Kilimanjaro Visa

Kilimanjaro Visa

Do you need a visa to climb Kilimanjaro? The answer would be definitely ‘yes’. As Mount Kilimanjaro is located on the northern part of Tanzania, you should apply for climbing Kilimanjaro Visa for Tanzania.

You will need a secure a visa, if required, to enter Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. An option in some cases may be a Kilimanjaro Visa on arrival, or VOA, that lets you obtain your visa upon landing at Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro International Airport [JRO] instead of having it in hand before you even get on the plane. For climbing Kilimanjaro, Visa On Arrival may sound like an easier way to get a visa than going through the potential hassles of securing one in advance, Visa On Arrival come with their own batch of potential hassles of which you should be aware.

Jerry Tanzania Tours identifies the need for a fast and secure visa application process that will help you visit Kilimanjaro with fewer worries at the airport. So get Kilimanjaro Visa and the detailed information in below to start Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Citizens from some parts of the world definitely need a Kilimanjaro Visa. Don’t delay and apply early to reduce your chances of any delay.

Can you get a visa at Kilimanjaro airport?

Yes, you can get a visa at Kilimanjaro International Airport if your application for visa has accepted before. On Kilimanjaro Airport, you need to submit the required documents and show the notification you have received through your email, to get the visa.

What documents need to apply for a Kilimanjaro Visa Online?

You can now apply for an Online Visa to visit the United Republic of Tanzania (both Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar). You are required to fill in the online form, make payment, and submit your application online. Your form will be internally reviewed and processed.

Applicants will be notified through their e-mails whether their applications have been accepted or rejected. They may also TRACK their application statuses through the online system. Applicants may as well be required to visit the nearest Tanzanian Embassies or Consular Offices for interviews.

Follow this link for online visa application @

Kilimanjaro Visa Requirements

Valid Passport:

To get a visa when you are planning for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro are required to carry and show a passport valid for at least six months beyond the date of entry into the country. Your passport should have at least one empty page for official stamps. Check your passport well in advance of travel, in case you need to renew it. This is an important thing to receive your Kilimanjaro visa on arrival.

Yellow Fever Certificate:

Yellow fever is a viral infection spread by a particular species of mosquito. Yellow fever is spread by a species of mosquito common to areas of Africa. Vaccination is recommended before travelling to certain areas. Though you will not face anopheles and other mosquitoes on high altitude when Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you should not neglect before and after of your trekking.

Mild cases cause fever, headache, nausea and vomiting. Serious cases may cause fatal heart, liver and kidney conditions. No specific treatment for the disease exists. Efforts focus on managing symptoms and limiting complications. So, prepare for Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance.

It is recommended to get a yellow fever vaccination certificate while you are traveling to Tanzania from Yellow fever affected country. It is a compulsory and recommended vaccination for Kilimanjaro whether you have plan for Climbing Kilimanjaro Solo or in a trekking group.

If you are arriving from a country at risk of yellow fever or even if you’ve had a layover, you’ll need to show your Yellow Fever Vaccination card.

Passport Size Photo:

You will need two passport size photos to get a Visa on arrival. The two passport size photo should be submitted with one photocopy of at least one blank page of your passport at the time of arrival.

Invitation Letter and Place of Residency:

To get visa on arrival, you need to show the invitation letter and your booked hotel as place of residency for the confirmation of your staying days limit.

Email address for e-visa verification:

You will need to provide a valid email address as once it is processed your Tourist e-Visa will be sent to the valid email address you provide.

Payment Method:

The mode of payment can be made through credit and debit cards like Visa and American Express. The online Visa also accepts PayPal as a valid payment method.

Kilimanjaro Visa Cost:


If you are a tourist from the United States of America, you will have to purchase a multiple-entry e-Visa online.

Kilimanjaro Visa Process depends upon the day limits within which you want the visa for Tanzania.

Standard Processing- Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 9 business days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.

Rush Processing- Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 7 business days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.

Super Rush Processing- Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 5 business days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.


