22 Sep

Can You Climb Mount Kilimanjaro After The Covid-19 Outbreak?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours


A big welcome to all the nomads whose Kilimanjaro Travel plan has been paused due to COVID-19. Recently Tanzania Government has lifted all the restrictions on international travelers. Due to less number of positive cases, it is now open for all. Every Kilimanjaro Airport is ready to welcome all the travelers with all the post-pandemic precautions.



Tanzania has a strong history of fighting the virus. In 2014 the fatal EBOLA virus was spreading all over the world except Tanzania. Because they follow all the safety precautions strictly. Just like EBOLA, Tanzania took every possible precaution for COVID-19. So now the situation is under control and all the Kilimanjaro International Airport are functional now.

  • The first confirmed case of COVID-19 was found in Tanzania on 16th March 2020 and since then positive cases were increasing slowly.
  • From 25th March, the Tanzanian airlines had stopped for the pandemic situation.
  • As the last corona report produced by the Tanzanian govt on 29th April, it had 509 positive cases with 21 death reports.
  • Tanzania has conquered the war against Covid-19 by obeying all the safety measures.



Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism has imposed 16 pages of post-pandemic protocols, which include travel safety. Some of the most important travel rules are:

  • Thermal screening and temperature check at every Kilimanjaro Airport entry.
  • All the surfaces are sanitized at regular intervals.
  • Everyone must carry a face mask and sanitizer during Kilimanjaro Travel days.
  • All the Kilimanjaro Airport staffs should be in proper PPE kit. The driver associated with you for your Kilimanjaro Airport Transfers must use sanitizer and face mask.
  • The hotel staff must use a PPE kit with a face shield.
  • Staff members and workers should maintain social distancing.
  • Proper sanitization of hotel rooms and amenities.
** Do you know – What City Is Kilimanjaro Airport In? It is an international airport in northern Tanzania that serves the cities of Arusha and Moshi.



Jerry Tanzania Tours is the most popular travel companion as is provides the best hospitality during your Trip to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro. We recommend Kilimanjaro Luxury Tour Post COVID-19 because on a luxury trip you will find some extra royalty and extra safety. The post-pandemic hospitality includes:

  • Our doctors’ team will be ready at the gate for your screening process and temperature check. They will check you regularly. Your daily temperature will be recorded. If they find any abnormalities, you will be provided with proper medication.
  • Our hotel staff will be in a proper PPE kit before interacting with you. Necessary social distancing is maintained at every moment.
  • All the mountain crew during your Kilimanjaro trip should wear a face shield and face mask.
  • Your vehicle driver must wear a face mask.
  • All clients must wear a mask and carry hand sanitizer.

If you are wondering where can I get the best vacation package deals for Kilimanjaro? Then join Jerry Tanzania Tours. You can book with confidence that we will take care of your safety. We keep our client’s safety as a priority. There is some exciting offer for your Kilimanjaro trip. Travel with us to experience the best Mount Kilimanjaro Trip. For any question about Kilimanjaro Travel Packages, feel free to call us.

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