Pick The Right Gloves For Kilimanjaro That Keep Your Fingers From Freezing!

Kilimanjaro climbing does not require any technical knowhow but is demanding in terms of mental and physical fitness. Summit success rate depends on the climber’s ability to acclimatise in the higher altitudes. Moreover, packing the right gear will maximize the chances of success. There is a prescribed Kilimanjaro Gear List that may be followed in order to avoid last minute hassle. In this list, you must consider about picking the right Gloves For Kilimanjaro.

Just like clothing that you pack for climbing, climbers must carry along variety of Gloves For Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro Trek does not specifically require gloves but keeping in view the decreasing temperature at night, it does get very cold especially during the night of the summit.

Gloves and Mittens

Gloves help in keeping the hands warm and preserving the most essential body heat making it easier for you to accomplish the summit. Gloves also provides the quintessential protection from the sun. Sun rays are harsh on mountains might result in burning your bare hands. Gloves must wick off moisture from the hands and keep them dry during the climb for better grip wherever necessary.

Choose light weight gloves that are appropriate for comfort and protection both. You require a pair of mittens for colder nights during Kilimanjaro Climb especially on summit night. It should be large enough to fit over your hands with the gloves on. Insulated mittens available are waterproof and keep hands warm by providing one extra layer over them.

Types Of Gloves To Choose From

Lightweight Gloves

Light weight gloves are relatively thinner but assure required warmth and cushioning for the hands needed throughout the trek. Make sure to choose the one with the right material and sustainability.

The material used for lightweight gloves can be silk, wool, lycra, polyester, nulon and fleece. Best to go with the one built for hiking in cold weather.

Midweight Gloves

A Midweight glove can alone serve the purpose of providing both the warmth, comfort and required cushioning. They are specially wind blocking gloves and comes in variety of materials including wool, fleece, nylon, softshell or polartec.

Durability is more as compared to thin liners. Most important thing to look forward in the gloves is they should keep your hands dry even if the gloves gets wet by any chance.

Heavyweight Gloves

Ski or snowboarding gloves are heavy weight gloves generally made up of Gortex or another waterproof material with a liner. You would need this pair of gloves for the summit night when temperature might be freezing below zero degrees.

You may also choose to wear trekking gloves for Kilimanjaro that ae made up of leather, goatskin or nylon lined with fleece or polyester for insulation.

You would never want your gloves to be too heavy causing discomfort.

Glove sizes

Make sure you invest in right size of gloves that fit perfectly. The liners must tightly hug your hands but not too tight to restrict movement.

The outer gloves must fit over your liners if using any. Find out the right size by measuring the hand circumference or else advisable to visit a store nearby and buy the ones after thorough trial.

As the Kilimanjaro Climb takes you through a number of totally distinct climatic zones, it is quite essential for the climber to understand the importance of right kind of gears. Not everything that seems right is appropriate for you. Therefore, it is important for you to go with the ones comfortable for your use.

Shortlisted Gloves From Jerry Tanzania Tours

In the category of lightweight liners, you may choose between The North Face Flash Dry Liner Gloves or Smart Wool Liner Gloves – Both are light weight, durable, thin and are warm. Most importantly they wick moisture off the hands keeping them dry for the climb.

For Heavyweight options you may choose between Outdoor Research Flurry, Mittens, Maximum Warmth, Shell Mittens or Marmot 8000 Meter Mitt. These gloves are thicker, waterproof and provide necessary protection needed to prevent your hands from freezing.

Gloves are an important gear while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Therefore, must be selected carefully. For further information on the recommended Kilimanjaro Gear List from our experts you may also visit our website at https://jerrytanzaniatours.com/.

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