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Tanzania Facts: Every Kid Should Know About this Amazing Land.

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Welcome to Tanzania, one of the best destinations and land of safaris. Throughout Tanzania, there are a lot of opportunities to experience real natural wealth with wonderful wildlife safari. You will spot ancient trees and water birds roaming around. Relax on silent beaches, pastel pink sunrises, and organize some fun activities.

Experience the hospitality of local Cuisine, traditional dance and the dignity of their cultures, the warmth, and politeness of the Tanzanian people makes the visit so memorable and chances are that you will come back for more, to which Tanzanians will say “KaribuTena”; which means “welcome back.”

Here are Some Tanzania Facts for Kids:


Geography Of Tanzania

Covering 30 percent of its land with National Parks, Tanzania is considered as one of the uniquely structured Geographies in the world.

It has Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest single free-standing mountain in the world, with 19,341 ft above sea level and about 16,000 ft high from plateau base. Kilimanjaro is a large stratovolcano formed of 3 volcanic cones; Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. Mount Kilimanjaro with Mount Meru, attracts thousands of tourists every year with its natural beauty and abundant flora and fauna.

It’s a pleasure for eyes to witness the migration of millions of wildebeest towards Serengeti National Park every year. Besides the park, you can find “The cradle of mankind”, where the oldest hominid fossils are found.  Ngorongoro crater located in the same place is considered one of the wonders of the world, where you can take a memorable Game drive.

A large plateau covers the center of Tanzania with grassland and National parks on the south and north. The climate ranges from hot and humid on the coastal parts and temperate on the other parts of the country. With 2 rainy seasons; Tanzania has a long and heavy rain from March to May and a shorter and lighter rain from November to January.


History Of Tanzania

With the dawn of humankind, Tanzania has a great history over the millennia. The main historical hotspots found in Tanzania are;

  • Kondoa Rock Art Sites, where 6000-year-old Rock Paintings are found.
  • Natural History Museum, Arusha.
  • National Museum, Dar es salaam
  • Arusha Declaration Museum.
  • Mwalimu Nyerere Museum, Musoma.

Portuguese influences are still seen in Tanzania’s architecture, language, and customs. Although Swahili culture began to develop in the early part bout it was not until the 18th century.

Tanzania has 2 capital cities; Dar Es Salaam is the former capital and largest city in the country. Dodoma is the present capital where President Office and government ministries are located. Tanzania is ranked 69th worldwide, ahead of its neighbors.

Tanzania People:

Tanzania People

The best part of traveling in Tanzania is getting to know the people, traditions, and culture. Tanzanian’s set themselves apart from their neighbors due to their unique trains. The local culture and customs are generally accessible.

Tanzania is home to about 120 tribal groups. About 95% of them are of Bantu origin. Tanzanians are polite and courteous, they treat their elders with respectful shikamoo, which means “I hold your feet”. One of the Tanzania fun facts for kids here is that celebrations are generally splashed out affairs aimed at demonstrating status and frequently go well beyond the means of the host family. Tanzanian people celebrate religious festivals with so much passion towards it and almost everyone participates at least as far as singing and dancing are concerned in almost all family gatherings.

Nature and wildlife:

Nature and Wildlife of Tanzania

When you think about nature and wildlife in Tanzania, “safari” comes to mind. Tanzania offers a whole variety of safari within Nature and wildlife. Tanzania offers one of the finest safari experiences in the world. You should visit the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater to experience the roars of the lion and see the springing cheetahs. Tanzania has more than 40 National parks and game reserves.

The three big cats – Lion, Leopard, Cheetah and the other small cats like; caracal, Serval and wild cats make your Tanzania Safari a memorable experience.

The Tanzania Fast fact for kids is; they can find varieties of ground primates as they have more than 30 species of monkeys here. Kids love to watch the Olive Baboon, Vervet monkeys, and Chimpanzees doing their own mischief. They have hoofed mammals like; Giraffe, African elephant, and Plains Zebra. You can also find remarkable predators like; Banded Mongoose, Wild Dog, Spotted Hyena and Golden Jackal.

Apart from all these animals, Tanzania gives space to nearly 100 spices of hawks, eagles, vultures, and owls.

If you are a bird lover; you are at the right place as people from all over the world travel to Tanzania for its abundant 1100 spices of Birds which includes birds of every shape and every color.  The most common places you can find the birds are; around Amani in the eastern Usambaras, along the Rufigi and Wami rivers, near Lake Victoria and Lake Manyara. Tanzania Fast Fact for kids includes; visit Kitulo National Park, Amani Nature reserve, the Udzungwa Mountains National Park and these national parks are maintained by Tanzania National Parks Authority.

Tanzania Culture:

Tanzania Culture

Tanzania has its own fascinating and captivating culture. The best Tanzania Facts to know about their cultures are; meet red-cloaked Maasai warriors, spend time with semi-nomadic Barabaig, experience the hospitality of local rhythms of their traditional dance, watch makonde carvers bring wood to life.

Tanzania culture is a mix of Bantu, Arabic, Persian and Asian influences. However, Swahili culture began to develop in the early part of the first millinium. You should visit the National Museum of History and Culture which exhibits the dhow culture of the Indian Ocean and Swahili civilization. They have the largest carved doors in East Africa. However, it is hard to get a sense of Tanzania History and Culture, so it’s worth taking a tour to get a glimpse of life at street level.


Tanzania Government

The government of the United Republic of Tanzania is based on multiparty parliamentary democracy. All the authorities are controlled by the United Republic of Tanzania. It has 3 organs; Executive, Judiciary and Legislature which has power over the conduct of public affairs.

One of the government agencies is “Tanzania National Park Authority”, which is commonly known as TANAPA and is responsible for the management of Tanzania’s National Parks. The Tanzania Safari Tours give government good income and it is reinvested to the organization and utilized to train the local guides, and to attract new tourist as the main source of income is from tourist arrivals. Tanzania National Park Authority collaborates with the Tanzania Tourist Board so that they both can market national parks locally and internationally to attract visitors. For More Information About Tanzania Wildlife Visit @ https://jerrytanzaniatours.com/tanzania-safari

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