Tanzania Day Trip Ideas Just Tailor made for You


Kikuletwa Hot Springs better known as ‘Maji Moto’, is a trademark warm water pool found basically outside Moshi area in Tanzania. It is a bit of a little stream and has superbly clear water that is warmed by volcanic activity, similarly as a blue base. The water itself isn’t really hot yet rather warm when stood out from that in the earth, thus enabling superb fish to live inside. In specific spots, there is high temp water that can be seen continually rising from the underground conductors, giving the impression of bubbling water. Kikuletwa Hot Springs is situated in a detached zone far away the arrival region streets around Boma Ng’ombe locale of Kilimanjaro area. The hot springs are in the midst of a semi – dried zone, at any rate the springs themselves are enveloped by prospering greenery, generally trees, giving them the nearness of a desert garden in the midst of no spot.


You will depart from your Moshi hotel and make the hour-long drive to Kikuletwa Hot springs. This scenic drive takes you off the tourist trail and offers a glimpse into local life: bustling markets, local farms, and the like.

You will then spend a few hours soaking in the pleasantly warm waters, swinging on the rope swing, relaxing in the sun-dappled shade of the trees, and feasting on local favourites such as Chipsi Mayai (French Fries Omelette) and Nyama Choma (BBQ).

After your fun in the sun, you will return to your hotel or continue on to your next destination.

Package Include

  • Transport
  • Entry tickets
  • Rent a table and chairs
  • Rent a mask for snorkeling
  • Lunch
  • Soft drinks and water

Package Exclude

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Tips