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Kilimanjaro Crew - Who Are The Mountain Crew Accompanying You Throughout The Climb?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Kilimanjaro summit is optional but a successful Kilimanjaro climb with Mountain crew is mandatory.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the white snow-capped magnificent mountain in the beautiful country of Africa. It is offering many of the beginners to attempt the challenge as well as start the summit success with the help of Kilimanjaro Crew.

Kilimanjaro offers each and every enthusiast climbers an opportunity to reach the top. The complete mountain crew allows you to enjoy the Kilimanjaro Climb with local people who are working not only porters, guides, but also cooks.

You will experience the high altitude level while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in contrast you can be tension free as you are climbing with the experienced Kilimanjaro Crew.

Experience The Unbelievable Climb With The Kilimanjaro Crew

Kilimanjaro Crew

The Kilimanjaro Crew is the only team that works selflessly to make sure the climbers reach the summit safe, secure, and successful. Truly, they go beyond the limits to see you on top of the Uhuru peak.

Whenever you get time on your climb in the campsite, spend time with the Kilimanjaro staff and know them. Handshake with them, know their names in other words treated them well if they have the proper clothes and shoes.

Accordingly, if you are happy with the service provided by any of the mountain crew, make sure you pay them directly and individually. Do not let anyone handle this for you.

They will help you explore the mountain and take care of your Kilimanjaro Safety. They are the only selfless men who are happy if you reach the summit successfully. Make sure you tip them as per Climb Kilimanjaro Guide.

What Does A Mountain Crew Consist Of?

The mountain crew consists of support staff who are happy to motivate you throughout your Kilimanjaro Climb in spite of making sure you reach the roof of Africa and enjoy the incredible beauty of the mountain.

The Kilimanjaro crew includes:

Kilimanjaro Guide [Chief]

The chief guide has a lot of experience and is also medically trained. In fact, they have the responsibility to oversee the entire group including the routine health checkups. These people started as porters and struggled hard to reach the level of a chief guide.

They have complete knowledge about the mountain and also leadership skills, which make them the best in the mountain. They make sure you know every bit of what they know.

Kilimanjaro Guide [Assistant]
Kilimanjaro Guide

These guides have knowledge of Kilimanjaro moreover they are responsible to walk with each group. They are possibly the hardest working people in the mountain.   If someone is not able to climb further to the top, the assistant guide will accompany them downwards. They answer each and every question the climbers ask and be a motivator to keep up their spirit.

Kilimanjaro Cook

Kilimanjaro Cook

The cook is responsible to prepare delicious food with locally sourced meat, vegetables, and fruits. They know what food will boost your energy comparatively makes you stay strong to reach the summit. They are capable of preparing any type of food including veg, non-veg, vegan, gluten-free, and many more.

Kilimanjaro Waiter
Kilimanjaro Waiter

The waiter has the responsibility to help the Kilimanjaro Chef and also serve food and bring coffee/tea in the morning. They are the ones who make sure your food will reach on time and you have enough food to have.

Kilimanjaro Porters
Kilimanjaro Porters

Finally, the superheroes of the mountain are the Kilimanjaro Porters. They are responsible to carry tents, tables, chairs, dining tents, as well as emergency equipment. There are several responsibilities assigned to the porters while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

  • Toilet porter – They are responsible to mount and demount the toilet tents on the entire climb. They do carry the tent to the top and get them back.
  • Tent Porter – These porters are responsible to carry the tents to the top, set up, and pack up climbers’ tents, they make sure everything is ready once you reach the camp.
  • Duffel Bag porter – They are responsible to carry the duffle bags of climbers and reach the top and make it easy for the climbers to reach there.
  • Equipment porter – These porters are responsible to carry the emergency equipment like stretcher, emergency oxygen, hypobaric chamber, kitchen equipment, and other essentials.
  • Other porters – Some of the other porters carry the tents of guides, assistant guides, and cooks. So, that the cooks can reach early and prepare the food.
  • Additional porters– The additional porters are offered to carry your day pack if required. They are available only on request.

Are All Kilimanjaro Crews Treated Fairly?

The Kilimanjaro Crews are treated fairly by most of the Kilimanjaro operators. There are only a few low budget companies that still make the crew work more and pay less. However, apart from them the midrange and high budget companies offer the crew right pays according to KPAP which is one of the non-profit organizations to support porters.

The main things you should do are;

  • Meet your porters – Take some time to get to know them, they will appreciate the culture.
  • Wages – Showing your care will ensure the operator treats the porters well.
  • Proper equipment – Porters should have their own equipment and outfit properly.
  • Food –  Make sure your porters are getting good food.
  • The number of porters – Cout the number of porters each day. If they sent them early, they do not receive tips.
  • Weight of load – Each porter load cannot exceed 20 kg.
  • Tipping – Try tipping the porters directly or through a trustworthy operator.
  • Try to carry – Pick up a load accordingly see how much porters are doing for you.

We follow the guidelines of The Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP) and make sure all the mountain crews are treated fairly.

The guidelines from KPAP for porters include:

  • They should not carry loads heavier than 20 kgs (44 pounds).
  • Porters receive the full amount of tips intended for them.
  • Porters are climb with proper clothing and equipment.
  • They have proper shelter and proper sleeping equipment. Tents should be of good quality, to begin with, a groundsheet provided.
  • Porters are providing at least two meals per day and access to water.
  • Whenever porters are Sick or injured, properly cared for.

“Live your dream- If not now, then when?”

The Kilimanjaro Crew is the only people whom you can rely on anything. Just appreciate them for what they are doing as well as make sure you reach the summit with flying colors.

We Jerry Tanzania Tours as a responsible tour operator make sure all the support staff is fairly treated. You can rely on us to plan your next trip, especially to summit Kilimanjaro successfully.

jerry tanzania tours

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