Gifts For Porters Kilimanjaro – Ethical, Sustainable Gift Ideas For Kilimanjaro Mountain Heroes

Gifts For Porters Kilimanjaro

The unrecognized yet truly great individuals of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro Mountain Crew and Porters do all the difficult work so the main thing we need to worry about is eating enough food, drinking enough fluids and placing one foot before the other, yet they are frequently paid less, and depend on our tips and gifts to help themselves and their families. So Gifts For Porters Kilimanjaro is a good idea while you’re on the top of Kilimanjaro.

Unfortunately, many Kilimanjaro Porters climb the mountain with wavering shoes and not exactly satisfactory garments, so they genuinely welcome any extra ‘Gifts’ that we can give them, and in the event that you are Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro at any point in the near future.

If you have purchased new hiking gear for your Kilimanjaro Adventure, take your old stuff with you, your porters will be more than happy with last season’s winter gear!

Gifts For Porters Kilimanjaro – For How Many Porters Will Share?

The Kilimanjaro Without Porters is not possible for most climbers to make it successfully to the summit, as they are the dedicated men whose job it is to help tourists carry their gear to the summit. Most of the porters are local men between the ages of 18 and 40. They are hired alongside a team of trained professionals. They make it possible for tourists to navigate their way up the mountain.

Gifts For Porters Kilimanjaro

The number of Kilimanjaro Porters varies depending on the tour company you choose and the Kilimanjaro route you choose to trek. Your porter is responsible to carry your gears, all kitchen equipment, and private toilets if required. Each and every special requirement will need an extra porter for support.

The porters are allowed to carry only a limited number of weights and the best company will have high porters to client ratio. We have the Climb Kilimanjaro Guide from which you can know about the Kilimanjaro Porters requirements.

Here Are The Details Of Kilimanjaro Porters Requirements:

No Of Climbers No Of Porters
1 climber 2 to 3 porters
2 climbers 5 to 6 porters
3 climbers 8 to 9 porters
4 climbers 11 to 12 porters
5 climbers 14 to 15 porters
6 climbers 17 to 18 porters


Ethical Gift Ideas For Kilimanjaro Mountain Crew And Porters

Gifts for Porters Kilimanjaro are always warmly received by the crew, but at the end of the day, nothing beats hard cash. You can follow KPAPs tipping guidance for Kilimanjaro Porters and Guides and then giving any gear that you don’t want away as something extra.

Ethical Gift Ideas For Kilimanjaro Mountain Crew And Porters

The Kilimanjaro Porters Tips are listed by the tourist regulation and KPAP to pay tips as per the Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide.

However, here are few lists of gifts which you can give to porters from your Kilimanjaro Gear List:

Hiking boots, Poles / Sticks
Headlamps / Batteries
Water bottles or Camelback
Sleeping bags and blankets

By giving Gifts For Porters Kilimanjaro you are motivating them to work well for the climbers and make sure they do not exploit. They are the only mountain men who are there to support you with the climb. You are just giving them back for what they have done.

We at Jerry Tanzania Tours follow the guidelines of KPAP and treat all the mountain crew equally and pay the right salary on time. Plan your next climb with us and do not forget to bring gifts for our mountain crew!

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