Preparing For Climb Mount Kilimanjaro – 10 Ways to Be Prepared For the Kilimanjaro Summit

Making sure you’re physically fit for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro will make the whole experience more enjoyable. It’s no hidden fact that taking on Africa’s highest summit is no easy feat. Preparing for Climb Mount Kilimanjaro is important as you will be trekking a lot for the duration of your climb. To be a successful Kilimanjaro Hike, you need to maintain sufficient energy levels throughout the entire journey, especially near the top.

Well, here are 10 things you can do to be perfectly prepared for the Kilimanjaro Summit

1. Train Right

What Exactly Is The Right Way To Train?

Most people tend to look for quick workouts that they can squeeze into their busy life schedule. They opt for short training sessions at the gym, on the treadmill, or on the track. However, the best way to train for endurance is to do low-intensity exercise for longer time frames.

You can do day hikes where you are out for several hours. It’ll help you get used to being on your feet for a long time.

2. Use Light Shoes

One pound on your feet equals five pounds on your back. 

Keeping that in mind, opt for lighter shoes on your feet. It takes 4.7 to 6.4 times as much energy for a Kilimanjaro Hike when the weight is carried on the foot versus the backpack.

3. Carry less Gear

One of the biggest mistakes that a hiker makes is that they carry too much gear.

On Kilimanjaro, porters will transport your gear from camp to camp. So you only need to bring what you need between campsites. That water, snacks, extra clothing, and accessories. Evaluate what you want to carry carefully and ditch the excess stuff.

4. Set A Comfortable Pace

Being sustainable is the key to achieving your Kilimanjaro Success Rate. Start slowly to warm up and then settle into your regular pace.

Starting and stopping, again and again, is not an efficient way for your Kilimanjaro Hike. When you rest, your heart rate goes down. Upon restarting, the heart rate spikes again. By hiking at a sustainable pace, you keep your heart rate in an aerobic zone.

The more time you spend on the trails, it will be easier for you to establish a sustainable hiking pace.

5. Use Trekking Poles

Trekking poles make you a more efficient hiker. Walking for long distances can obviously strain your body. Your lower body takes the brunt of the load.

But with trekking poles, you can take some of the burdens by putting weight into your arms.

On uphill sections, the poles help drive the body upwards. On downhill sections, the poles ease the impact on your knees, ankles, and feet.

6. Hydrate Accordingly

Water makes up 70% of our body mass and is required by our body’s metabolic processes. By drinking water, the body simply functions better, the heart pumps better and the muscles work better. 

With sufficient water, your body can run smoothly and recover from activity much more effectively.

7. Eat The Right Foods

During your Kilimanjaro Trek, you burn calories that’s why you need to refuel with food. 

 It is most efficient to eat a high-carb diet while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. It is because the body can make energy out of carbohydrates faster than it can from fat or protein.

Make sure you are eating enough food for the duration of your Kilimanjaro Climb. Altitude can make you feel bloated and decrease your appetite. But try your best to keep consuming calories, and don’t skip meals.

8. Focus On The Positives

Scaling a high altitude peak is a physical and mental challenge. It can make negative thoughts fill your mind.

So, think positively and focus on all of the things going right. Be grateful for the mild weather, the warm gear, or how far you have come. Use anything and everything as a motivation for you to continue.

Tell yourself you are strong and use your optimism to energize you.

9.Use The Rest Step

The use of the rest step allows you to rest for a moment in between each step. This is accomplished by taking slow steps and pausing when your legs are tired.

By doing the rest step, you can save energy, and thus, it will enhance your body endurance.

10. Trail Run

When it comes to aerobic activities, running is one of the best exercises. Trail running’s constant variety increases your cardiovascular endurance and provides better strength training benefits.

Trail running provides a more intense and different workout which will help boost your hiking endurance.

Most people – regardless of age or physical condition – can Climb Kilimanjaro. All one needs to do is ensure their cardiovascular system is on top.

Preparing For Climb Mount Kilimanjaro requires a time commitment months before ever boarding a plane or packing a bag. Keep the end goal in mind as you train for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing.

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