How Many Days Should You Spend On Tanzania Safari?

Is it the 1st question that hit your mind while planning for Tanzania Safari Tours? Can Tanzania Safari be completed in 2-3 days? Then, let you know there is no specified answer for it but yes, for a perfect safari you may need at least 6-7 days for enjoyment and proper relaxation of the body.

Tanzania Safari Tours offer National parks, cities, hills and mountains, beaches, island, lake, and other natural gifts.  There are several kinds of tourists coming to Tanzania with verities of planning. Completing the whole traditional safari can be possible in few (2-3) days but not advisable.


It is an excellent idea to staying at an assortment of places and going to different camps absolutely boosts your possibility of considering all-natural worlds you desire to see.

To the extent that distances between national parks, it may take a complete day to take a trip or even a flight to the next target. As the quality of the roads is not the finest, which may slow the tours.

So, preferring camp hopping is an individual’s choice according to budget, no. of days people want to stay. Tanzania Travel Guide is the best option to follow for right decision.


The most basic thing in Tanzania Safari Tours includes many National Parks. Tourist wonders about big five they imagine for Tanzania Safari. Most of the travellers come to Tanzania for a wildlife safari and enjoy nature, expend nearly10 to 12 days, a lot of time if you are visiting to hop from park to park on a time-honored driving safari.

Some of the National parks like Serengeti National Park, Ngorogoro National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, and Arusha National Park. Wildlife species can appear during Tanzania Safari Tours, the big five are the most difficult animals to hunt on foot which include Lions, African elephants, rhinos, buffalos, leopards. 

Conceivably a week might not be sufficient. But a safari is a tiring vacation and 7 days exhausted in a 4×4 travelling to various targets is about as much smacking as your body can take. With a minimum of 7 days, you can effortlessly trek to at least 2 different camps during your safari.  If you’re a nature aficionado or a wildlife photographer, you might have to extend your journey so that you have more chance of spotting the rarer creatures.


Well, the decision of travelling to more places will definitely increase your time. As it’s mentioned that going only one park to another is taking almost one day.

The no. of days spent in Tanzania Safari is can also depend on the fondness of the sightseer. Some have a preference for a short safari while others prefer to explore to different destination.


Tanzania Safari Tours is absolutely possible within a week. And still, if you have left your budget and time. Then congratulations!!!  Now you can able to explore other wonders of Tanzania. You have several options like

A City Visit Drop by at some important cities, such as Dar as Salaam and Musoma. You can travel around the city as well as the distinctive traditions and behavior of its people. For it, you may mull over adding at least 5 days more to your safari holidays.

Beach TimeIn Tanzania beach time refers to Zanzibar, Stone Town, Unguja, Nungwi, kendwa, Dar as Salaam, or Kiwengwa and so on for exploring these beautiful destinations you must have 4-5 days in your hand in Tanzania Safari Tours. It will take few hours from your safari destination by flight.

Mountain TrekkingThere is a number of magnified mountain treks you can enjoy in Tanzania. This includes the tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro, which is expediently positioned in Northern Tanzania. There are also other amazing hills, such as Mount Meru, Mount Hanang, and the Living Stone Mountains. Basically more tourists wandered to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro which may take 7-12 days.


When deciding the extension of your safari in Tanzania, you require a plan to budget. Do your research and try For Tanzania Safari Tours finalizing the perfect budget according to the destination is very common but the number of days you stay is ultimately dependent on your budget.

If you are going for a small trip for only a game drive, it leads to fewer days you have to stay. And if your budget is even high you can explore more destinations and have spent more days in Tanzania.

Better to make a perfect plan for the Best Time To Visit Tanzania so that you can able to enjoy and see the beauty of Tanzania within your preferable budget and time.

So it’s considerable that Factors that affect how long you might stay on safari are Budget, jetlag, time at the beach, and travel time between parks.

The days you going to stay in Tanzania are going to be spectacular, all you need is proper Tanzania Travel Advice, Tanzania Travel Guide for perfect Tanzania Safari Tours.

Let don’t give up your dreams explore your fantasy with us @ Jerry Tanzania Tours.

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