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By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro, at 5895 metres high is the highest freestanding mountain in Africa.  For this reason, Kilimanjaro is the most hiked. It is as significant to be gentle in your environs. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is no mean feat: it’s a challenging trek and a great Tanzania adventure. A positive attitude and physical capacity are not enough to conquer the Kilimanjaro Hike. There are several things and factors we must be followed to overcome any kind of adventure.


The most general tracks up to the crater rim are the Marangu Route and the Machame Route. The previous has huts but the latter does not; instead, it’s camping all the way. All through the routes have different difficulties. But you have the best guide and porters. Porters carry all your gears, and guides lead the group.

  • These people have each mounted the mountain hundreds of times.
  • Their tune will be ‘pole pole means ‘slowly, slowly. The more time you take, the better you will adapt.


You can Kilimanjaro Climb peak in just a few sweaters and a tweed jacket. Well, do not underestimate this kind of lack of any additional high mountain problems. Some days on Uhuru Peak may be moderate but others can be absolute polar.

  • Be ready for drying humidity
  • The heat will last on the first day until you reach the heath zone.

So, you must start layering.

  • Make sure to wear water resistance and quick-drying fabrics that wick away moisture.
  • Have a worthy thermal base layer, top and bottom. Over that another thermal upper and rough trousers.
  •  You must need attire a balaclava, ski goggles, inner, outer gloves, and needed every action fibre in them.
  • Perfect mountain hike boots are also suggested and dual socks are a requirement.


Altitude sickness cannot be ignored. The trekkers probably not to make it to the summit are endurance athletes. They can stop themselves from competing up the lower slopes, thus preventing their body adaptation.

  • Everyone will experience it to some degree, once they Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro above around 3000m. Typically, you will have a troublesome headache, lose your appetite and might feel nauseous.
  • Diamox is an antidiuretic that assuages the cause, which is liquid build-up in places such as lungs, eyes and brain.
  • These little pills can turn a difficult experience into an elevating one. But refer a doctor before offering into that realm.


You can have a selection from operators, make sure they are bona fide. Ask other hikers, check reviews online, proper enquiry about the company for example conservation or community organisation they support.

A good way to find out that your company treats its staff well is if it is an associate of the Kilimanjaro KPAP (Porters Assistance Project). This organisation is dedicated to enlightening the working conditions of the crews in Kilimanjaro. It picks its partners sensibly and displays them to ensure they are following the Guidelines for Proper Porter.


Tips are not meant to substitute fair salaries but are a reward for service. A good operator can supply a halt of how the team should be thanked. The cash should be given in an open manner at the end of the Kilimanjaro Climb. It is worth seeing that being a guide, cook or porter is considered as well-paid. Honourable job and many of the teams have done this job. Generally speaking, a stronger, happier, more answerable and reliable group of trekkers is hard to find.

Well, people should have everything very systematic. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Guide should be followed up for the better preparation of the Kilimanjaro Trekking. Good body training, better mental health, proper gear list and have positive attitudes with guides and fellow partner s can make any conquer possible. For more details about Kilimanjaro Trek just have an enquiry @Jerry Tanzania Tours.

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