9 Essential Things To Have On Your Safari Packing List Tanzania For A Hassle-Free Tanzania Safari

Tanzania Safari is a fantasy for many, and once a traveler finalizes the plan there is a long Safari Packing List Tanzania to take care of before the visit. The first and foremost thing to consider is the packing list for Tanzania; well, visiting Tanzania takes a decent amount of time effort to organize the necessary things.

To make your Tanzania Safari Tours packing stress-free and easy here is a list of 9 essential things;

1. Passport, Itinerary, Travel Insurance Docs and E-tickets
Passport, Itinerary, Travel Insurance Docs and E-tickets

First thing; no matter where you plan to visit the first thing you would need is the traveling documents. Tanzania Safari Tours include traveling documents like Passport, travel itinerary, travel insurance documents as well as the print of E-ticket. Pack all these traveling documents in a safety kit and at a place in your bag where you can easily find them. Before entering the Tanzania border make sure your passport has a validity of 6 months, if not so it’s advisable to update your passport.

Travel Itinerary is another needed document to pack as the traveler to show his/her itinerary details. Hence don’t forget to pack the document of confirmation received from your travel agent.

Tanzania Travel Insurance is a must before traveling to Tanzania Safari. The country is quite safe to visit but travel insurance can make your holiday more enjoyable and hassle-free without any worries. Make sure your travel insurance cover up all the destinations you visit as well as it covers theft, loss, and medical problems is highly recommended. Hence, don’t forget to pack your Insurance document in your traveling document kit.

E-tickets are the easiest and safest method of booking a flight ticket to Tanzania. The print of an E-ticket is mandatory which a traveler needs for acquiring a visa on arrival.  

2. Prescription Meds

The next most important things to take into consideration before visiting any new place are health. Visiting various Tanzanian Destinations requires good attention to health prior to the visit as well as during the visit. The country is still developing and the health-care industry is also copping-up with the development. The country has seen a good improvement in its healthcare system in recent years and there are decent numbers of both govt. and private standard health care centers are available in the major cities. However, the country faces a chronic shortage outside of major urban areas.

Hence if you have some diseases that you are undergoing in treatment or any allergic or any sort of diseases for which you are taking medicine on regular basis, then it’s highly advisable to give a visit to your physician before visiting Tanzania Safari Tours. Do a proper check-up and get updated about your recent health and the condition of any earlier disease you are going through. This way you can stay healthy and fit to enjoy your trip at its best.

3. Prescription Glasses (Sunglasses, Hat, Sun-block Etc)

Due to the proximity to the equator Tanzania is a country that experiences high sun exposure. The mid-day especially exposes the hottest rays of the sun which causes sun-burn and other skin damages. So it’s advisable to pack proper sun protection elements. The country usually experiences 2 kinds of weather; wet weather and dry weather out of which dry weather is considered as the Best Time To Visit Tanzania Safari, however, this weather also makes contact with the sun broader than wet weather.  

Hence it’s highly advisable to pack things that will protect you from the strong UV rays. UV rays can easily damage your eyes and skin near your eyes as well as the strong sunshine won’t allow seeing clearly due to the excessive bright light. Pack a hat to protect your head from sunlight. A sun-block is also highly recommendable to pack as it will protect the skin from getting damaged from the strong UV rays.

4. Camera, Video Camera, And Binoculars

Tanzania National Parks is the dream place for many wildlife photography enthusiasts as well as it captures most of the traveler’s senses and they try to capture every outstanding moment of Tanzania Safari Tours as it’s the most perfect way to remember the trip. Capturing the abundant wildlife, the predators in action, spectacular shots of rhinoceros taking cover in Ngorongoro Conservation Area woodland, elephants digging for water, Hippos in muddy wallows, and some of the most amazing as well as unique bird-species.

To capture these magical moments don’t forget to pack your camera and video camera. Cameras are usually used to taking still photographs where video cameras allow taking fabulous videos of the animals in action. However, you can take still photos in a video camera but the quality of the image may not be as good as it will come up if taken by a still camera.

A binocular is a must-have element of your packing list, as apart from walk-in safaris all other safaris will take you to watch the game-view in safari vehicle having open roofs to enjoy the wildlife. It’s advisable not to go much nearer to the wild animals especially the dangerous ones. So keeping binocular will help you for watching the animals in action from a little distance.  

5. Clothes And Toiletries
Tanzania Safari

a) Layering Is Key

Tanzania Safari comes with unpredictable weather like it can be sunny in the mid-day and chilling at night. So it’s challenging to pick proper outfits for the vacation. The best thing is to wear on a Tanzania safari trip is layers of light breathable clothes as well as don’t forget to choose gentle colors like light green and khaki.

Clothes List To Pack:

  • Long-sleeved shirts and trousers
  • T-shirts
  • Rain jacket
  • Fleece jacket/ warm sweater
  • Socks
  • Some nice outfits for dinner

b) According To The Weather

Packing proper clothes also depends upon the weather you are planning to visit the country as the dry season demands more light-weight and covered-up clothes to protect yourself from the sun; the wet weather needs rain-jackets and warm clothes for nights as the season experience heavy rainfall and the nights are mostly chilly.

c) Basic Toiletries

Toiletries can be an essential part of your packing as it takes care of your hygiene.  However, the tour operators provide a few basic toiletries like soap and tooth-paste but it’s better to carry your favorite brands. Pack usual things like soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, after sun-lotions, shampoos and conditioners, bug-spray, Lip-balm, and wet-wipes.  

6. Phone, Music, Tablet, or Laptop

Apart from the essential travel document, clothing and other useful items don’t forget the personal items to carry on like phones, music devices, tablets or laptops. The phone is undoubtedly an important device for everyone and it will help you in locating new places through GPS, surfing for getting new information about places. If you are a music lover, pack your favorite music device & don’t forget to save your favorite playlist. Carrying a laptop or tablet is however your personal choice but we recommend it to bring with it to get done with small works and to edit your pictures that you will click on your trip.

7. Odds & Ends

Apart from the necessary items don’t forget to pack some of your care items and things to keep you engage after spending your day in the national parks exploring the game view. Any books of your choice are great to bring with you, reading a book in the silence of night sitting beside a campfire gives an awesome feeling. For ladies, it’s good to pack some light-weight and small pieces of jewelry matching the dinner outfits.

8. Hand Luggage
walking Safari

Apart from your main language bag, you can carry hand luggage where you can keep small and useful things to help you on your trip. Keep some Tanzanian cash, your cards, phone, wipes, and other useful things. It’s advisable to keep some wrappers and small bags to pack a few extra small things on your way back home.

9. Finally, Don’t Forget Your Sense Of Humour & Patience!

Tanzania Safari is a journey to unforgettable memories and a life-time experience. Planning for a perfect trip is not completed only by packing travel essentials; it also needs a high level of enthusiasm, a sense of humor, and patience. As the wild animals are roaming freely and they are the king of their world, hence you might not spot the animals so easily. Sometimes you need to be patient to watch them at right time in their natural habitat.

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