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12 Most Interesting Fun Facts About Giraffes.

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

The Giraffe is the beautiful tallest artiodactyl –which means the animals, who have even-toe, mammal in the world, standing at around 4-5m high, and the tallest giraffes ever recorded have been up to 5.9m. There are lots of interesting facts about Giraffes, let’s know some more one by one.

  • Giraffe is probably the biggest pollinators in the world reason is their great height.
  • They wander around feeding on the tops of tree, they inadvertently or unintentionally transfer genetic material on their muzzles from the flower of one tree to those of another.
  • They have seven vertebrae in their neck which means a Giraffe has the exact number of bones as human.
  • They only need to drink once every few days, they can get most of the water from all the plants they eat.
  • Currently, IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) classifies these animals as a species of ‘least concern’.

This giant mammal holds various interesting facts about giraffes that we can explore to get more information about them. Animals are part of the nature-grace gifted from God.  A Giraffe can be the best example of the elegance of an extraordinary creature of God. Let’s take a look at the quick fun facts about giraffes.

  • The tallest mammals on the earth – because they can grow up to 19 ft. and Weight 3,000 pounds, which is more than a double-decker bus and the height is an evolutionary adaption that allows it to feed on tall trees and other sources. They have an extensive tongue that can grow up to 21 inches. 
  • Too short neck to reach the ground– They have a too-short neck which awkward to drink water from the ground, so they sprint their legs and drink water from the ground.
giraffe drinking water
  • Needs to drink every few days– We know that they have a too-short neck to reach the ground because of that reason they drink water every few days. Another reason is they can easily find their required water from their food.
  • Spending most of the lives by standing up Giraffe required the least amount of sleep only about two hours a day, so sometimes they can sleep standing up. This the reason why they spending most of their lives by standing up.
  • A calf can walk within an Hour – Female Giraffe giving birth by standing up, so the baby calf first knows to fall to the ground, and stand up within an hour.
  • Each body Spots differ from each other Humans have their patterns know the right person, in the same way, the Giraffe has their pattern. By their different fingerprints and body spots, they can easily recognize or even hundreds of individuals from their patterns.
Body spot of giraffe
  • Need short periods to sleep – They fold their legs under their body but mostly keeping their necks held high. Giraffe has been known to continue grazing on their resting position.  The giraffe can sleep in an extremely exposed position.  Hence they take rest for a very short period.
  • Can eat 34KG foliage Per Day – Giraffe prefers mostly leaves and twigs from the tops of the tree where another browsing can’t reach theirs easily. So, they need to have 34 kg foliage or leaves per day to give their giant body the proper nutrition.
  • Require Less Food than other Herbivores – Their great height is the only reason for consuming less food than others because they can eat more nutrition leave than others and feed their babies their milk to make them healthy.
  • Usually found in group – They live together up to 10 to 12 members together. There will not be males often in that group unless they are still under the care of their mothers.
giraffe in groups
  • Long-life Span Compare to ruminants – There is a fact about Giraffes that in comparison to the ruminants, the giraffe can live 25 years hardly because they are highly prone to health problems and injuries. So, they have a shorter life span than any other ruminant.

Now you know more giraffe facts and they are very common in Tanzania Safari, so give them the exact environment such as trees, feed those carrots, hay, and fresh leaves. Make sure if you have them then take better care of them and give them a better place to live.
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