Are You Wanting To Look Good and Feel Good During Tanzania Safari?

Tanzania Safari Clothings

Look good & feel good, how it can be possible during Tanzania Safari? The kind of safari clothes you choose on your Safari Packing List Tanzania will depend on a number of stuffs, with the destination, time of Tanzania Safari Tours and what type of safari you’re looking for. However, there are a number of worldwide ideologies when it comes to choosing what to wear on safari & How To Look Good and Feel Good During Tanzania Safari?


Suitable Colour For Wear On Safari

The essential rule of proper colours for safari outfit is to go neutral. When demanding to locate wildlife you’ll have the best option if you merge in as much as probable with your surroundings, if you’re on a walking safari, bright colours make you eye-catching to animals in Tanzania Safari.

Most followed colours for safari are natural, such as:

  • Greens
  • Light Browns
  • Olives
  • Tan
  • Khakis
  • Bridge

Even neutral colours are all accurate too, as per Tanzania Safari Guide there are a number of colours you should positively you don’t wear for safari outfit:

  • A big “NO” to Camouflage clothing. And in some African nations it’s illegal, so put down the camouflage safari clothing at home!
  • White and very pale dyed clothes demonstrate the dust, so are best kept for evening wear.
  • The most serious health risks you might encounter on safari by wearing Dark blue and black coloured outfit. How? Well, this tow colour attracts insects and mosquitoes, which can carry malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever etc.

Ideal Fabric Material For Safari

The ultimate material for Tanzania Safari Wear is something that’s lightweight & breathable and makes minimal crash when you’re moving. Cotton is best for safari shirts and trousers during your game drive.

Think Layers For Safari Wear

Tanzania lightweight safari wear does well too of enabling you to layer up or down as per to need.

Africa is a continent of extremes – it can be extremely cold through the night into the early morning and swelteringly hot by the middle of the day.

It’s a better idea to carry multiple layers of safari clothing.


When Tanzania Safari Wear is coming to mindless, and most camps and lodges have same-day laundry services, so put up with this in mind before packing huge luggage full of safari outfits! At a minimum you require.

Safari Shirts

For protection from the suntan and insects, a few comfortable long-sleeved shirts and long-sleeved t-shirts can be followed.

Shirts with a collar to defend the neck from the harsh sun rays are advisable, as are shirts with pockets to stock up your bits and pieces.

Trousers & Shorts

A pair of comfortable long trousers, and a pair of shorts. Combat style trousers and shorts are ideal safari stuff as they have a number of pockets, great for storing compact binoculars, sun cream, camera etc.

Long trousers have the benefit of keeping protected you from the sun rays in the day and mosquitoes in evening and night.


The kind of safari reflects what kind of footwear you have to wear on.  

You’ll climb on and off of safari vehicles and maybe want to walk around the bush, so comfortable trainers will work best.

For Tanzania Walking Safari, it’s suitable to have sort of hiking boots that cover your ankles – for safe from both bush and snakes.


Any hat or cap is healthier than none at all. It is important the protection from the harsh sun rays, and also defend your eyes from the glare – meaning potentially better wildlife spotting prospective. The ultimate hat is a wide-brimmed safari hat to propose maximum protection.


Tanzania sun has a huge amount of harsh glare, so you should not forget sunglasses as an essential part of your safari.

A pair of polarized wrap-around sunglasses will give you protection from both the glare and the dust that’s an aspect of many game drives.

Evening Wear

According to Tanzania Travel Advice, in evening temperature falls dramatically, pair of jeans or trousers and a long-sleeved shirt will be enough, perhaps along with a warm fleece or safari jacket to ward off the evening time chill.

Most safari lodges have dress codes for dinner so there are no requirements to carry any formal safari clothes.

Light colours are optional for evenings so you don’t draw mosquitoes.

Swimming Wear

If your gatehouse has a swimming pool and if so, don’t overlook to pack some safari-chic swimwear. A dip between morning game drives during the middle of the day is an immense way to consider your wildlife viewings as working the complexion.


A catalogue of the clothes you should absolutely not take with you for safari:

Camouflage Safari Outfit:  In some African countries, you will be arrested for wearing camouflage print clothes that could be confused with military clothes.

Overly Thick Fleeces And Jackets: Layered clothing is perfect to add or remove as the temperature changes. Temperatures on safari modify depending on the time of day, where you are, and what altitude you’re at.

Heavy Walking Boots: It will make you uncomfortable and tired very soon.

Bright clothing: Don’t draw concentration to yourself if you want the best possibilities to locate wildlife.

Packing it all in one large suitcase: Minimize the risk of all of your belongings going loss or stolen on the flight by packing some stuff – and one safari outfit – in your hand luggage.

Tanzania Safari Style with best Tanzania Safari Clothing should make you look good & feel good as well as comfortable during Tanzania Safari. For more detailed information of Tanzania Travel Guide don’t push back to yourself and feel free to enquiry @Jerry Tanzania Tours.

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