Mount Kilimanjaro Summit – 10 Advance Tips to Win the Adventure Race

Kilimanjaro one of the highest free-standing mountains of the world, it requires a lot of preparation and planning to get into the successful Mount Kilimanjaro Summit. If you are brave enough to reach the summit, then Mount Kilimanjaro is waiting to greet you!

Before you start, let’s give you some advanced tips and tricks to win the Kilimanjaro adventure race.

Book Suitable Climbing Season and Routes:

We are all aware that the weather in the mountains is very hard to predict and can be changing constantly. The temperature on the Kilimanjaro summit is freezing and below the freezing level. No matter which time or season you visit, you should be well prepared. Tanzania has only 2 seasons those are the wet and dry seasons. So, the best time for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is during the dry seasons, which is between August and October.

And, selecting a longer, less popular, less crowded route would be more relaxing to reach the summit.  The Kilimanjaro summit success rate depends on the routes preferred considering in terms of acclimatization and duration to climb. The Popular routes which take you to Kilimanjaro are:

  • Marangu Route: This is one of the most popular routes and also called the “Coca Cola route”. Here you can sleep in luxurious huge dorms with your fellow trekkers.
  • Rongai route: This is one of the hardest routes and it starts from the north and takes 6 days to reach.
  • Machame route: This is the second most popular route and takes 7 days. It approaches the mountain from the west and offers beautiful panoramic views.
  • Lemosho route: It is the longest route that takes 8 days to reach the summit and has the highest summit success rate.

Choose 8 days Route For Safety and Success:

Everyone wants to reach the summit and feel once in a lifetime experience of the Kilimanjaro Uhuru Peak. To achieve this, you will need Perfect acclimatization. The more time you give for acclimatization, the more is your chances to reach the successful Kilimanjaro summit, and for more acclimatization, you will need to spend more time in the campsites, mountains and do lesser elevations.

So, choosing 8 days and take a longer route acclimatize your body to high altitude. This increases the safety and success rate. You will get more time to get adjusted to the climatic changes and there will be no problem with Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness.

Train Yourself Before Trekking:

To summit even, if you have altitude sickness, you should be trained and prepared properly for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Work on your general fitness, run about 10 km for almost 6 months before climbing Kilimanjaro. You should be physically strong enough to push yourself without the help of others. If you have any hill nearby, you can use them as workout terrain.

Not only physical activity will help, but you should also follow a healthier diet. Follow nutrition’s mainly based on vegetables and fruits mixed with carbs once a day.

The combination of a healthier diet and physical fitness you will truly enjoy the trek to Mount Kilimanjaro.

Bring Most Essential Kilimanjaro Climbing Gear:

The treks on Kilimanjaro are organized tours and you will have porters to carry your most of the Equipment. However, we suggest you get the essential gears as the porters here are restricted to carry only a certain amount of weight.

Most of the operators will provide you the majority of camping equipment like personal tent, mattress, cutlery, dining tent with camping chairs and tables. And, also you can rent additional gear like a sleeping bag and water bottles if required. So, make sure you follow the Kilimanjaro Packing List before starting.

Keep Your Mind in One Thing 🙁 Slow and Steady)

You are trekking to one of the highest free-standing mountains in the world. So, you will need to stick to one thing; slow and steady wins the race. As the porters who accompany you always be rising a slogan ‘Pole pole’ during the trek and they mean they want to go slowly and gently in their local language.

You should be walking slowly On the mountains as you are using more energy compared to the normal walk. Any quick step on the mountain will drain your energy rapidly and you will not be able to make it anymore.

So, follow slow and steady Formula to win the race of Mount Kilimanjaro Summit.

Stay Hydrated:

Without drinking water frequently you will be at your worst. The dehydration will go rapidly and you will lose strength while Climbing Kilimanjaro. So, we always suggest all the trekkers drink ample water and keep drinking water during the trek in your personal kit and whenever you get a break in the campsites fill your water bottle.

You can also use camelback water bladder during the trek. Staying hydrated will make 90% high chances of successful Kilimanjaro summit.

Believe In Yourself For Kilimanjaro Summit :

‘I can do it’, say it again and again while you are on the trek. Only if you believe in yourself you can make it to the Mount Kilimanjaro Summit. Push yourself harder to reach the peak while saying some words and statements which encourage. And, believe us such encouragements always works like magic.

Now you know how to win the Kilimanjaro adventure race, then what are you waiting for. Start packing your gear and plan your adventure trek with Jerry Tanzania Tours for a successful summit! We are ready to give you once in a lifetime experience. For More Information about Kilimanjaro climbing Tips Visit

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