While climbing Kilimanjaro what gears do you need is one of the prime question and you will find the answer in various guides. These gears will be carried by the Kili porters. However, the daypack that you will need to carry contains some of the personal essential things. One of the prime questions is what electronic gadgets you need to carry on your daypack. While climbing Kilimanjaro you will really need these items. Here is the list of electronic elements;

Mobile Phone-

Mobile Phone is not just an Electronic Gadget but in recent years it has become a person’s world. This is not only the gadget but also a medium to connect with our near and dear ones. While climbing Kilimanjaro there is some point where you may connect with your friends or family as well you can use your phone for various purposes like for knowing the time, alarm, torch etc.


Pictures speak more than words. The pictures you click in your camera will speak about your glorious journey to the peak of the world’s highest free-standing mountain. Also, the panoramic views of the mountain are worth clicking.

Power Bank-

Power Bank is essential as it helps to charge your phones and camera batteries as these run out quickly on high altitudes. It is also recommended to carry solar charged power banks so that it can be recharged by solar power.

Music player-

You can carry a mini MP3 Player or iPod with you to keep you entertained on your trek. If you will get bored during the trek, you can listen to some of your favourite music that will keep you entertaining. You can also add some motivating tracks to keep you motivated on the difficult trails.

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