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What To Bring On Kilimanjaro Climb?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

Are you expecting a wonderful experience during your Kilimanjaro Climb? Whether it is possible to climb Kilimanjaro without any necessary things, so What To Bring On Kilimanjaro Climb? You must add all the necessary items to your Kilimanjaro Packing List very carefully to cherish a better and comfortable trekking life on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Jerry Tanzania Tours completely understands that keeping all the items together in your Kilimanjaro Gear List can seem an intimidating task, so we are here to help you out to make it as easy as possible for you by putting together all the extensive packing guide.


  • Climbing Kilimanjaro is like trekking a distance from the Equator to the North Pole in a few days. Because you start your Kilimanjaro Trek, from a hot and humid region of the rainforest on the Kilimanjaro Trails and then quickly climb to a land of ice and glaciers.
  • This dramatic expedition means you need to pack your hiking gear for all types of weather. 
  • It sounds cliché but when you do this ascent, crawling up loose scree in the dead of night, you uncover strength that you didn’t know you had. Just take it to step by step. And make sure you stop to take in that sunrise – it’s phenomenal. 


We recommend you to use the following equipment because they stick to the Kilimanjaro Safety guidelines. You can also carry other items you want to bring with you to your Kilimanjaro Packing List.

  • During the daytime on the Kilimanjaro Routes, the temperatures will range from the high 20-degree centigrade and go down at night to -15c. To cope with this range of temperature your clothing should be based on a combination of lots of thin layers that the weather demands. 
  • So it is better to carry four to five pairs of underwear, three to four Short Sleeves and two Long Sleeve Trekking Shirts and two pairs of hiking trousers.
  • To combat the cold wind during your Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking you must add an insulated winter jacket, one Polar Tec fleece jacket, an insulated trekking pant, a hardshell jacket.
  • As the weather on Mount Kilimanjaro is very much unpredictable, you must be prepared for rain too. So keep lightweight rain gear.
Head Gear:
  • As you know the location of Mount Kilimanjaro is exactly on the equatorial line of earth, you must take care of yourself from the scorching sun.
  • Keep a pair of sunglasses, a sunscreen lotion, and a sun hat with a neck cover.
  • Above a certain height, you will feel a cooler climate that is too dry. So keep a moisturizer to keep your skin enough hydrated.
  • Take a beanie or fleece headband, neck gaiter, and ahead flash, as you will be hiking at night too.
Hands & Feet:
  • To protect your hand from the blister keep a good pair of light weigh inner gloves along with a warm outer glove.
  • For a comfortable trekking experience, wear a mid-weight hiking boot and four to five pairs of socks.
Bags & Daypacks:
  • Take a duffel bag of 80 to a 90-liter capacity that will contain everything else you need for your Kilimanjaro Trek, including your sleeping bag and sleeping mat. 
  • Your duffel bags will be carried by one of the porters in your mountain crew which should not weigh more than 15 kg.
  • Kilimanjaro Daypack is the bag that you will carry on your back while hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. All the items that you may need during your trek will go into this bag.
  • It is most important that you select good, quality daypacks having comfortable straps. Because you are going to carry this on your back. You must take a netted back panel, as this allows you to release your body heat that is especially important on those warmer days lower down the mountain.
  • In your Kilimanjaro Daypack, you will be carrying the most important thing, water. You must bring a water bottle, hydration bladder which will carry a minimum of four-liter of water.
Kilimanjaro Gadgets:
  • In today’s techie world, we cannot imagine our life without some gadgets like mobile phone, iPod, IPad, etc.
  • As there will be no source of electricity, you must take as much as batteries and power banks. If possible take a lightweight and handy solar battery backup.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, above 6000 feet above sea level is a difficult task, but with proper preparation, it will be a bit easier. Through this article, hopefully, we have made a successful move to get you a brief knowledge of the Kilimanjaro Packing List. We, at Jerry Tanzania Tours, are delivering some exciting offers on your next Kilimanjaro Climb. Check our website out and grab the best offer.

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