Night-Time Vs. Daytime Kilimanjaro Summits – It’s Like Night Owl Vs. Early Bird

For both daytime and night-time summiteers, the Kilimanjaro Climb will start from Barafu camp, but the Kilimanjaro Summits experiences will always express in a different way…Obviously

When you are going to touch the summit is completely depends on the route you will going to choose. Most of the trekkers reach the summit in the early morning as they use to choose Lemosho or Machame route. There are trekkers who choose shorter routes like the Umbwe route. Most of the time in this route the climbing up to the Kilimanjaro Summit done at night time with quick descent. It is just impossible to have stayed longer during the night. Staying there long time makes the hiker feel uneasy.     

Night-Time Kilimanjaro Summit Bid (All Times Approximate)

The trekkers use to take rest at camp and start the climb for 12-14 hours continuously to the Uhuru Peak. Just have a glance at the thorough schedule of night acclamation.

  • Have a proper and sufficient dinner. Take complete rest for few hours. This will must be done around 12 am.  The guide will make wake you up on time.  Now just get ready for the longest trek on Kilimanjaro At Night. Put on the headlamp and get out of camp for hot beverages and snacks.
  • It may around 3 AM, your slow, steady step has carried you far distance up to Kilimanjaro.  To get a special view of the line of glowing headlamps twisting up the tack, a human highway to the top.
  • Just take a deep breath as you can, It will be must 4 am. You will face the most challenging section of your summit bid.  The vertical, screen-covered bends that wind their way up to Stella Point.
  • At around 5:30 am, you will feel the pain as the bone-tired from the steep inclines of altitude.  But you must ignore the pain as the waiting will just going to finish. The sight of rising behind the peaks will be in front of your eyes. And spires of nearby Mawenzi give you energy to pushing yourself to the top!
  • Finally, you’ve touched Stella Point at around 6 am.  The steepest part of your Kilimanjaro Climb is over! You can take little break to drink and snack, enjoy the colorful morning brightness on your face. And bid your last assets of energy for the final push to Uhuru Peak!
  • The time will be 7-7:30 am, you’ve stretched the Kilimanjaro Summits!  It will be packed with other climbers, and the air here is very thin. So photos as soon as possible and create your descent back to Stella Point.
  • Around 8-8.30am just going down! It will be much easier. After you reach Stella Point, you’ll get your adrenaline pushing by taking the “direct” route down the mountain.
  • Your body will start to feel better and the elevation will end up around 10 am. Enjoy the tasty lunch to recover your body for the remaining hours of hiking into camp.
  • Arrive at your campsite in time of afternoon tea around 4-5 pm. It will maybe a long, hectic, and drowsy day but you can do it!

Daytime Kilimanjaro Summit Bid (All Times Approximate)

Like the nighttime summit bid, people those trek through the short Kilimanjaro Routes have also the vice versa schedule.

  • On a regular day, get the wake up early around 5 am. With some hot coffee or tea and have a fine breakfast at the campsite. Get ready as dawn is breaking out!
  • Take a long siesta the scree switchbacks around 11 am. You will head forward to Stella Point for a sizzling beverage and lunch. The meal will help you push up through to the top!
  • Around 12:30, you will finally reach Stella Point.  So the sudden part of the track will just behind you.  From here to Uhuru Peak, the hiking will be easier.
  • You’ve reached the Summit all nearby 2 pm. Maybe there will not many climbers, and your body has sufficient time to adapt. So you can have your time at the top, as per Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Guide breaking by taking photos and celebrating with your fellow trekkers!
  • By 3 pm Descend into Crater Camp via the fastest route possible. And by 3:30 pm you’ve touched Crater Camp. Refuel with tea and some light snacks.
  • Explore the glittering glaciers at 4 pm, the ash pit, and the surrounding crater. Few explorers have the gamble to see these stunning sights up close!
  • And finally by 6 pm.  Have dinner with fellow trekkers. You can also have hot tea to keep you warm and hydrated in the dry, cold air of crater camp. Next morning, you’ll have the choice to meet at the summit again if you want. It can be done by joining the trail of night-summiteers near the end of their trip.

These are completely 2 different experiences you will have on the trek. Whether you nighttime Kilimanjaro Summit or Typical Day On Kilimanjaro. You just have to get prepare after taking the coffee and light snacks. Both trekkings have almost the same kind of trouble but the experience at the Uhuru peak feeling is completely different. For more inquiry on Kilimanjaro Summit have a visit @Jerry Tanzania Tours

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