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How To Make The Most Of Your Tanzania Safari Tours To Visit Serengeti National Park?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Serengeti National Park is well known as oldest game reserve in Tanzania. The Tanzania Safari Tours is home to the huge no. of wildlife, birds and the green landscape. The impressive flora and faunas are just amazing and everyone get to see the sites virtually. But watching the magnificent view to feel the land of Lion King will be unforgettable for lifetime.

Serengeti National Park is situated on the Serengeti Plain in north-central Tanzania. It relatively adjoins Kenya.

How To Get To Serengeti National Park

However Serengeti National Park is in a remote junction of Tanzania Safari, it is still quite easy to access.

  • Entry for international travellers, there are Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), which is situated within Moshi and Arusha. The international flights receive from Europe and the Middle East and regional flights also.
  • Another choice is to fly into Arusha Airport (ARK). It only handles regional flights, yet.

From these two airports, you can fly right into one of the 9 airstrips serving Serengeti National Park.

Best Time To Visit Serengeti National Park

There are different events to showcase at different times. One thing you can avoid is the heavy rainy seasons. The best time to visit hang on which part of the park you plan to visit the Serengeti Safari and what you want to do.

For Game Viewing

June to October considered as the Best Time To Visit Tanzania. It is the dry climate and the thin vegetation allows the animals to be marked easier.

For Wildebeest Migration

December to August, and November, They meet in the south from December to May. Then cross the Western Passage by May to July. If you want to get them through the Mara River, it’s best to grab the tour in July, August, and November.

For Bird Watching

For Bird watching, November to April is very suitable time to see them. It is the rainy season in which the migrant birds originate from Europe and North Africa in Serengeti National Park.

Top Activities In Serengeti National Park

Tanzania Safari Tours offers many additional activities with which you must fall in love

Wildlife In Serengeti National Park

The expected animals you can have zebra, gazelle, impala, hartebeest, topi, buffalo, and waterbuck – can be dotted in the Serengeti plains. Western Corridor is where one can see the Nile crocodile, hippopotamus, monkeys. On other hand, Northern Serengeti is flawless for seeing the elephant, giraffe, and dik-dik. Cheetahs are also common in this area.

Hot Air Balloon Over The Serengeti

The most interesting activity in Serengeti National Park is known for is the hot air balloon safari. It is an exclusive and luxurious once-in-a-lifetime safari that will stay with you forever. The view will breath-taking from Ariel’s perspective.

The Big Five Can Be Spotted In Serengeti National Park

Lion: the lions are the pride of the park, and they are very easy to spot.

Leopard: they love to play hide and seek, and the savannah deals the perfect cover-up for them.

Buffalo: they can be marked at the waterholes. More than 1,000 make Tanzania Safari their home. So good chance to spot them.

African elephant: they regularly visit the waterholes close to camps.

Rhinoceros: unfortunately, due to thieving, the population of rhinos in the park has decreased to less than 70. But with a knowledgeable guide, you may get fortunate to see one!

Visa Policies To Enter Tanzania

Before you reserve your Tanzania Safari Tours in Serengeti National Park, be aware of the entry requirements in Tanzania. A single-entry visa for a US citizen charges 100 USD and can be found on arrival. For UK citizens the single-entry visa may cost around 40 GBP. All other citizens that require a visa, pay 50 USD. There’s also a transit visa available.

  • It costs 30 USD and proof of journey / onward travel as well as funds, are essential.
  • Cash withdrawals and use of cards within Serengeti National Park
  • The fee of the entrance cannot be paid in cash at the gate. If it’s not held by your safari operator, then you can pay with a debit or credit card.

You can pay with your card at most customary belongings.

Accommodation In The Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is famed for its 5-star accommodations. Accommodation is thus especially expensive. However, there are choices for those on a more sensible budget.

Permanent tented camps:

It includes canvas with the luxury of proper furniture, staff, and gourmet dining. Game drives and full sustenance are included.


It has the comforts and reassurance of solid walls. They are luxury lodging and contain all facilities you may think of as well as spas, pools, and campfires. They permit you to pay with cards, too.


These are luxurious as the lodges with amenities and game drives are included in the price, as well as airstrip transfers and full panel.

Mobile camps:

If you are heading for migration so you will always in the heart of the action. Toilets and showers are offered and there are even air conditioning and campfire. Airstrip transferals and game drives are included.

Serengeti National Park covers 14,750 sq. km of savannah, grassland plains, riverine forest, and woodlands. The most symbolic scenery of the park and is in the Southside. This is where the wildebeest breed lasts from December to May. The Western corridor includes the Grumeti River and the nearby forests. There are so many things to watch and gain knowledge about it by having Tanzania Safari Guide @ Jerry Tanzania Tours. So don’t waste the time … hurry up for fast booking.

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