29 / Feb / 2020

10 Quick Facts to Know About Amazing Serengeti National Park

A Tanzania Safari to Serengeti National Park is a dream come true for safari lovers! Not aware of where to visit, what to look around. Here are a few Amazing facts about Serengeti National Park. Read and plan your next trip to Tanzania.

25 / Feb / 2020

What Secretary Bird Scientific Name and Their Ecosystem Role?

The Secretary bird or the hunter bird is one of the terrestrial birds among the larger carnivorous birds. With the Arabic name of “Saqr-et-tair”, means, “hawk or falcon of the desert” is the habitat of open savannahs and grasslands. The “Saqr-et-tair” later became “Secretaire” in French. The Secretary Bird scientific name is “Sagittarius Serpentarius”.

18 / Feb / 2020

Tanzania Facts: Every Kid Should Know About this Amazing Land.

Welcome to Tanzania, one of the best destinations and land of safaris. Throughout Tanzania, there are a lot of opportunities to experience real natural wealth with wonderful wildlife safari.

11 / Feb / 2020

Secretary Bird vs. Snake: The Amazing Foot Technique of “Snake-Killing Kung Fu Bird”

When it comes to the species, those who kill snakes, then the different animals or birds come in our minds like the vulture, falcon, mongoose, etc. The secretary bird is also one of the snake-killing predators. This bird has a Latin name known as “Saggitarius Serpentarius”, which means “catcher of serpent or snake”.

06 / Feb / 2020

Know The Secretary Bird Size and Their Physical Features.

The secretary bird size is tall and large, and located in open grasslands and savannah of the sub-Saharan region. The secretary bird has a head like an eagle with yellow colour around its eyes. This hunter bird has long legs covered with thick black scales to protect the leg from snake venom.