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Tarangire National Park - Beginners Bush Guide For Unforgettable Wilderness Experience

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

The vital place in our culture occupied by animals is well incontestable by the number of phrases we’ve concerning them.” This saying is best appropriate for the African nation’s Tanzania Destinations. The Tarangire National Park is the best appropriate place wherever you’ll be able to have a glimpse of varied life and a few most extinct species of earth. Its name has been derived from the river flowing in its River Tarangire, which is the supreme source of water for the wildlife that lives here. 

Tarangire National Park, the African nation is another park that isn’t in style as Serengeti Park or Ngorongoro Crater. This park is home to over 2.5 million mammals; conjointly it’s having over 6000 elephants. This park has some distinctive animals like twin elephants and a white giraffe. It’s covering a section of 1096 sq. Miles, having an oversized scale of antelope, Cape buffalo, zebra’s migration each year. Large quantities of carnivore’s square measure are seen here like lions, caracal, cheetah, leopard, African dogs, and honey badgers. This is the best place to have Tanzania Safari Tours.

1 | Location Of Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is settled within the northern region of Tanzania, covering a part of quite 2,850 sq. Kilometers, having a huge amount of life in it. You’ll be able to drive Tarangire National Park ranging from Arusha; it’ll take around two hours to get there. The space between the two Tanzania National Parks i.e. Tarangire Park and  Lake Manyara National Park is concerning seventy kilometers. Therefore you’ll be able to conjointly visit alternative national parks while visiting this park. Its location and wonder are the centerpieces of attraction for several guests.

2 | How To Get There?

How To Get Tarangire National Park

Tarangire parkland is eighty-seven miles faraway from Arusha parkland and nearly one hundred miles faraway from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. There are 3 airports set within the southern part of Tarangire almost near is Arusha Airport field that is seventy kilometers away, Kilimanjaro International Airport, and Kuro flying field. Therefore if you wish to succeed there then you’ve got to fly to any of those airports.

You can conjointly drive your automotive into Tarangire; however, it’ll be a touch expensive.

For every single adult, you’ve got to pay $45 per day, also like $15 for youngsters over 5 years recent and kids below 5 years are charged no fee. If your automotive isn’t from Tanzania then you’ve got to pay an additional $40 for it.

3 | Weather Or When To Go There?

The climatic condition of Tarangire National Park is Temperate so the temperature of the area changes with time which makes it comparatively different from others. The average temperature remains from 15 degrees at night and to 27 degrees at day time. Tarangire National Park is having only two seasons in its environment rainy and summer, which gives it either dry or wetlands. During the summers when it’s dry weather maximum of the birds migrate there which makes it the best place for bird lovers.

4 | Top Tarangire Activities To Do

Activities To Do In Tarangire National Park

There are several activities to do in Tarangire National Parks; some of these activities are game drives, night time safari, air balloon safari, guided Jeep safari, and camping safari. During these safaris, you can see the lion climbing the trees near the river Tarangire, as well as the beautiful different colors and species of birds. You can also have a night safari and a camping safari where you can book an open sky lodge and can enjoy the twinkling of stars.

5 | Game Drive Safari

Tarangire Game Drive Safari

The game drive Safari is the best part of Tanzania Safari which gives you a better experience of watching the wildlife from your naked eye. Here you can see the wildebeest migrating, zebra grazing, and Cape buffalo movement also you can see a number of predators like lion, leopard, honey badgers, etc. Living in their habitat and fighting and haunting for living.

6 | Walking Safari

Tarangire Walking Safari

During your walking safari, you will see everything in detail and from the closest distance. Here the guide will take you through the paths where vehicles cannot go, it’s a time-taking way of safari but will give you a wilder view of the jungle. Use mosquito replant cream to keep you safe from insects bite. 

7 | Day Trip

Tarangire Day Trip

Day trips are best for people of all ages, as you can see and capture every creature of nature in their own color. A different group of carnivores targeting the herbivores to make their day, deer, wildebeest, zebra, African rabbits, and others gaze together.

8 | Elephant Migration

Elephant Migration In Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park also hosts an annual migration as exciting as the famous Serengeti wildebeest migration. An impressive number of elephants, up to 10,000 gather in the park from July to October. After October the rain starts, which helps to grow sufficient food in the surrounding areas. Then the elephant moves away into the east and southeast of the park.

9 | Bird Watching Tour

Tarangire Bird Watching Tour

Every year more than 400 species of birds migrate on the land of Tarangire. Birds like a different colored flamingo, woodpeckers, eagles, and many more can be found easily and make it best for people who love birds.

10 | Where To Stay?

Tarangire Accommodation

There are various accommodation options available at Tarangire National Park. You can choose one according to your comfort, budget, and plans. Some of the most popular hotels are Ecoscience Centre and Luxury Park which is the most booked hotel, cornfield Camp, Acacia Tarangire, etc.   Also public camping available for people who love self-drive camping which will be extra charged. There’s another option to stay that is Tarangire Treetops with 20 rooms made up of bamboos. 

Among all the Tanzania National Parks, Tarangire is one of the best locations which is popularly known for lion conservation and birding. It’s available with some best scenes like you can see the tree-climbing lions.

You can reach easily Tarangire National Park as it’s nearer to all three airports, also you can buy a visa after reaching this place. There are many options for accommodation provided by Jerry Tanzania Tours, which can be booked online. For more details please visit our website @ jerrytanzaniatours.com.

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