How Much Does A Safari In Tanzania Cost – A Full Breakdown & Analysis

How Much Does A Safari In Tanzania Cost

Tanzania is preferred as the world’s best safari country among all African destinations, but whether it is an expensive or budget-friendly country. Unfortunately, we cannot say more about it but what we can give you is a breakdown of the Tanzania Safari Cost for a better understanding. Whether it’s luxury or midrange or budget Tanzania Safari Tours, you can have lots of options to explore. So How Much Does A Safari In Tanzania Cost?

A mid-range lodge safari in Tanzania costs from about $320 per person every day and a customized private safari with lodge-style accommodation costs about $350 to $400 per person every day, making it an affordable choice for all travelers. So how to calculate the Tanzania Safari Cost Per Day?

Below you’ll find selected Average Cost Of Safari In Tanzania for visas, transportation, accommodation, food & drink, safaris, and activities, as well as varied expenses and pre-costs, which help you to finalize your own Tanzania budget.


Tanzania Pre-Trip Costs

Let’s start, you’ll require to pay for the things before you go! These are the Tanzania Safari Cost you’ll need to work out for yourself, however as long as you figure them, you’ll be in acceptable stead!

Flights To Tanzania

Flights To Tanzania

3 main airports are there, which people usually fly into. They are:

  1. Kilimanjaro International Airport (between Arusha & Moshi)
  2. Julius Nyerere International Airport (Dar es Salaam)
  3. Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (Zanzibar)

N.B – There are several smaller regional airports too.

From outside of Africa, you can rely on the following airlines to fly direct to Tanzania:

Europe: KLM, Turkish Airlines

Middle East: Emirates, Qatar, Etihad

Instead, you can fly to Nairobi International Airport in Kenya, Addis Ababa Airport in Ethiopia or Johannesburg International Airport In South Africa and then connect to a Tanzanian International airport from there.

Clothing & Equipment For Tanzania

Clothing & Equipment For Tanzania

Clearly, this will be close to home to you depending upon what you have as of now and what activities you’re doing.

To see & use the items during Tanzania Safari, go through our Safari Packing List Tanzania. This spreads you for Tanzania and Zanzibar.

You don’t need to purchase particular safari clothes, however, monitoring the temperatures and social contemplation are significant things to factor in.

Travel Insurance For Tanzania

Travel Insurance For Tanzania

Health care & consideration isn’t free in Tanzania, so in the event that you get sick, you should pay for your treatment. Indeed, even the expense of getting to the hospital can be expensive, so by taking the Tanzania Travel Insurance, you should cover medical emergencies like air ambulance evacuation in the event of any sickness or accidents.

Various Tanzania Travel Insurance companies you can use while in Tanzania are:

  1. World Nomads
  2. Â Outbacker
  3. Â InsureandGo

Health Precautions For Tanzania

Health Precautions For Tanzania

Health precautions are really important while visiting Tanzania, so please speak to a qualified doctor to determine what you need before your visit to Tanzania. Also, you can take an appointment with your local doctor or go to an expert travel clinic.

Vaccinations For Tanzania

Vaccinations For Tanzania

Aside from your routine vaccinations, it is also suggested to have vaccinations against Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, Tetanus, and Typhoid. Also, you should consider the cholera vaccine & Rabies vaccination if you want to visit the remote areas. A Yellow Fever certificate is also mandatory if you are entering Tanzania.

It is essential to find out which vaccinations you want and how much they’re going to cost you. In the UK, some of the vaccines are free and for the rest, you have to pay for. Likewise as a traveler, one needs to find out the correct vaccinations way to calculate the cost.


Anti Malaria

Many areas of Tanzania are malarial areas, so it’s essential to take anti-malarias before visiting Tanzania.

There is no variance between generic Malarone & branded GSK Malarone, except that the cost of generic medicine is cheaper.

In total for a 2- week Tanzania Safari Tours, you would require to take the Malarone medication for 1 – 2 days before you leave as well as 7 days later. So you would need around 23 tablets.

You may likewise have the option to purchase malaria tablets while you are in Tanzania from a good drug store at a less expensive rate.


Let’s look at what you need to pay for once you’re in Tanzania! What is the cost we can add to our Tanzania Safari Cost?

Visas For Tanzania

Visas For Tanzania

First, you have to check in the event that you need a Tanzania Visa, as certain nationalities are exempted from visas. For those that do require visas, a Single Entry visa costs $50 for most nationalities and $100 for Americans. Different types of visas cost more like Multiple Entry $100, Business $250, and so on.

Accommodation In Tanzania

Accommodation In Tanzania

Tanzania Accommodation is very costly compared with different parts of Africa. Yet, there are lots of alternatives, so you should have the option to discover something to suit your budget plan.

On the off chance that you are on a truly tight budget, think about bringing a little, lightweight tent. Nothing too huge or it will be an agony to carry.

Here Are Some Average Costs In Towns And Cities:

  1. Camping: $10 per tent, per night
  2. Dorm Bed in a Hostel: $10 – $20 per night
  3. Private Room in a Hostel/Guesthouse: $30 – $60 per room, per night
  4. Double/Twin Room in a Standard Mid-Range Hotel: $50 – $150 per room, per night
  5. Double/Twin Room in an Upper Mid-Range Hotel: $150 – $250 per room, per night

Tanzania Safari Accommodation expenses can be a lot more. This is frequently because of the remote nature of being on safari and the coordination of running a hostel/hotel/camp in no place and furthermore the Park fees.

