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Food is not only to eat and digest but also an emotion of that particular region where you will it.  When it comes to Tanzania, the flavour of ingredients and attractive colour of Tanzania Food is going to make your day. Every year, people coming from far for Tanzania Safari Tours. Well, people can find similar kind of food in other area but the specialized dishes in Tanzania have the particular addition of local crops and spices which make it noticeable different. So People are wondering to visit Tanzania Safari in their holidays.

Tanzania Foods are unsubtle but nonetheless, mouth-watering and filling. While most of the dishes that make up Tanzanian Cuisine are typical all over Africa, we came up with some interesting dishes you don’t want to miss the next time you are in the country.


Tanzania Food is widely known for its various kind of flavours. After having a long journey of the tour, enjoying the spectacular view of wildlife the tiredness turns into craving. Therefore people should have an idea to blast their hunger and remarkably healthy. Here some dishes with health and taste which are mostly know as Tanzania Food


It’s very similar to the Indian flatbread. It’s a thin, titbit pancake without baking powder and yeast. Its local consumption is high. Chapatti is healthier and delicious of its own. But have to pair up with other dishes like vegetables with gravy, chicken, beans etc.

It’s made up of like wheat flour mixes up water and make like elastic consistency but not sticky, make small balls, then flatter by rolling and  Cook for around 30 seconds – or until the underside has brown spots and then flip it and do the same with the other side.

Rice and Beans

These are the most found dish over the world.  The verity is varied from place to place.  In Tanzania also you can enjoy it. This is also the most common food able to find in every home and restaurant.

This dish can prepare in a very simple way that just washes the rice, add water and cook until it gets so soft.

Kiti Moto

Kiti moto is very rich in protein and nutrients. It’s a kind of dish which primarily contain meat. Sometimes barbecued or served in a stew. Kiti moto means hot seat, long ago when the dish was served in the secret backrooms of Muslim communities. If someone was found to be eating Kiti moto, they were said to be in the “hot seat” which means the problem of eating banned food.  But the dish taste is just mouth-watering.

It is mainly made up of pork and another vegetable mix.


This dish has many names in a different place like pilau, pilaf, pulao. It is a rice dish whose recipe usually involves cooking in stock and broth adding spices, and other ingredients 

 Pillau can be cooked in water or stock. Common additions include fried onions and fragrant spices like cardamom, bay leaves and cinnamon, black pepper. Pillau is usually made with meat or vegetables and it can also be made as plain rice mixed with spices.

Zanzibar Pizza

As the name suggested, this meal is mostly able to find on the island of Zanzibar. The combination of ingredients in the stuffing may include from meat such as beef or chicken, seafood, various vegetables, cheese, mayonnaise, or eggs. Sweet versions often consist of different combinations of bananas, chocolate spread, mangoes, or peanut butter.

It shares the name with the traditional Italian dish, this taste from Zanzibar does not give you the similarity like Italian pizza. It is made unleavened dough that is stretched thin and stuffing given with various ingredients. When stuffed, the sides are wrapped, this pancake-like creation is then fried in ghee until it is golden and crispy.


It is the most preferred snacks in Tanzania. It’s a dough made up of sugar, flour, water, yeast, and milk or coconut milk. It can be additionally enriched with ingredients such as ground peanuts or almonds.

After the dough has been shaped into triangles, circles, or ovals, it is fried in hot oil. Mandazi can be served for breakfast with tea, as a tasty savoury before lunch, or even as a late-night snack. 


Kitumba is a street snack in Tanzania, loved for its delicious sweets taste. It’s little like Mandazi. But made up of rice flour.

Just take yeast to add with luck warm water, add sugar and stir until dissolved. Add coconut milk and wait up to foamy consistency. Then the addition of rice, sugar, yeast, nutmeg, cardamom etc. After 4 hrs heat the pan, add some oil, and put it on irony cup-shaped pan. And put out after 3-4 minutes of the cook.


 This dish is a Tanzanian favourite, traditionally served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The sign of a good ugali is that it doesn’t stick to your fingers. Ugali is a culture itself. It is a stiff dough prepared with cornmeal, cassava flour, sorghum or millet. Serve this dish with fish, meat, cooked vegetables or bean sauce.

Nyama Choma

Nyama Choma is essentially a kebab pervade with an East African flavour. This delicious Tanzanian food is freshly-slaughtered broiled goat, fish or chicken slow-roasted to perfection. As a side, compliment this dish with barbecued bananas or Ugali.   

Combine the lemon juice, garlic and spices into a large bowl and mix, add the meat and marinate it for at least one hour, Grill the meat.

Ndizi Nyama

This dish is popular in Tanzania. The name basically refers to, plantains and bananas (Ndizi) and meat (Nyama). These are the two main ingredients. The stew is made with curry powder, cayenne pepper, oil, onions, tomatoes, tomato paste, and coconut milk. It’s more preferable with rice and ugali side.


How Tanzania Food Becomes Contaminated

Subjection to contaminated food leads to peptic illness. By many ways, food can get contaminated.  As like

  • Washing food with untreated water
  • Cross-contamination of raw and cooked items
  • Imperfect  cooking, storage, and refrigeration
  • Unhygienic  cooking tools and utensils
  • Poor hand hygiene

So it’s important to always encounter the food before you eat if you’re in Tanzania Safari Tours. Whether that is clean and hygienic or not, any time it’s common that adaptation of food in a new place might be causes stomach illness. Tanzania Safari might be hectic because of dry climate and dehydration. So Tanzania Travel Advice by the guide would be helpful.

How To Prevent Tanzania Food-Borne Illnesses

Risk of contamination, travellers ought to follow caution with the subsequent Tanzania Food:

  • Undercooked or meat, poultry, seafood, fish, and eggs, Unpeeled fruits, vegetables and leafy greens
  • Unpasteurized farm merchandise.
  • Unrefrigerated or uncovered for an extended time like buffets
  • It’s necessary to think about wherever you eat.
  • Avoid restaurants and food vendors that seem unclean or that don’t have many shoppers.
  • Hygienic practices like properly improvement cutting boards and utensils, frequently laundry their hands, or properly cold food.                                             
  • Hand hygiene is very important!

Tanzania Travel Guide are badly necessary, those who are new to Tanzania or any other regions of Africa. Tanzania Travel Advice is all about how to go Tanzania, when to go, where to stay, what to eat, what precaution should be taken but Jerry Tanzania Tours is here to provide the real travel insights to visit Tanzania for safari adventure!

Do you want to change the taste of your nutriments? Then don’t think more, just move to Tanzania on your next visit and have a try of Tanzania Food!!!   It will definitely worth it.   Many more to do in Tanzania such as game drive, Tanzania Safari Tours, and so on.

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