muscle is also important as you will be carrying a lightweight pack for up to 6-7 hours a day.

Mental Stamina:

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Beginners and even experienced need mental stamina or strong determination that helps to achieve the goal by overcoming the hurdles.

The number of people who climb Kilimanjaro on a success summit is equally proportional to the mental stamina of the climbers. The mental stamina is important because Mount Kilimanjaro is not a small hill, it is the highest peak of Africa. Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness may be severe and dangerous if you are not prepared, there are time when you will feel to give up and get back down. If you have the determination to climb, then you can climb to the summit.

Food Supplement:

The high altitude level will require its own type of food intake. It is play a key role while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The main Kilimanjaro Food with nutritious ingredients are:

  • Consume adequate calories: Your body needs extra energy to fuel your adventure. If you have the signs of losing weight on trip, then it is suggested to eat more calories. It will also help your immune system.
  • Consume carbohydrate rich food: Your body needs carbohydrate at higher altitudes. Your hormones increase the use of carbohydrate for fuel. It is also body’s preferred energy source. The main source of carbohydrate are: Bread, Pasta, Fruit, Potatoes, Milk, Rice, Quinoa and Tortillas.
  • Consume adequate protein: Eating about 20 to 30 grams of protein after exercise is enough for overall protein throughout the day is probably sufficient.
  • Load up iron before you trek:  Iron is an important factor while you are on a trek, if you are attempting high altitude with low iron, you may be left feeling fatigued.

Training For Kilimanjaro is highly recommended for a successful summit. A proper training will provide the endurance & aspect for great Kilimanjaro Success Rate.

We hope, you can get the brief idea about how to be fit enough to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. You can join Kilimanjaro training program given by us or by other professional trekkers.

Kilimanjaro Climb FAQ’s

How Much Does It Cost To Climb Kili? We Have Compiled A List Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro In General, And About Kilimanjaro Climb Cost With Jerry Tanzania Tours.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro depends according to your physical and mental fitness level. It is not difficult for climbers who are determined and focused to reach the summit.

For climbing Mount Kilimanjaro you will need perfect practice and stimulation to accept the altitude level on higher elevations. We recommend training for Kilimanjaro prior to 3 months of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. You can just get into basic training and be on a normal protein diet. The exercise includes walking and hiking on the hills. You should intake more water of 2 litres per day and continue it to 3-4 litres per day until climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. This helps you not to dehydrate.

You don’t need to be exceptionally fit. However, your body needs to be used to the particular demands on the hike.

You can go a Training for Kilimanjaro and get yourself trained from the professionals.

You should be determined more than being fit. The Health precautions should be taken care while climbing Kilimanjaro. The highest altitude level may give you some difficulties which can be treated normally. If you are exercising prior 3 months of travel, you will be happy to be on top of the snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro.

To begin your booking you can fill out a booking form request for a group climb or private climb, email us or simply call us.

It is not recommended to carry extra oxygen to climb Kilimanjaro. However, while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, your operator will always carry oxygen with them for any emergency purpose.

The higher altitude level will have a very low amount of oxygen and sometimes due to altitude sickness climbers may feel uncomfortable in breathing.

As a precautionary measure all the guides will be provided with the oxygen and trained how to use it on emergency situation. Hence, they will be able to cope up the situation before calling any evacuation team.

Not to worry, all the guides and other staffs are professional trained for any kind of emergencies.

While it comes to altitude sickness, then the question would be “How hard is it to climb Kilimanjaro?

” The high-altitude level needs physical fitness and mental determination to climb Kilimanjaro instead of high-altitude medications. However, it is your preference to take high altitude medication while climbing Kilimanjaro, one of the tablet is Diamox which will help you control the high altitude sickness. It make you urinate more. So, we recommend to make yourself fit and train for Kilimanjaro and then attempt to the summit.

Kilimanjaro is the only highest mountain which allows you to reach its summit Uhuru peak without any technical skills.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is easy compared to other mountains, as it has easier terrains than steeps. However, you may need to use your hands while climbing the Barranco wall as it is the only steep wall in the entire Kilimanjaro zone. This is one of the important Kilimanjaro Faq’s and has a proper answer.

During wet season you may require hiking poles because the rocks are more slippery. Make sure you wear proper hiking boots or gaiters while you are climbing Kilimanjaro.

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