Many questions will roam around your mind after reaching Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)…. Can I get to my hotel smoothly? What are the extra formalities I have to do? How long the hotel from the airport? How will I prepare for Kilimanjaro Climb?

This will depend on what you have to do. If you have got your Tanzania Visa previously, you can directly lead to your customs and onto the baggage area.

In advance, if you have not got your visa, be attentive about getting off the plane. When you will get off your plane, directly go and join the line for a visa. Have your Passport in hand and any extra documental work for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.


  • For any international visitor, a visa and passport are the mandatory documents.
  • These two documents and other personal identity documents get 1st verification from the airport.
  • The passport must be valid for six months after the planned period of stay.
  • Visas can be gotten earlier to leaving from the point of entry into Tanzania. Before your tour, if you have sufficient time, your Kilimanjaro Tour Operator must recommend applying for your visa in advance.

If you didn’t get your visa in advance, you can get one upon arrival at the airport. The procedure is similarly smooth. All you need to

  • Fill out a form,
  • Wait in line,
  • Pay the required fee,
  • Have them take a photo of you and place it in your passport.

Otherwise, if you are winged into Nairobi — Jomo Kenyatta International Airport — and taking transport to Moshi, you can lock your visa at the Tanzanian border. The transport service may stop at the border. You can arrive at the office and take your visa there.


Once the Kilimanjaro Visa will hand over to you, you must move concluded duties. They will ask you a few inquiries and scan your hand there.

After that you may you’ll go to the baggage area. Find out your bags. In case, you cannot able to find it out there, make your driver informed about it as soon as possible.

 If they are there, pick them up and exit the airport toward the space lot.

Once you get outside from the airport, you can able to see other different Kilimanjaro operators’ drivers as well as taxi drivers. Look for the one holding their operator’s name signboard.


Need cash? ATMs / Cash Machines are accessible 24-hours a day. Fees may apply, make sure to chequer your bank’s fee timetable and your daily withdrawal limit. If you are traveling globally. You may also want to inform your bank of your tourism plans. Here money exchange is also available.

Duty-Free & Shopping – Duty-Free Shops are accessible, as there are imitated bookshops, garment shops, curio shops, and jewelry shops.

Food & Drink – No 24-hour options are accessible. However, Kilimanjaro Airport does have a few restaurants and another eating place inside and outside the passenger terminal. Luggage Storage & Lockers may not available.

Medical Care – First Aid and emergency medical care are delivered at the AAR KIA Clinic. These are open for 24 hours.

Mobile Charging – Power banks are available for mobile charging.

Rest Zones – There are no comfortable sleeping areas, silent areas, or rest sectors.


Once you will be seated within your vehicle, just chill down. Hopefully, you programmed an extra arrival day so you’ll have time to get better from your long flight journey.

In case your bags will not be reached you. Your Kilimanjaro Tour Operator must help you to track them down or take you into town to rent as soon as possible.

If you will want the scheduled agenda, you can directly talk with your tour operator.

Given these points, we hope you have an easy time at JRO. We hope your baggage arrives on time. Your visa line is short and you have a wonderful Kilimanjaro Trek.

Some analysts recommend waiting till close to your boarding time to pass through security. The boarding area is small. But Wi-Fi is free. These are some basic knowledge which you may face after reaching Kilimanjaro International Airport.

You can get better advice and have a great Kilimanjaro Hike by Contact us @ Jerry Tanzania Tours. And never get hesitate to ask further queries.

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