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Each Day Trekking Bulletin To Kilimanjaro Summit In 2021

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

People use to have Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on different routes by different no. of days. The video clips and photos are not the way to describe all the way experience.  The new trekker must need to know about each typical day of Kilimanjaro Summit.  Well, there are different routes and different expectations on every route. But the overview of each day can be given by considering the longest route like Lemosho Route. The thorough details of each day of Kilimanjaro Climb will give the immense idea about trekking and help to prepare flawlessly.

The Flight To Reaching Kilimanjaro

You must be excited about your Kilimanjaro Trek. Sometimes it happens that the excitement hiker often left their things from the gear list. So checking the list is very necessary before heading out to the airport. Don’t do the last-minute packing.  

Processing for visas and luggage at Kilimanjaro Airport was about an hour. You can see some bevy use to welcome at the outside of the airport.

It will take 1-2 hrs. to the lodge and were again greeted by the Tanzania operator. After a having delicious supper, a good night’s sleep will welcome.


After a pleasant breakfast, you must have to meet the most important person on your trip, your guide. They are very friendly.

The guide will recommend you will be the experienced one. They must have the trek to top-of-the Kilimanjaro many times. There is a certain distance from the lodge to the feet of the Kilimanjaro.  You may spot some wildlife if you are lucky enough. The journey there also took us through numerous small communities and gave us a perception of local life. In the afternoon you have to your head for your 2nd packing for the Next day that is the beginning of the Kilimanjaro Hike. After that just have a talk with your loving one and go to bed as early as possible.  On the next day morning just head towards a short game drive and then Kilimanjaro Trek.

Day 1 – Kilimanjaro Climb Begins

This is official the 1st day of your Kilimanjaro Summit.

  • At almost 6 – 6.30 am, the sun will just raise. You will spot a variety of animals including gazelles, antelopes, cape buffaloes, and zebras etc. In a fresh environment, you would have a drive.
  • After all these head to the trailhead of Kilimanjaro. The vehicle drive at the checkpoint, our porters were selected and gear weighed (porter having maximum weightage of 40 pounds).
  • After lunch, you will be introduced to our support team, and these days you walk through the rainforest, mostly uphill, there will periods of decline. It will likely terrace-steps that maintained the climb. In every 40 minutes there will be water and a break.
  • You will get the campsite and get comfortable and plenty of room, individual tents. You must change to dry clothes and have a time for tea. You will have a great tasty dinner almost around 7.30- 8pm. Bedtime was 8:30 p.m.

The clean air will most enjoyable. It made you understand the value of slowing down and live in present.

Day 2 – Sun-Bathing on the Mountain

  • Around 6:30 a.m. for morning coffee and have a tasty breakfast and packed up by 8:20 a.m. The rest of the site was breaking down, but we were the early ones out.
  • The rain forest get denser than the previous day. After a couple of hours, finally, you cross-forest and welcome to moorlands, which had short trees, bushes, and very dry landscapes.
  • The path was much rockier than expected and required paying attention to where we walked. The toes, asking challenge questions that made your exercise along with bodies. The rising journey nonstop until reaching a place for lunch.
  • Later lunch, you sustained up and the path will rocky. Following the climb, there was a flat edge and reach at camp for the evening.
  • The moorland camp will less crowded, and with no sun, it will cooler. The vision from tents to Kilimanjaro will priceless! You must spend afternoon sunbathing.
  • Again the dinner will be sorted. It will be the chilled night, so switch to underwear and extra socks. You will see a sky so clear and bright with the stars. We get into the sleeping bag to get warm-up and have another good night’s sleep at almost around 8:00 p.m.

The experience, stories and guidelines shared by the guide will be very interesting.

Day 3 – The On-Off Switch

  • Take the coffee with sunrise. After breakfast, the temperature gradually increase. It will be hot. Cloud cover brings a sudden temperature drop of 25 degrees.
  • Kilimanjaro Climb through moorlands will be steady ascent over a rocky path, with the infrequent valley. Now you may need trekking poles. On a four-hour trek, you must have times for water and snacks.  Body use all the input you have given to nourish.
  • You may take a rest after lunch in a warm tent in Kilimanjaro is surreal. This afternoon is a cheering walk for 1hr.
  • The afternoon acclamation walk goes to 13,000 feet, allowing our bodies to adjust before dinner. Again you need to change warmer clothes as the night will be cooler.

