Kilimanjaro Porters – The Real Heroes In Dedication To The Tireless Work While Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro Porters, The Real Heroes Of Kilimanjaro

We, at Jerry Tanzania Tours, are continually taking a gander at having any kind of effect and for any individual who has climbed Kilimanjaro realizes that the Kilimanjaro Porters are the essence of your climb. Without their hard work and quality strength, we would not have the option to completely encounter the Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and the support they offer you to make it to the summit of Uhuru peak at 5895mtrs.

When climbing Kilimanjaro, an extensive team of the crew, guides, cooks, and porters provide support throughout the climb to reach the summit.  The porters, who carry all of your food and gear, are the heart and soul of your mountain experience. Without their strength, dedication, and hard work, you would not be able to enjoy the magnificence of Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro is a non-technical climb mountain but you will need the help of Kilimanjaro Porters to carry your baggage and other necessary equipment to the top of the mountain. You cannot deny that without porters many climbers may not succeed Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro at the first attempt.

Tips From Our Kilimanjaro Porters – Being Physically Fit, Have Positive Minds Towards The Mountain That Will Make Your Climb Easy.  Make Sure You Got Enough Mountain Gears; Always Listen To Your Guides

The True Hiking Heroes of Kilimanjaro – Kilimanjaro Porters

The Kilimanjaro Porters are often called the Super Heroes of Mount Kilimanjaro. They are the important mountain men who are the ones to wake up early and go to bed late just to make sure your climber experience should be the best.

The porters are the hardest working Kilimanjaro Crew. Porters are not usually employed permanently. Some of the best Kilimanjaro Tour Operator has a team of porters that they use on their climbing. However, most of the porters freelance.

Kilimanjaro Porters – True Hiking Heroes

Porters are responsible to prepare your food starting from morning tea to midnight snacks. They mount and demount the tents every day and rush to the next camp to make sure everything will be ready once you reach there.

Kilimanjaro Porters best is when they help clients to reach to the top and the customer recommend them to others.
  1. Kindness Of Strangers: Most of the tourist climbers will notice the difficulties of the porters and come forward to help them with anything possible. The kindness of strangers makes the porters work harder in the mountain and help the climbers to summit successfully.
  2. Low Pay: The porters always complain that they get very low pay and by saving that one day they will not be able to get certified. Still, they work hard to make the climbers smile after a successful summit.
  3. Minimum Wage: The Minimum wages are decided by the tourism minister signing an agreement with the porters union. However, most of the low budget tour operators do not pay more to the porters.  

Porters not only carry the backpacks, food, and tent but also carry the water used to wash hands and face.

Kilimanjaro Porters Roles and Responsibilities

The Kilimanjaro Without Porters is not possible for most climbers to make it successfully to the summit, as they are the dedicated men and women whose job it is to help tourists carry their gear to the summit.

Kilimanjaro Porters Roles & Responsibilities
Kilimanjaro Porters worst is when the customer doesn’t make it to the top and sometimes the natural calamities hindrance such as heavy rains, speedy winds.


The Main Roles and Responsibilities Of Porters are:

Arranging Your Camp:

It is the duty of the porter to prepare your camp every day. Once the camp is removed from one campsite, the porters rush to the next campsite so that you will get a good base to build a new camp for your stay at the particular campsite. Making camp is a skill all the porter will have mastered. While we say making a camp, it is beyond setting up a tent. It also includes supplying clean water maybe for cooking food and drinking as trekkers will need 4 liters of water every day.

Assisting Cook To Prepare Your Food:

The porters will assist cooks in the mountain to prepare food every day. The Kilimanjaro Porters and Guides with cooks will be able to prepare delicious meals for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

They know what to provide you and what food gives you more strength to reach the summit. The main food they serve will contain protein and carbs.

Every morning you will be given a wake-up call and served with a refreshing coffee to continue with your trekking. The porter and other mountain crew will then rush to the next campsite to prepare your lunch so that it will be ready once you reach there.

Supporting You Mentally And Physically:

Every Kilimanjaro Porters will be so supportive and motivating throughout your climb. They will be saying “pole, pole” all the way, which means slow down in the Swahili language. They are your motivators and they want you to reach the summit.

The porters will greet you every morning with a bright smile on their face. They will be able to help you in any way; they are extremely efficient and more touching kind.

The porters are always there when you need a little extra encouragement to power through the windswept arctic conditions, they will always cheer you.

You can Gift for Porters Kilimanjaro as a gesture of appreciation for their hard work to make you reach the top.

Carrying Equipment And Supplies:

The Kilimanjaro Porters will be happy to carry your equipment and supplies. However, it takes 225 pounds of total luggage or baggage per climber. Here is the list of what and how much your equipment and supplies weigh in an average.

These are the main equipment and supplies carried by a porter on your behalf following the Climb Kilimanjaro Guide.

  • 100 pounds food including porter food and supplies
  • 65 pounds would be your camping gear, sleeping bag, toilet, kitchen, and porter tent
  • 33 pounds of your personal gear for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • 15 pounds of cooking equipment’s
  • 10 pounds of safety gear which includes oxygen, first aid, and others

Kilimanjaro Porters Rights

NGOs like the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP) are there to ensure porters have fair wages, good treatment, educational opportunities as well as appropriate clothing and equipment for the trek. They also make sure that porters do not exceed the carry limit.

Kilimanjaro Porters Rights

The Kilimanjaro Porter Weight Limit is 15 kg (32 lbs) per duffel bag, on the gear of each hiker to be carried.

How Much Should You Tip Porters On Kilimanjaro?

The standard Kilimanjaro Porters Tips is $6 to $10 per day. Many people recognize the hard work of the porters and will tip something more than the preferred tips as per the Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide.

How Much Should You Tip Porters On Kilimanjaro
“KPAP advocates that companies pay porters at least 20,000Tsh per day. This is a good basic wage but it does not equate to a living wage. KPAP promotes that a fair minimum compensation – from salary and tip – for a porter’s work done properly is 33,000Tsh per day (US $15.00).”
No Of ClimbersNo Of Guides/ Porters/ Cook
1 climber 1 guide / 2-3 porters / 1 cook
2 climbers 1 guide / 5-6 porters / 1 cook / 1 assistant guide
3 climbers 1 guide / 5-6 porters / 1 cook / 1 assistant guide
4 climbers 2 guides / 11-12 porters / 2 cook / 2 assistant guides
5 climbers 3 guides / 14-15 porters / 2-3 cook / 2-3 assistant guides
6 climbers 3-4 guides / 17-18 porters / 2-3 cook / 2-3 assistant guides

How Can You Help Kilimanjaro Porters?

You can definitely help porters, not only by giving them tips but by choosing a responsible tour operator to climb Kilimanjaro. The responsible tour operator treats the porters well and pays them the right amount of wages.

Tips From Kilimanjaro Porters – The favourite time of the year on the mountain is June, July and August, still busy and the weather is good, not much rains.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Beginners would be challenging without Kilimanjaro Porters as only porters can carry the mountain equipment and your gears too.

The superheroes of the mountain, Kilimanjaro Porters are the most supportive people who can be a reason for your summit success.


We at Jerry Tanzania Tours treat our porters well and make sure they are paid on time and be responsible. We have been doing our part, now it is your duty to choose a responsible operator and support the superheroes of the mountain.

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