What’s The Best Among Contact Lenses & Glasses While Climbing Kilimanjaro?

Mount Kilimanjaro is preferred by climbers for the incredible landscapes and its ease in climbing. Many people depends on Prescription Glasses or Contact Lenses on a daily in everyday life. But when Climbing Kilimanjaro, is it better to wear one over the other?

Trekking can be very demanding in terms of mental and physical fitness. And on top of it the use of basic gear for climbing mountains are quite essential. Kilimanjaro Gear Recommendations that is available with most of the tour operators can be really useful for prior preparations.

Kilimanjaro Climb with eyesight can be tricky at times. Therefore, deciding to choose between Contact Lenses or Glasses for Kilimanjaro is vital.

There are people who uses prescription glasses or contact lenses on a daily basis. But while Climbing Kilimanjaro is it wise to replace one over the other? Let’s find out!

Glasses Comes In Handy:

Prescription glasses are always an easy option during Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing.

If you are a regular user of glasses, switching over to contacts just for the sake of trekking is not going to bring in much difference.

Glasses are simpler, easy to put on and take off, offer better protection from dirt, wind and grime, needs minimum maintenance and are less expensive.

Certain Things To Consider Before Using Glasses For Kilimanjaro:

  • They can easily break: Little bit of distraction and your glasses might bang on the rock and it can beak.
  • Chances of losing them: There is every chance that you might lose the glasses while jumping in the stream or taking bath under the waterfall.
  • Sun Protection is a must: Protection from harmful sunrays is quite essential. Therefore, advisable to use sunglasses that fit over the glasses and forms a protective layer over the eyes and surrounding areas.
  • Foggy glasses can be obstructive: Fog tends to form over the glasses due to body heat and warm air clashing with cold air. Water condensed over the glasses and causes fog over them blocking clear vision.
  • Protective storage for glasses: Do not forget to carry hard case for our eye gear. It is better to be extra cautious for this quite essential accessory.
  • Slipping issues due to rain and sweat: The prescription glasses becomes slippery due to rain and sweat and do not old properly.
  • Frequently wiping off and cleaning of glasses using clean cloth: Make sure to carry a spare piece of cloth alone for wiping out the fog, dirt and finger prints from the glass surface ensuring hassle free climb.

Contact Lenses For Better Visibility During Kilimanjaro Climbing

Usual prescription glass users have a lot of dilemma while trying to consider Contact Lenses For Kilimanjaro. But contact lenses work fine in extreme weather conditions and higher altitudes.

Contact Lenses undoubtedly offer better vision. With contacts one can seamlessly switch between various eyewear configurations be it glacier glasses, goggles or naked eyes.

Contact Lenses For Kilimanjaro can be an effective alternative to glasses. However, using contacts also comes with its set of terms and conditions.

  • For regular users putting on contacts may be easier but not for beginners. You may experience teary eyes, lack of proper arrangement of mirror during trek, lenses falling down a getting dirty and so on.
  • Fear of losing them. The contacts might just fall off due to drying of eyes.
  • Using contacts for a longer duration might result in dry eye syndrome.
  • Improper hygiene for instance, unavailability of clean water and soap to wash off hands before taking out and putting on lenses might lead to infections.
  • The storage lens solution might freeze owing to low temperature on mountains.
  • With the contacts on the eyes are more susceptible to dirt and microbes.

Some Guiding Tips To Follow For Contact Lenses Users:

  • Always wash your hands: Advisable to wash hands with clean water in order prevent the bacteria and dirt to enter into the eyes.
  • Prefer soap over sanitizers: Sanitizers kills the bacteria but the dirt in your hands remain intact. Therefore, always wash your hands using soap in order to remove that dirt off your hands.
  • Better to use daily disposable lenses: With disposable lenses you will be able to use fresh pair every day, ruling out the possibility of infections.
  • Carry an eye drop: Eyes tends to dry up due to longer duration of lens in your eyes. So, carry eye drops for timely lubrication of eyes.
  • Carry an extra pair always: In case you are using the reusable ones, it’s better to carry one extra pair in order to avoid hassles in case of loss or damage.
  • Use fresh solutions to keep your lenses: Change the solution of the everyday for better protection of your lenses.
  • Keep your pair of protective glasses handy: Better to keep your glasses handy so that you can give a break to your eyes from the contacts may be during resting or camping.

Both glasses and contact lenses during Kilimanjaro Climb works well. It is advisable to take the call depending on your comfort. Each has its own set of Do’s and Don’ts and we are sure with right precaution you can come out with solution from this dicey situation.

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