If you are a tourist from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or North Korea, you will have to purchase a Volunteer e-Visa well in advance.

Standard Processing- Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 9 business days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.

Rush Processing- Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 7 business days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.

Super Rush Processing- Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 5 business days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.


If you are from a country that is not the United States or North Korea, then you can purchase a Tourist e-Visa online now.

Here are the different processing times and rates:

Standard Processing- Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 9 business days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.

Rush Processing- Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 7 business days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.

Super Rush Processing- Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 5 business days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.

Where You Can Get A Visa?

You can get Kilimanjaro Visa on arrival in following regions:

Dar Es Salaam: The Office of the Director of Immigration Services

In Zanzibar: The Office of the Principal Immigration Officer

Abroad: Any Tanzanian Embassy or High Commission or via the Tanzania Immigration Services website

Entry Points To Tanzania: Any gazette entry point, including international airports, Zanzibar Airport, the port of Kigoma, Horohoro, Sirari, Tunduma, and Nagama.

The given information by us in this Climb Kilimanjaro Guide will be helpful to prepare for Kilimanjaro visa in both online and offline. Enjoy the journey and trekking on majestic and tallest Mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Kilimanjaro Climb FAQ’s

How Much Does It Cost To Climb Kili? We Have Compiled A List Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro In General, And About Kilimanjaro Climb Cost With Jerry Tanzania Tours.

Yes, all UK, Irish and US nationals require a visa to travel Tanzania and this needs to be obtained prior

to your Kilimanjaro challenge departure. If you are of different national heritage to those mentioned above, please check the Tanzania High Commission's website for Kilimanjaro Visa requirements.

This elaborated and perfectly answered Frequently Asked Questions can lead you to successful summit on Mount Kilimanjaro. Hope you understand and implement the instructions properly.

The main entry requirements are Passport which is valid for 6 months after intended length of stay,

residence address, one blank page photo copy of passport to get the Kilimanjaro Visa. Yellow fever and malaria vaccination. Other requirements are, The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) recommends the following vaccinations and certificates: Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Rabies. Additionally, the CDCP recommends routine vaccinations for measles/mumps/rubella (MMR), diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus and polio.

To begin your booking you can fill out a booking form request for a group climb or private climb, email us or simply call us.

We will send you a booking form within 1 business day. Please note that requesting and receiving a booking form for a specific trip does not reserve or confirm the climb for you. Climbs are not confirmed until we receive the completed form along with the deposit.

A 20% deposit, paid by credit card or wire transfer is due at the time of booking. The trip balance payment is due 60 days prior to trip departure.

Once we receive the completed forms and deposit, we begin to arrange your climb, safari and lodging. This usually takes between 2-3 business days. When your climb, safari and lodging are all set up, we have officially confirmed your trip. This means that your booking is all set to go. The deposit is not refundable once the trip is confirmed.

Mount Kilimanjaro has 5 of its best Kilimanjaro route to climb to the roof of Africa.

You will need to make sure the route which you have chosen is the right one.

Best Route To Climb Kilimanjaro would be very confusing as each of the routes has its own unique way of attraction. However, there are few things which you can consider for choosing the best Kilimanjaro route. Here are some:

  • Lesser crowd
  • Acclimatization
  • Scenic views
  • Success Rate

The main recommended Kilimanjaro route is Lemosho Routeand Northern Circuit Route. These route has the longer days and gives you time for proper acclimatization. Apart from these routes, you can go with Machame RouteMarangu Route and Rongai Route which also make your climbing more interesting.

The highest Kilimanjaro Success Rate is offered by 

Lemosho Route and Northern Circuit Route. It has a success rate of above 95% and gives you more time for acclimatization. The long itinerary of these routes makes it a wonder for the climbers to summit the highest peak of Africa. These routes offer gives you more time to sleep in the low elevations and spend more time on the mountains. The accommodation facility is camp based and all the camps are equipped with essential requirements like; sleeping bag, flush toilet, bucket shower and a separate dinning tent. It also provides you adequate liquid on the top.

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