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Kilimanjaro Tipping Guidelines - What Is The Right Way To Tip The Mountain Crew?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

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Kilimanjaro Tipping Guidelines
Kilimanjaro Tipping Guidelines

While climbing the mountain, showing your gratitude to the services provided by the mountain crew is always appreciated. But, before you hand over tips it is recommended to refer Kilimanjaro Tipping Guidelines regarding handing tips to the porters, guides, cooks, and other mountain crew.

As Kilimanjaro Crew keeps motivating you while you are Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, so Tipping some amounts is a god idea!

Tipping On Kilimanjaro – How Does It Work?

The mountain crew is the only team who works selflessly to make sure the climbers reach the summit safely and successfully. Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide is nothing but giving them back some rewards for their efforts.

Every group has a lead guide and generally has one assistant guide per three climbers. You will have one cook for every 10 climbers. The Kilimanjaro Tour Operator also offers one waiter per group and one toilet porter per group.

The number of Kilimanjaro Porters in your group depends on the route you have selected and the number of days. However, there are two porters per person in lesser itinerary routes and three porters per person on all other routes as per Climb Kilimanjaro Guide. Make an effort to know your porters and their roles if possible. They will appreciate the recognition.

How Much To Tip On Mount Kilimanjaro?

Here is the Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide gives detailing the tipping amount according to their roles; the below-mentioned tips are as per group: You will need to pay

$20 to $25 Senior guide
$15 to $20 Assistant guide
$12 to $15 Cook
$10 to $12 Waiter
$8 to $10 Porter
$12 to $15 Summit Porter
$10 to $12 Toilet Crew

How Much Do We Need To Contribute?

As per the Kilimanjaro Tipping Guidelines, you can pay above $5 for any Mountain crew if you are satisfied with the service provided by them and if you are happier with the service, then you can pay them more or gift them something which they need because Kilimanjaro without any Mountain crews is not possible to summit for most of the climbers.

If you are tipping as a group, then you can tip above $150.00 for a group. The exact tipping amount depends upon the size of a group. We recommend not paying any tips until you and all your gear have descended from the mountain.

Get Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide Before Attempting Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Get Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide Before Attempting Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Tips for the Mountain crew are regular practice and tipping on Kilimanjaro is vast as you will need whole team to climb with you, like guides, porters, cooks, and other crew members. In Our Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide, We Recommend You To Tip Moderately But Definitely To The Hard-Working Kilimanjaro Staff Who Strive 24/7 Hours To Make Your Climb Successful  CONTINUE READING

How Much To Tip Guides On Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro Guides take care of the complete climb and safeguard you from any of the problems. They arrange everything that you need. You can tip the head guide with $20 per day and an assistant guide with $12 per day.

How Much To Tip Guides On Kilimanjaro
How Much To Tip Guides On Kilimanjaro

Tipping Procedure on Kilimanjaro

The tipping procedure in Kilimanjaro differs from operators. Here are the few procedures of tipping and you can pay according to Kilimanjaro Tipping Recommendations
  • Communal Tipping Box: This will be located in the main area or the place where visitors gather more. Some of the have separate boxes for Porters, guides, cooks, and other mountain staff. This box will be generally shared by the manager to all the mountain staff.
  • Handing Money to the Manager at the end of the trip: If you do not find any communal box, you can hand over the money to the manager before you leave.
  • Handing tips to the individual staff: This is one option available where you can approach individually and tip them. You can tip according to you as per the service provided by them and help you with while climbing Kilimanjaro.

When And Who Do You Give Your Tip?

You can generally tip on the last day of the Kilimanjaro climb at the Kilimanjaro Tipping Ceremony after the summit day. You will be given two envelopes in which you will need to give tips to tips. One envelope for guides and cooks, the other envelope is for porters. The envelope will have only the tip distribution sheet and the money will be handed over to the head guide and head porter.

Kilimanjaro Tipping Ceremony
Kilimanjaro Tipping Ceremony

Kilimanjaro Tipping FAQs

  1. How much do the porters earn?
    Kilimanjaro porters have a fixed minimum wage of Tsh 20,000 that is $9.00. However, they would get more tips from visitors and earn more than their salary.
  2. How much should I pay?
    You can pay anything from $5 and above if you are satisfied with the services you can even gift something which they can use.
  3. How do I give tips to my trekking team?
    You can give tips the day after the summit day during the Kilimanjaro Tipping Ceremony.
  4. What type of currency can I use?
    You can tip using the local currency or the US Dollar. You can also add to your credit card bill if the operator agrees to do so.
  5. What about tipping my personal porter?
    Yes, you can give individual tips to your personal porter on the day of the Kilimanjaro Tipping Ceremony.
  6. What if I want to do more?
    If you want to do more than giving money, you can gift them some valuables and do something which would be useful for them.
Hope now you have an idea of how much to tip the mountain crew according to Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide and ready to pay the tips and support the people who make your Kilimanjaro climb successful.

We at Jerry Tanzania Tours as a responsible tour operator make sure that every mountain crew is treated fairly and paid the right amount as per the guidelines.

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Kilimanjaro Tipping Recommendations - Donation Of Clothing & Equipment

Please consider donating your clothing and equipment to the climbing team in addition to tipping them. Remember that the staff climbs Kilimanjaro many times a year and can go through their clothes and gear rather quickly. Your donation is of great assistance to these individuals, many of who are unwilling to spend their money on material goods they consider a luxury rather than a necessity. They will appreciate your generosity tremendously. Avoid giving items to your guide for distribution to porters. Donations should be given directly to individuals they are intended for, perhaps those with the greatest need or who were of particularly good service.

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