A very good night’s sleep will done after the dinner. During seep must including two pairs of socks, long underwear, pants and shirt, not to mention gloves and head protection. Ready for Day 4!

 Day 4 – A New Height

  • The coffee will be ready when you wake up from bed around 6 a.m. The crumbly, clean calming morning after a wonderful night’s sleep – being warm makes all the change. Ready for gaining the steadiness and simplicity of the morning routine. You will have breakfast and move forward.
  • Lava Tower will be the next goal, which you may complete within 5 hours at a height of 15,000 feet. The environment became thinner of vegetation and rockier. You will cross several narrow paths and valleys, which test the goat skills. Break for water and snacks every 45 minutes helped on acclimating.

As Lava Tower is a crossing point for several other routes you can able to see many other trekkers throughout the trek to Lava Tower. We end the evening by 8:00 p.m. and head to bed – eager for next day.

Day 5 – Face the Wall

  • A warm and restful sleep followed by a morning coffee – a familiar routine. This day trek may be the long one. You already headed down several hundred feet over very rocky terrain with grand views. Getting higher is much hotter as the sun rise.
  • After some hours we face to The Barranco Wall – 1,000 feet of rock climbing rather than trekking. It was physically challenging, rewarding and satisfying. The climbing consisted of grabbing cracks and pulling yourself up and over rocks.
  • You will enjoyed a light snow shower during last hour of trek. The shower gave way to sunshine quickly, and your view of the valley will wonderful.

At dinner, you may plan for the next day. In short, only 3 hours of trekking to base camp and then preparation for the trek to Uhuru Peak the next morning. The delight will built.

It is 8:15 p.m. and time for sleep – a full day done!

Day 6– Base Camp

  • A calming night’s nap and the dawn sun on the tent provide a lovely warmth. The night brought ten hours of sleep. Morning breakfast sees an army of trekkers and support teams move to base camp for the next day’s climb.
  • Head to the trek to Barafu base camp from which you will climb next morning around 6:00 a.m. for the summit. The trek will be slow walk through the moorlands toward the alpine dessert. The next day, you will touch the arctic zone. Climbing up sun kept you warm.
  • The path will straight up, reach your target by stroking one foot in front of the next, taking small steps consistently is the key.
  • You will reach at base camp, the number of people present was overwhelming given the location. Tents in all places and a bevy of people. Many explorers will wake at midnight and begin their ascent, which seems tough.

And some leave the camp by 6:00 am. Along the way, we will see the crater and return to base camp. This will be an 8- to 10-hour, slow and steady trek.

Day 7– The Kilimanjaro Summit

  • A warm night and we slept well. All the schedule and training have brought us to this point – 4,000 feet to go up and reach the summit in the next 5 to 6 hours – not sure what to expect or what we will encounter.
  • The next day followed by guide, the medics, and two porters carrying our packs filled with 4 liters of water.
  • You will have the warmest clothes, including gloves and hats. The plan was to stop every 45 minutes or so for water and a short 5-minute break. When the sun will out, and the surroundings spectacular, you will trek to 17,700 feet – more than halfway – gave us such a boost of energy.
  • When you will reach Stella Point, the hard climbing was over. Now just 500 feet in elevation and 45 minutes to go to the summit.
  • Have a brief break. The crater will beautiful and a spot for parasailing.
  • As you will reach at reaching the summit of Uhuru Peak, a wonderful sense of gratification washed over you all.
  • You have achieved the goal. Took the victory pictures of yourself and the flags we brought along with the team. Your support team will most important to us reaching the peak.

Is Going Down Harder One

  • The descent will easier in one sense. When you will come downhill, It is challenging in its own way, as you had to watch our every step.
  • By7 coming down, the air got thicker and would fill the lungs. You have some folks being helped down and it retold you that you had achieved something that had an element of risk to it.

The whole trekking journey will get remember for a lifetime. It will remind you of what is possible with preparation, focus, teamwork, flexibility and passion. All you need to be positive by attitude throughout the Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Well for more Climb Kilimanjaro Guide we are here to help you out. Just connect us @Jerry Tanzania Tours

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