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Choose The Best Time To Visit Tanzania – High Season Or Low Season

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Tanzania Safari

When Is The Best Time To Visit Tanzania? The question is often asked by travelers and the answer is complex. It depends on your interests and where you want to visit etc. One person’s Best Time For Safari In Tanzania can be another’s worst time to visit Tanzania as every country has its high and low season. So In this article, however, we have strived to sum up what you should expect at the low season of the year as well as giving you a few of the best tips based on our experiences of organizing Tanzania Safari Tours for our Travellers…

Tanzania is a great year-round destination having a fair climate & temperature. According to the country’s size, it’s hard to choose the Best Time To Visit Tanzania. So we’ll look at the low season throughout the year and what you can experience during this period?

Best Time

June to October (All parks)

June-July and January-February (Serengeti National park for the calving & wildebeest migration)

High Season

July to March (northern circuit parks; crowded)

July to October (southern and western circuit parks; not crowded)

Low Season

April and May (northern circuit parks still get quite a few visitors)

Best Weather

June to October (Little to no rainfall)

Worst Weather

March and April (Peak of Wet season)

June – October (long dry season) January – March & November – December
Need to book well in advance No need to book too far in advance
Cool and dry weather Hot and occasionally wet weather
Not many baby animals around Lots of baby animals around
Most crowded Least crowded
Good photography conditions Most Excellent Time For Photography


Best Time For Safari In Tanzania

The Best Season To Visit Tanzania for wildlife is real during the dry seasons, however, according to which park you’re visiting, travelers experience can be varied.

When Is The Best Time To See Serengeti Migration?

Best Time To See Serengeti Migration

If you want to visit the immense Serengeti, Dry Season is the best time to see Serengeti migration from June to September. You can see millions of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle move north to the Masai Mara in Kenya from July to November on this epic event.

When Is The Best Time For Safari In Ngorongoro Crater?

Best Time For Safari In Ngorongoro Crater

Wildlife viewing inside the Ngorongoro is great year-round. Anyway in the dry seasons, from January to March and June to September, the grass on the floor is short – making Africa’s famous untamed life a lot simpler to spot.


Best Time To Visit Tanzania

While thinking about Best Time To Visit Tanzania, travelers will be satisfied to hear that there is no correct time to visit this beautiful destination. However, if you’re specific about seeing animals, places, and weather, you have to choose the Best Month To Visit Tanzania and you will see the things that more suitable for you.

For Wildlife Lovers

Tanzania Wildlife Tours

Tanzania is one of the most delightful safari destinations in Africa, and travelers who have the dream to visit this country will probably be happy with Tanzania Safari at any time of the year. Here the must-see experience is the Great Wildebeest Migration, where a huge number of wildebeest and zebras move north to Kenya, between July and October in Serengeti National Park.

For Beach Lovers

Tanzania Beach Holidays

While travelers want to spend some relaxing time after the local wildlife, so Tanzania’s Beaches are really mind-blowing. Flawless white sands and turquoise waters anticipate explorers hoping to unwind, spot ocean turtles, or take up windsurfing during any season of the Year.

For Hikers

Tanzania Hiking Tours

One of the Seven Summits, Kilimanjaro is the most elevated mountain in Africa. Travelers of all ages can effectively ascend this mountain at any season, which makes for one of the most astounding encounters accessible to visitors to Tanzania.

On the off chance that you have a specific interest in what wildlife you want to see, you might need to think about which parks you visit and what is the Best Time Of Year To Travel To Tanzania?

We are specialists in making Tanzania Safari adventures and we frequently get posed similar queries from individuals arranging their experiences.


Best Time To Go To Tanzania

December to February sees the introduction of new zebra and wildebeest so you may have the chance to see these young’s have been taking their first few strides!

June to October can be a busier season because of the Great Migration Serengeti, this is likewise the best time to see a significant part of the wildlife gathering around remaining waterholes because of the low precipitation all through the winter.

A few parks, for example, the Serengeti will get crowded during the Migration season while others remain genuinely quiet throughout the entire year.


Tanzania Safari Tours

Fortunately, Tanzania is a delight all year. There’s truly not one season existed with a no-fly zone. In spite of the fact that there are evident advantages to going during the high season (dry, cool, less residue), there are additionally clear advantages to the low season (fewer individuals, lower costs). To address this present, you need to review the Best Time To Visit Tanzania & separate the ideal time to visit by action & adventure activities.

Let’s be real, Tanzania Safari Tours may just happen once in a lifetime. Going on an outing to the Serengeti, to Zanzibar, to Kilimanjaro, this is all stuff that we made of on dream. So why not plan your Tanzania Safari during ideal conditions? Presently, we can’t control the weather & climate, however, we can decide the High or Low Season to make safaris! So why you are waiting for???


Tanzania Safari Tours

No experience in Tanzania will be destroyed because of the weather, climate, season, month, or period, as there are encounters of a lifetime every step of the way. To find the greatest conditions, pick between June-October or January-February. Contact Jerry Tanzania Tours today and we should design your Tanzania Safari Tours in a great way!

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