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Kilimanjaro Without Porters

Thousands of people have been Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on a regular basis and everyone tries to achieve the summit but how it is possible without any mishaps? Did you ever think how Kilimanjaro Without Porter would look like and is it really possible Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro without the superheroes of the mountain?

Kilimanjaro is a challenging climb and the Kilimanjaro Porters will play the main role to make you reach the summit. You will need to walk to the top of the mountain with at least a minimum number of porters as you will need to carry the tents, food, cooking equipments and other essentials. But still, you are thinking of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro without Porters, let’s go into this topic more and find out the solutions!

Without Proper Planning And Permission, It Is Not Possible To Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Without Porters As Well.

Kilimanjaro Porters, The Super Heroes – Is It True?

The Kilimanjaro Porters are often called the Super Heroes of Mount Kilimanjaro. They are the main important mountain men who are the ones to wake up early and go to bed late just to make sure your climbing experience should be the best.

Kilimanjaro Porters

The porters are the hardest working mountain crew. Porters are not usually employed permanently. Some of the best Kilimanjaro tour operators have a team of porters that they use on their climbing. However, most of the porters freelance.

Porters are responsible to carry all your camping equipment, mount and demount the tents every day and rush to the next camp to make sure everything will be ready once you reach there.

The porters are categorized according to their responsibilities and Kilimanjaro Porter Weight Limit.

Here Are The Details:

  • Toilet Porter –

They are responsible to mount and demount the toilet tents on the entire climb. They do carry the tent to the top and get them back.

  • Tent Porter –

These porters are responsible to carry the tents to top, set up, and pack up climbers tents; they make sure everything is ready once you reach the camp.

  • Duffel Bag Porter –

They are responsible to carry the duffle bags of climbers and reach the top and make it easy for the climbers to reach there.

  • Equipment Porter –

These porters are responsible to carry the emergency equipment like stretcher, emergency oxygen, hypobaric chamber, kitchen equipment, and other essentials.

  • Other Porters –

Some of the other porters carry the tents of guides, assistant guides, and cooks. So, that the cooks can reach early and prepare the food.

  • Additional Porters –

The additional porters are offered to carry your day pack if required. They are available only on request.

Kilimanjaro Porters are the real heroes who would be able to help you get to the top of the mountain successfully. The porters carry the gear on the Kilimanjaro Gear List for climbers and make it easy for them to climb Kilimanjaro. Sometimes the porters work in the Kilimanjaro Rescue team in case of any mishappening.

From Jerry Tanzania Tours Corner To Help Kilimanjaro Porters

From Jerry Tanzania Tours Corner To Help Kilimanjaro Porters

Jerry Tanzania Tours believes every Kilimanjaro Porters deserves a future. That’s why we do whatever it takes – every day and in times of crisis – to ensure Kilimanjaro Porters grow up healthy, learning, and safe. Especially those hardest to reach. But we can’t do it without you! There are so many ways to help Kilimanjaro Porters in need, choose the way to Gifts For Porters Kilimanjaro that works best for you. CONTINUE READING

Why You Can’t Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro Without A Porter?

Kilimanjaro Porters are the main people who will be able to help you to reach the summit without any problem. There are a lot of responsibilities that need to be handled by the porter and it cannot be done by any other in Kilimanjaro Without Porters.

Why You Can’t Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro Without A Porter

Here are the few things which porters are responsible to do:

Arranging your camp:

It is the duty of the porter to prepare your camp every day. Once the camp is removed from one campsite, the porters rush to the next campsite so that you will get a good base to build a new camp for your stay at the particular campsite. Making camp is a skill all the porter will have mastered.

Assisting cook to prepare your food:

The porters will assist cooks in the mountain to prepare food every day. The Kilimanjaro Porters and Guides with cooks will be able to prepare delicious meals for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

They know what to provide you and what food gives you more strength to reach the summit. The main food they serve will contain protein and carbs.

Supporting you mentally and physically:

Every Kilimanjaro Porters will be so supportive and motivating throughout your climb. They will be saying “pole, pole” all the way, which means a slow down slowdown in the Swahili language.

They are your motivators and they want you to reach the summit and experience the best of Kilimanjaro.

The porters will greet you every morning with a bright smile on their face. They will be able to help you in any way; they are extremely efficient and more touching kind.

You can Gift for Porters Kilimanjaro as a gesture of appreciation for their hard work to make you reach the top.

Carrying Equipment And Supplies:

The Kilimanjaro Porters will be happy to carry your equipment and supplies. However, it takes 225 pounds of total luggage or baggage per climber. Here is the list of what and how much your equipment and supplies weigh in an average.

  • 100 pounds food including porter food and supplies
  • 65 pounds would be your camping gear, sleeping bag, toilet, kitchen, and porter tent
  • 33 pounds of your personal gear for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • 15 pounds of cooking equipment’s
  • 10 pounds of safety gear which includes oxygen, first aid, and others

These are the main equipment and supplies carried by a porter on your behalf following the Climb Kilimanjaro Guide.

Is It Possible To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro Without Porters?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Without Porters. You will always need the help of porters who will carry your gear and equipment for cooking, camp, and other essentials. These are the heavyweight items and you may not be able to reach the top carrying all these.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro Without Porters

The porters are climbing the mountain regularly and some have climbed Kilimanjaro more than 200 times. So, they have adjusted to the climatic conditions there and be able to reach to the top easily with gear on their back.

In other words, though you can’t climb Kilimanjaro completely unaided, there is nothing to stop you requesting a trek where the service is deliberately minimal, and where you have a smaller crew as possible. To do so, you will, of course, have to carry your own luggage and food. You’ll also need to lug your own camping and cooking equipment up too.

Why You Need A Porter To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

Walking with a porter is not only safe but it is also easier and adventurous while climbing. As they walk regularly and are familiar with the routes, the porters will be happy to help you go on the right route and also do more entertainment while saying stories all the way through your climb.

Why You Need A Porter To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

They are also professionally trained and experienced to give medical assistance if any emergency occurs in the mountain.

The porters are the only selfless people who work hard to see your success to the roof of Africa. So, Kilimanjaro Without Porters would be a dream for most of the climbers.

Our Kilimanjaro Crew is very friendly, honest, and dedicated to sharing the best services to Kilimanjaro. We at Jerry Tanzania Tours being a responsible operator follow the KPAP guidelines to make sure our porters are treated and paid well. So, that we can give our climbers the best experience when you plan the next climb with us!

jerry tanzania tours

Jerry Tanzania Tours is one of the no 1 reputable operators on Mount Kilimanjaro, leading over 1000 climbs and guiding 2,000 people every year. We do what we state and are focused on our customers. Because of which we endeavour to push our limits and surpass their desire by giving them the best climbing experience. Won't you join us on the Roof of Africa?

Your Gift Will Help To Impact Kilimanjaro Porters Lives

  • Lending donated clothing at no charge to the mountain crew;
  • Offering Educational Classes to the Porters;
  • Providing industry guidelines for proper Porter treatment;
  • Educating the public on Porters working conditions and climbing responsibly.

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