It is your attitude, more than your aptitude that will determine your altitude. An attitude transplant is required to fill your blood with the chemicals of bliss to soar on your positive attitude. A positive attitude takes you to higher altitudes. If the climate inside you is positive, it radiates all around you. We will but, adjust quickly so as to succeed in your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro summit goal.

The most beautiful thing about altitude is that it is defined by the limitations you place on yourself. Altitude is a principle that means it is limitless; you can never exhaust it. The minute you understand that you realize a profound shift in your mindset for Kilimanjaro Climb.

  • We breathe quicker, that may be a natural and traditional reaction. Our body is attempting to induce the maximum amount O into its system as attainable.
  • Our heartbeat quicker even at a resting place. This can be as a result of it’s operating more durable to pump O around our body.
  • We begin to supply additional red blood red cells to extend O carrying capability.
  • We eject hydrogen carbonate through our kidneys and excrement that makes our blood additional acidic, successively driving our ventilation of air to require additional O.
  • Because our brain needs V-J Day of all O intake, it responds by limiting the body’s physical activity to preserve energy so you may realize you walk at a slower pace at altitude and become bored and breathless if fast movement, e.g. running to seek out a bathroom spot!


Positive Attitude

Kilimanjaro is the maximum amount of a mental challenge because it is physical. It’s necessary to mentally prepare and arrive on the mountain with a healthy mind.

Go Slow 

it’s not possible to completely adjust to Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing. However, all of our climbs embrace AN adjustment day to permit our bodies to regulate to the ever ever-changing altitude. Climb higher and sleeping lower permits for adjustment to requiring place bit by bit. Our seven day Kilimanjaro itineraries additionally provide you with longer to try and do this so increase your possibilities more of creating it to the summit.

Pace Yourself

Our guides can set a deliberately slower and steady pace to assist the adjustment method.


The body desires the maximum amount of energy because it will get to pump O around your body so it’s necessary to eat very little and infrequently, albeit you’re feeling you have got lost your appetency.

Keep Hydrated

It’s necessary to stay potable to stay hydrated; adding electrolytes will facilitate replace important body salts lost’ perspiration throughout the day.


Shortness of breath at higher altitudes will create it harder to sleep, however, it’s necessary to induce lots of rest to recover when the day’s walk. NB: Sleeping pills mustn’t be wont to aid sleep at altitude on Kilimanjaro.


Your altitude is about Mount Kilimanjaro Heights to which you can grow. We all have the potential to reach tremendous heights like Kilimanjaro; however, many of us won’t even reach half that potential. Your attitude is fueled by your Attitude and Aptitude.  With the right mindset and the consistent growth of your skillset, there are no limits for Kilimanjaro Climb.

Let’s look at the meaning of altitude from a life’s standpoint. In order to move to the next level, Individuals who consistently move to the next level all have to focus on these 3 things:

Desire: You must understand your true desires in order to reach high altitudes. Therefore you understand what it is you truly seek, the better your choices will be, bringing you ever closer to your goals. In order to with a crystallized goal in mind, your choices and actions will reflect that intensity. That should be a big inclusion for Kilimanjaro Climb.

Intent: Since it is knowing exactly what you intend is like an arrow heading for the bull’s eye; its purpose is clear. While desire precedes intent and intent precedes follow through. So that it is important to understand exactly what your intentions are; this will guide the choices you make for Climbing Kilimanjaro.

Follow Through: Without action, nothing gets done. This is why it is important to follow through on your plans. Personal leadership requires that you follow through on your intent in order to achieve your goal of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. When your desire and intent are clear, it will help you to avoid the pitfalls of the debilitating disease of procrastination.

Don’t panic! You shouldn’t be unnecessarily upset concerning altitude on Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – you only have to be compelled to bear in mind it, however it will have an effect on you and what you’ll do to assist your body to adjust. In conclusion, if you have got any issues concerning trekking at altitude and would love to talk to Jerry Tanzania Tours and we’ll be happy to reply to any queries concerning Kilimanjaro Climbing.

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