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safety measures on tanzania safari tours

Safety Measures Implemented on Tanzania Safari Tours

Tanzania Safari Tourshave suffered immensely due to the COVID 19 related worldwide quarantine measures. We understand the importance ofTanzania Safetyand therefore are following various Tanzania Safety Guidelines regarding your health, safety, and security during these times.

There are some protocols regarding control measures and procedures towards preventing the spread of COVID-19 which Tanzania’s tourism industry has come up with. These protocols have been derived from Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)and have been adopted and customized by all tourism entities to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“How To Stay Safe On A Wildlife Safari In Africa, From Safe Photography Distances To Some Important Rules Of Every Safari Adventure, Here's What You Need To Know.”

What Experts Have to Say?

Various Tanzania Travel Experts from Germany who visited the country recently, came here to check the Security of their customers. They are completely satisfied with what they have seen and this is what they have to say:

  • “Travelling here in Tanzania and visiting the parks is safer than any inner parts of German cities.” –Andreas Trapp (German Travel Agent)
  • “I have come here because I wanted to see how Tanzania is dealing with COVID19. Many customers who wish to travel have these queries and only one way to give them the right answers is by experiencing Tanzania myself. I never felt unsafe on the whole trip. I would come again all the time.” – Maren Brenneka(German Travel Agent)

It’s evident that Tanzania Tours after COVID 19is completely safe and secure and so is Kilimanjaro Climbing after COVID 19trip.

Safety Measures On Tanzania Safari Tours
Safety Measures On Tanzania Safari Tours

Our Distinguished Safety Measures for After COVID-19 Travel

Jerry Tanzania has prepared a detailed procedure that will take place across our camps in response to Covid-19 measures. We have created a blueprint of how your Tanzania Safari Tourswill look upon your arrival here till the end of your Safari. Take a look:

Safety Measure before Arrival:

  • It is highly recommended for all guests to apply and process their visas online before travel. This is essential because it limits your contact on arrival at the airport.
  • Pre-arrival checks are mandatory along with temperature readings at airports by immigration officials for all incoming tourists.

Safety Precautions on Arrival:

  • With detailed training on social distancing measures and safe interaction with our guests, our staffs are well-equipped to safely welcome you toTanzania Safari Tours.
  • Welcoming you from far with open hearts and adhering to all social distancing guidelines, strict luggage handling procedures will take place.
  • Your temperature will be checked by Camp Manager on arrival in camp with a digital handheld temperature scanner.
  • After cleaning and disinfecting the rooms, they will be closed to avoid the entry of any unknown individuals. The guests will be the first people to enter their rooms with complete safety.

Safety Precautions in camp

  • We have made it a rule for all camp crews to operate in teams who will arrive in camp in two-week isolation rotations.
  • No access to other teams will be provided while in isolation.
  • Within this period the visitors would also have completed their two-week isolation period having passed daily temperature checks they are good to start their Tanzania Safari Tours.

Precautions in Communal Areas

  • Cleaning and sanitizing all communal areas, camp-wide has been made a daily measure.
  • We have also arranged hand washing and cleaning stations for both staff and guests throughout the safari.
  • There will be a dedicated front of house, housekeeping and cleaning team, for each camp allowing our crews to concentrate on certain areas of camp and not move between communal areas.

Sanitization of Rooms Regularly

  • We have made it compulsory to clean, sanitize, and disinfected all rooms between guests.
  • Areas requiring additional cleaning have been identified also called ‘Cleaning Hot Spots,’ in rooms which will be checked by our managers.
  • Exclusive PPE kits for all camp staffs have also been made compulsory to keep the guests safe.

Safari Kitchens following Complete Hygiene Standards

  • Following the complete strict international health and hygiene standards, as per Tanzania Safety Guidelines, our safari kitchens have gone through additional sanitization practices and checks before welcoming guests.
  • Serving all meals privately at the camps, each visitor or group will be seated separately, safely distanced from neighboring tables. No Buffets will be in place.

How Game Drives have been sanitized?

  • Cleaning all safari vehicles and sanitizing them before each activity has been in our priority procedure apart from sanitization and using disinfectants and hand sanitizers on the game drives. The game drive cars will be allocated privately.
  • Only on the basis that standard social distancing can apply, shared game drives will only be done and will be limited to a maximum of four guests per vehicle on your Tanzania Safari Holidays.

Safety on the Safari

  • We are planning private tours or small group tours which are the Best Safari In Tanzaniawhere if guests are in a shared vehicle, they will be in a group of a maximum of four guests.
  • Our safari teams will ensure strict standard social distancing guidelines are maintained even on the Safari.
Safety Measures On Tanzania Safari Tours
Safety Measures On Tanzania Safari Tours

Jerry Tanzania Tours Promises you a Safe Safari

We are committed to keeping you and our communities in Tanzania safe. The wilderness that is waiting to be explored in Tanzania is better than before and we indisputably can’t wait to share it with you. Apart from guiding you on the Best Time to Visit Tanzaniathat suite your budget and Tanzania Safari Costwe also give you advice on Tipping In Tanzania Safarito support the staff for their dedicated services. Your Tanzania Safetyis our highest priority and we will make sure you have all the right Tanzania Travel Requirementssuch as gloves, sanitizers, masks, etc for your complete safety.

Interact with our travel experts and clarify your doubts in case you have any regarding our safety measure in Tanzania.

Safety Measures On Tanzania Safari Tours
Safety Measures On Tanzania Safari Tours

Chances are, the COVID – 19 is going to carry on for some time.

The best thing we can do is finding the means to cope in the way that we won’t jeopardise our lives and those of our beloved ones.

We appreciate the trust our customers have given us since day one. We’re in no way going to trade that trust with anything. That is why we will usually make sure that we have each and every stipulated safety measure in place for our visitors prior to June.

All the best and let’s get through this together.


No, to date spread of coronavirus COVID-19 through food, food packages, or even food handlers has not been identified. Therefore it can be eliminated as a risk factor.

No, to date any evidence of the spread of the COVID-19 virus has not been found. Your drinking water or use of pools or hot tubs, is therefore safe, according to the CDC.

Tiredness, dry cough, and fever are the most common symptoms of COVID-19. Some people may develop more severe forms of the disease, such as pneumonia.

Yes, wearing masks can be effective. It has been recommended by CDC to wear cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies) especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.

Many people with COVID-19 disease generally develop signs and symptoms, within 5-6 days and then recover. So even if you get infected by the virus, you will be kept under special quarantine camps and you will be released after recovery.

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