Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is an incredible experience that tops basic arrangements of individuals from everywhere throughout the world. So here you are thinking of Climbing Kilimanjaro On A Budget and you wondering about the Kilimanjaro Climb Cost.

The budgetary factors like choosing the best climbing guides, visa, food, flight ticket, routes with high acclimatization, and trekking gears make trekking for Kilimanjaro expensive.

To give a feeling of achievement and opportunity to explore its beauty, we are giving some tips for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in the most affordable way.

Negotiating the Cost with the Companies

Negotiating for an affordable cost can be easy if you prefer to travel in a group. For an affordable way to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is to book after arriving in Moshi or Arusha. You should have a list of popular companies to know about the group of people going for the trekking for Mount Kilimanjaro.

Jerry Tanzania Tours is a native trekking and tour operator providing the utmost facilities and accommodation in a most budget-friendly way.

Climbing Kilimanjaro On A Budget also depends upon the route you have chosen for trekking. The negotiation for the Kilimanjaro Climb Cost can be successful if the group has more members. Ask the trekking operators about the group and when the group will start for Mount Kilimanjaro.

Fly directly into Dar es Salaam

Dar Es Salaam Airport
Dar Es Salaam Airport

For an economic cost, you can fly directly to Julius Nyerere International Airport of Dar es Salaam.

From Dar es Salaam, you can fly to Kilimanjaro International Airport through a small flight. You can get an affordable price by consulting through your tour operator.

Book 6 Days of Trek to Summit Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

6 Days Kilimanjaro Climb

Booking 6 days to reduce the expenses may sound better, but in practice, it will be a risk because of a lack of time for acclimatization.

There are a number of factors that have a major impact on your successful trekking of 6 days for Mount Kilimanjaro. Those factors are your fitness level, breathing and muscle capability, trekking routes that you have chosen. All factors are related to one thing that is, acclimatization.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not that hard as you think and neither needs any specific skills. The reasons for failure are its adverse climatic condition especially in the alpine desert zone and ecological zone, bitter cold on high altitude, and lack of quality gears.

Among the seven Kilimanjaro Routes, the 6 Days Marangu Route is the most affordable route and offers the summit within 6 days. Known as the tourist route, it is also called as “Coca-cola route”. Though this route has a poor acclimatization profile, it can be overcome by enhancing your physical stamina.

Comparing Machame route with Marangu route, Machame Route has a higher success summit rate than the Marangu route. But for the summit, the Machame route takes 6 to 7 days.

Completing the successful climbing on Machame route by nutritious food, physical and mental preparedness in 6 days is the affordable way to Climbing Kilimanjaro can be recommended. 

Book Your Trip in Low Season For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Book Kilimanjaro Climb

For dropping the Climb Kilimanjaro Cost you can start trekking in the low or wet season.

In the wet season, you can find a price cut down in facilities and accommodations because of fewer visitors. Throughout the year, March, April, and November months are the low or rainy season.

Because of the wet route, trekkers face many difficulties especially in the cultivation and rain forest zone of Mount Kilimanjaro. Though above 12, 000 ft, there is no rain, it is very risky to go on the wet path.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in heavy rainy seasons like April, May, and November can be an affordable way to Climb.

Among all of seven routes of Mount Kilimanjaro, Rongai Route is the only route that remains drier all around of year among all of the Kilimanjaro Routes. This route also offers better acclimatization for the success on the summit.

If you choose other routes rather than the Rongai route, then January and February are the perfect time to climb Kilimanjaro in a budget-friendly way.

Buy Foods from Street Sellers

Kilimanjaro Food Cost

Street food in Tanzania is sold on the side of the road by vendors or hawkers who have a small stall. They are often cheaper, eaten with your hands, and considered as fast food. It is often more reasonable than sitting down at a restaurant and you can get a good idea of what that particular region offers as their local cuisine.

It is additionally an extraordinary method to become acquainted with local people and to top off on a quick takeaway while you wander through the roads of the district you are visiting.

Use Public Transport

Most of the trekkers don’t use public transportation. The tour operator budget also includes transportation from and to Kilimanjaro Internet airport before and after your trekking.

But, if you are looking for an affordable way to Kilimanjaro Climb Cost, then using public transport for travel is the best option for you. You can also get the opportunities to meet the local people of Moshi or Arusha town and get more insight into the lifestyle of Tanzanian people.

Please do not go with the cheapest options

Don’t go for the cheapest options like below $1700 or $1200. In this budget, you will get no accommodation before or after the trek to Kilimanjaro, equipment, vaccinations, etc.   

For Climbing Kilimanjaro On A Budget, you can select the option from our best climbing packages in the price range between $1000 and $4000. Selecting a climbing package in $1000 can be an affordable way of climbing Kilimanjaro.

So, be ready and buckle up!

There are so many ways to cut costs when gearing up to go backpacking without cutting comfort. Do you have the budget-saving tips that we missed? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them to our list!

We hope the above-given tips can give a clear image of how to cut the expenses for the Kilimanjaro Climb Cost. Don’t be worry, Jerry Tanzania tours are with you to make your dream come true. To make a booking with us, visit now@

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