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Can You Climb Kilimanjaro In A Day?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

For those who are wondering, Can You Climb Kilimanjaro In A Day? Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is no doubt, one of the most courageous acts of one’s life. There are seven Kilimanjaro Routes and each route is associated with a certain number of days to the Kilimanjaro Summit. Let you be very clear, the previous records showed it is definitely possible to make the summit in some hours too. Still, generally, it is not possible to touch the snowy crown of Mount Kilimanjaro in one day for a normal person.


To enjoy the scenic beauty of the glaciers above the floating clouds, there are seven routes to climb Kilimanjaro. All the seven routes are full of amazing flora and fauna that will make your Kilimanjaro Trek life memorable.

Machame Route:
  • We recommend the trek through the Machame Route as you can witness the best view on both sides while ascending.
  • A six days journey through this route has a 73% success rate where a seven days journey shows an 85% success rate.
Lemosho Route:
  • Lemosho Route also has very scenic views throughout the path.
  • An eight days Kilimanjaro Trek through this path has a success rate of 90%.
Marangu Route:
  • This route starts from the southeast turn of Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • This route is also known as the Coca-Cola route. You can also enjoy the Kibo hut stay on this route.
  • A six days trek through the Kilimanjaro Trails by this route experiences an 85% Kilimanjaro Success Rate.
Rongai Route:
  • Rongai Route passes through the rain forest where you will find some colobus monkeys on its lower slopes.
  • A six days trek showcases a 65% success rate and seven days trek shows an average success rate of 80%.
Northern Circuit Route:
  • This route approaches the Mount Kilimanjaro Summit from the west.
  • Nine days of continuous trekking through the northern circuit route delivers a 95% success rate.

Other than these five Kilimanjaro Routes, there are two more routes named Shira Route and Umbwe Routes, but due to bad acclimatization profile, we do not recommend these two routes.


There are numerous stories of the travelers who have created world records in completing the Kilimanjaro Summit.


In 2014, Karl Egloff completed the Kilimanjaro Trek in just 4 hours and 56 minutes. He created the record to make the fastest ascent to the Kilimanjaro Summit. He completed the round trip in 6 hours and 42 minutes.


Kristina Schoou Madsen created the world record of the fastest summit by a female in 6 hours 52 minutes in 2018.


The fastest unaided ascent and descent was recorded in 2006 by the Tanzanian person, Simon Mtuy. He completed the whole trip in just 9 hours and 19 minutes.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro feels your heart with an immense adventure. Though it is possible to make a successful Kilimanjaro Summit in a day, we, at Jerry Tanzania Tours still recommend going slow and take as much time as to get yourself to acclimatize your body with the climate at Kilimanjaro.

With reference to Can You Climb Kilimanjaro In A Day, we recommend the Machame Route and the Lemosho Route as the best Kilimanjaro Routes, because of their great acclimatization profile along with the enchanting flora and fauna found there. We are offering some exciting offers for your Kilimanjaro Climb. So visit our website to grab your best package for Kilimanjaro. Call us now to get your queries solved by our experts.

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