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Electronic Gadgets & Protocols For Kilimanjaro Safety - Do You Really Need It?

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

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Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak of Africa and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. It is one in seven summits which gives an opportunity for the non-technical climb. However, you will need some Electronic Gadgets on Kilimanjaro for your safety.

You Need Special Gadgets For Hiking And A Beat Of A Special Soul As Well

Electronic gadgets are those which are essential to ease your climbing on the mountain and capture memories. Remember, these electronic gadgets should always be in your day pack which will be carried by you while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. It is always recommended to carry only required or essential Electronic gadgets and avoid carrying gadgets which are not used a lot and also avoid some gadgets which are expensive.

Electronic Gadgets On Kilimanjaro - What You Really Need On Your Climb

Electronic Gadgets On Kilimanjaro - What You Really Need On Your Climb

When Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, do not forget to keep the necessary electronic gadgets with you. The most required Electronic Gadgets on Kilimanjaro are the mobile phone, power bank, solar panel power bank, camera, and accessories. These lists can help you arrange all the necessary gadgets in your Kilimanjaro Climbing. Enjoy your adventure by using this stuff. CONTINUE READING

The Electronic Gadgets Which Are Really Required On Kilimanjaro:

Smartphone for Kilimanjaro

Smartphone For Kilimanjaro

Smartphones have turned out to be one of the most essential basic needs of daily life. It acts as a medium of connectivity with our family, friends, and close ones. Now, Kilimanjaro has improved a lot and you should be able to get network signals at some point where you may be able to connect with your family and friends on a video call or normal telecall.

Apart from communication, you can use the phone as an alarm, torch, surfing the internet, GPS location, and many more. You can also use your phone to take snapshots when you see something beautiful to capture. We recommend you carry your best Smartphone for Kilimanjaro so that you will be tension free while on the mountain.

Power Bank for Kilimanjaro

Powerbank For Kilimanjaro

We will definitely need a power bank while climbing Kilimanjaro and it is one of the important Electronic Gadgets on Kilimanjaro. When you are Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and in between when you noticed that battery of your Smartphone is nearly at zero and then you will start to panic because your Smartphone is about to die and there’s is no other modes of communication to communicate with anyone. In that situation you need a power bank to charge your Smartphone.

Nowadays we use lots of devices and these devices can be smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc… that run off a battery and always need a recharge when they’re low on power and these devices should be charged very quickly so that we can save our time.

There are many power banks which are available in the market that has multiple USB charging ports and are able to charge multiple devices at once.

The best power bank for Kilimanjaro will always have the capability of charging multiple devices at once and being able to charge them at a very fast speed. There are power banks ranging from 2000 MAH to 20,000 MAH. 

Phone Charger for Kilimanjaro

Phone Charger For Kilimanjaro

This is one of the essential electronic gadgets in which you need to charge your phone on the top of the mountain. There are a few points where you can charge your phone and make sure your phone is not dead.

Charing your phone on regular basis results in constant use of a Smartphone and other electronic gadgets without any interruptions while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Solar Charger For Kilimanjaro

Solar Charger For Kilimanjaro

The Solar charger uses sunlight to generate electricity and this would be a really helpful gadget for trekking in Kilimanjaro Routes. You will get ample sunlight on the mountains and you can hand your solar charger around so that it gets charged and you can use it later at night.

The Solar battery charger works very similarly to both a solar photovoltaic system and a more traditional battery storage system.  It has an AC outlet and can be used to charge your phone battery and other devices that need power such as laptops, iPad, tablets, etc. You can place this charger in a safe place where it can be exposed to maximum sunlight. The number of solar panels available on the charger determines the amount of power it can store. The specifications of the charger also depend upon the device that you want to charge. The solar charger acts as an Emergency Power Supply In Kilimanjaro.

A solar charger is portable and can be carried anywhere easily to charge the battery of your device. You will not need any external power source to charge your device. You can carry your Best Solar Charger For Kilimanjaro.

Digital Camera for Kilimanjaro

Digital Camera For Kilimanjaro

Making memories is good but capturing memories and storing it for a lifetime is a great option. You can capture all the high-resolution pictures of amazing landscapes via Kilimanjaro routes by taking your best digital camera for Kilimanjaro and store it. Remember, some of the DSLR’s are heavy and you will need to carry your backpack throughout the climb. You can reduce the camera weight by carrying only required lenses or limit yourself to general lenses.

You can carry a dust proof bag for your camera as Kilimanjaro is a dusty trail. Remember to always carry spare batteries close to the body or wrap them in a sock to keep it warm. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro For Beginners is exciting and so to capture memories. 

Electronic Gadgets on Kilimanjaro are some essential items that you need to carry in your daypack. It makes your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro smooth. Isn’t It True?

Kilimanjaro Safety Ascent Protocols

Mount Kilimanjaro is a non-technical climb and one can easily summit if they have the proper preparation and training. But, it is our responsibility to follow the Kilimanjaro Safety protocols.

Our guides carry emergency oxygen and safety equipment. You will be accompanied by porters and guides every time, they will keep monitoring you and checking your blood level using a Pulse oximeter and also carry a first aid kit for any small injuries due to mountain accidents.

Do You Need High Tech Safety Equipment on Kilimanjaro?

Most of them get really messy with essential equipment and high tech equipment. You will need to carry only the essential equipment that you really need for day to day life. The high tech equipment like, hyperbaric oxygen or the hyperbaric chamber is really not required except for a severe emergency which occurs on a very rare occasion.

You can just optimize your own personal fitness and avoid physical and mental stress. Make sure you are well acclimatized and ensure you sleep safely in warm.

People achieved by climbing to the summit of Kilimanjaro but the real achievement is keeping his/her phone alive” would you like to know the secret – Contact our Experts.

Hope you have read the details of how gadgets make the work easier and play a significant role during Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. There are various gadgets that we use in daily life ranging from music to communication and other daily needs. However, the above mentioned are the main Electronic Gadgets On Kilimanjaro which can be a real help for you in the mountain.

We at Jerry Tanzania Tours carry all the essential equipment to the mountain and make sure your climb is exciting and memorable.

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