Tanzania Is Now Open For Kilimanjaro Climbers
Tanzania Is Now Open For Kilimanjaro Climbers

With thousands of climbers and backpackers on a halt amidst the COVID-19 lockdown situations, the Tanzanian Government has finally lifted its ban on international travel and flying operations. With this great news coming in, Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro would no longer be a dream and very soon its scenic routes will host trekkers again!

Your bookings may have been postponing and your flights may have been rescheduled. We know you had to bear a lot during these tiring times. But on Uhuru Peak, as you watch the clouds float just beneath your feet with the blaze of the sun illuminating the frozen land as it sparkles, you will realize all that trouble was simply worth it!!

Prepare To Receive The Service 2.0 On Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

As the world stopped operating for a while, we have been training our Kilimanjaro Crew members and upgrading our sanitization, hygiene, and other resources and are even better than before. As the Mt Kilimanjaro Climbing Season has neared (July-September) our staff are all set with extra precautions regarding transporting, food preparations, and even have come up with an improvised packing list including – facemasks, gloves, sanitizers, and much more.

Prepare For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Again
Prepare For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Again
Jerry Tanzania Tours Is Fully Operational At This Time and we Have Put all the Practical Safety Measures In Place.

We assure you with maximum safety on your Climb Mount Kilimanjaro Tours as our staff will wear PPE as they interact with you with limited and less frequent physical interaction for the sake of your safety. Even though Kilimanjaro Group Climbs will continue we have made sure to take all necessary precautions as mentioned in the comprehensive seven-page document of the National Standard Operating Procedures released by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism of Tanzania.

As the Government has provided us with permissions to continue our tour operations the following safety standards are in place:

  • The guests arriving will go through the thermal screening process and only passengers with symptoms will be asked to stay in the 14 days of quarantine.
  • Regularly all contact surfaces will be sanitized and cleaned.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) will be worn by all staff that attend to the guests and functions in the servicing areas. 
  • Regular and frequent sanitizing and handwashing facilities will be provided to our guests.
  • Physical distancing as the norm will be strictly maintained between the staff and the guests.


What You Have Missed On Mt Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro Climbing after COVID 19 is the greatest boon as well as the environment is cleaner than before, the dry mountain treks are blooming with fresh green bushes and the melting icecaps of the peak may have finally caught a break! You are missing out on the cold chilly mornings where you could enjoy your coffee in every sip as you watch the mesmerizing sunrise on the clear horizon.

Mt Kilimanjaro Facts
Mt Kilimanjaro Facts

Tanzania Tours after COVID 19 are a great chance to relax and unwind in the lap of Mother Nature who recently took a sweet retreat. For instance, Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is an experience of a lifetime that teaches you the price of every breath you take and the life that many have taken for granted as the percentage of oxygen is reduced on higher elevation and survival is the only thought on your mind. 

Stay Safe and Travel Solo During Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

When you trek slowly on the gigantic mountain through its rocky treks, which would you prefer the most – A noisy and chirpy background hustle of dozens of other group members or the silence in the air, the sound of the breeze, the water trickling through the narrow streams in the serenity of Kilimanjaro?  In addition, that’s the beauty of Climbing Kilimanjaro Solo. Especially during times when social distancing is the new norm, solo travelers are in for a great surprise.  

Solo Travel is the best Travel Indeed
Climbing Kilimanjaro Solo

Kilimanjaro Faq’s After Covid Scenario

What do I need to know in case my trip is postponed?

Many trekkers are asking – Is Climbing Kilimanjaro Safe? It is safe to travel with Jerry Tanzania as well as your safety is our topmost priority. Our Kilimanjaro Rescue operations have also been updated in terms of logistics to suit the requirements of the trekkers. The Kilimanjaro Porters have also been recently trained regarding the sanitary norms.

There is, therefore, no fear of climbing Kilimanjaro. However, you can surely choose to reschedule your climb for which you have to inform us 30 days before your trek date. Notwithstanding which rescheduling fee will be charged on the climber that is up to $200 per person.

Kilimanjaro Faq’s
What should I do if I want to go on my scheduled trip?

Your trip is scheduled comparatively on the exact date you had booked your trek unless you have rescheduled it. As we function jointly collaborating with many hotels, tents, and logistics companies we are required to pay advance payments to all parties concerned. It would be of great help if you informed us beforehand about the rescheduling of your trip.

Are you taking new bookings for climbs and safaris?

The bookings are open and to avail of early booking offers we suggest you call our travel experts and speak to them directly for your 2020 or 2021 booking dates.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Positive, Keep Climbing (Wherever Possible!) And let’s meet at the Kilimanjaro Base Camp!
Stay Healthy, Stay Positive & Keep Climbing
Stay Healthy, Stay Positive & Keep Climbing

Thousands have lost their jobs in Tanzania who have diligently served the trekkers on the mountain. Jerry Tanzania has taken up this responsibility to give back to this community and we are hoping our clients do the same. However, our customized and private Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Packages that are specially designed to meet the individual needs is the safest choice these times. The Kilimanjaro Climb Cost has not differed from the previous prices and we are providing attractive offers to the early birds who choose to book with us now. Our guides provide the most valuable Tips for Climbing Kilimanjaro. Most importantly if you choose to trek in the next few months make sure your Kilimanjaro Visa is ready and all-important travel documents are in check.

Feel free to contact Jerry Tanzania Tours and speak to our travel experts directly to be completely assured.

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