Transportation in Tanzania

Transportation in Tanzania

Getting Around Tanzania isn’t too costly, let’s have a look at the private Transportation sample costs.

  1. Local Transportation Mediums – Piki Pika/Boda Boda, Tuk Tuk, Taxi, Dala Dala
  2. Coach: 12-hour coach from Moshi to Dar es Salaam costs around $16 (36,000 TSH).
  3. Train: Train between Moshi and Dar es Salaam costs between $8 and $17.
  4. Ferry: The ferry from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar costs from $35 for non-residents.
  5. Flights: Kilimanjaro Airport to Zanzibar costs between $50 to $135. Internal flight from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar costs between $40 to $80.
  6. Car: To hire a car for 2 weeks from Dar es Salaam to Dar es Salaam starts at around $2000 excluding fuel, insurance, etc.
  7. Taxi from Kilimanjaro to Arusha/Moshi: $30 – $50

Food & Drink in Tanzania

Food & Drink in Tanzania

Tanzania Food costs vary a lot, from budget local restaurants to more luxury touristy restaurants.

  1. Meal at a local restaurant/street food: $1 – $3
  2. Main Meal at a hostel or Western-style restaurant: $6 – $30
  3. Water: $0.50 – $2
  4. Soda: $0.65 – $4
  5. Beer: $2.50 – $4
  6. Glass of wine: $3 – $7

Safari In Tanzania

Safari In Tanzania

This is perhaps the hardest thing to cost up because the Tanzania Safari Cost differs so much in general. The costs depend upon the type of accommodation, mode of transport and how many people in your group.

Budget (Camping): From around $750 per person (traveling as a group) up to a $2000 per person (traveling as a solo).

Mid-range (Tented Lodge): From $1150 per person (traveling as a group) up to $3000 per person (traveling as a solo).

Other Activities In Tanzania

Activities In Tanzania

Find some examples of prices for guided Tanzania Activity:

  1. Hot Air Balloon in the Serengeti: $550 – $600 pp
  2. Hot Springs & Maasai Village: $65 – $170 pp
  3. Coffee Tour & Waterfall Hike: $45 – $80 pp
  4. Walking Tour: $10 – $15 pp
  5. Stand Up Paddle Boarding: $50
  6. Sunset Cruise: $35 – $40 pp
  7. Cycling Tour: $25 – $40 pp

Other Tanzania Expenses

  1. SIM Card & Data: Under $10.
  2. Guide Tips: For a safari guide, around $15 – $20 a day. For a cook, $10 per day.
  3. Souvenirs: Around $150 on souvenirs. (Optional)


How Much Does It Cost To Visit Tanzania? The cost to travel in Tanzania is varied according to your own personal travel style. This generally includes:

  1. Your level of accommodation.
  2. The type of safari you go on.
  3. How you get around.
  4. Where you eat.
  5. How many in your group

Excluding: All pre-costs (flights, insurance, etc) and flexible costs (tips, souvenirs, drinks etc).

Including: Accommodation, transport, food, a safari to Tanzania, and activities.

REMEMBER: In the event that you don’t do a Tanzania Safari, or do a shorter safari, or a less expensive one somewhere else, you can significantly decrease your expenses.


Tanzania Budget Safari

Budget Tanzania Safari Tours

Tanzania Budget Safari includes staying in a dorm bed or budget private room, eating in most local and some Western-style restaurants, drinking water, sodas, and a few beers, using public transport and some private transport.

  1. Visa: $50
  2. Accommodation: $140 – $200
  3. Transportation: $100 – $150
  4. Food & Drink: $150 – $200
  5. Safari: $750 – $2,000
  6. Activities: $280 – $425
  7. Total: $1,470 – $3,025 = $98 – $201 per day, per person

Mid-Range Tanzania Safari Tours

Tanzania Midrange Safari includes staying in mid-range hotels/private rooms, eating in mostly Western-style restaurants with some local food (breakfast usually included in the accommodation, so just lunch & dinner), using mostly private transport and flying between Kilimanjaro & Zanzibar (rather than taking the bus and ferry).

  1. Visa: $50
  2. Accommodation: $500 – $1,500
  3. Transportation: $200 – $250
  4. Food & Drink: $250 – $400
  5. Safari: $1,150 – $2,250
  6. Activities: $280 – $425
  7. Total: $2,430 – $4,875 = $162 – $325 per day, per person

Luxury Tanzania Safari Tours

Tanzania Luxury Safari includes staying in all upper mid-range hotels/private rooms, eating in mostly Western-style restaurants with some local food (breakfast usually included in the accommodation, so just lunch & dinner), using mostly private transport and flying between Kilimanjaro & Zanzibar (rather than taking the bus and ferry).

  1. Visa: $50
  2. Accommodation: $1,500 – $2,500
  3. Transportation: $200 – $250
  4. Food & Drink: $250 – $400
  5. Safari: $1,800 – $3,100
  6. Activities: $280 – $425
  7. Total: $4,080 – $6,725 = $272 – $448 per day, per person


It might appear to be that when you calculate your Tanzania Safari Cost that it adds up to a high amount. In any case, when you consider where you are going and what you will be seeing and encountering, you will get that, it is worth and can be visited for a great safari experience.

On the off chance that you set aside and do your research, you can ensure that your expenses furnish you with an enormous return on investment. You will have priceless experience and memories which will continue you for as long as you can remember.

For more details on booking a life-changing Tanzania Safari Tours, contact Jerry Tanzania Tours and get the topmost breakdown of Tanzania Safari Cost for a priceless experience!

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