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6 Best Sightseeing & Adventure Options on Your Tanzania Day Trips

By Jerry Tanzania Tours

For the busy bees with a knack of travel, Tanzania Day Trips could be the best choice for a weekend getaway with your besties, BFFs, or loved ones to spend some of the most unsurpassed quality times on your Tanzania Safari Tours.

You can plan a small vacation to the magical land of the planet in Tanzania. The country offers 125 languages, hundreds of lakes, mesmerizing volcano peaks, brimming wildlife sealed national parks, dream landscapes, tranquil beaches with calm blue water, and richly diversified culture. Imagine experiencing all of these and more on your Tanzania Day Trips!

  • With endless attractions in this spectacular country, you will discover some of the best and unmatched stops that represent the stunning beauty of the country that is possible to explore with day trips.
  • Whether you are looking for a Tanzania Safaria trekking adventure, spending some time with the calmest corner of nature, or a few days on the sea-shore, Tanzania Day Trips has it all.

Visiting Arusha National Park

With numerous Tanzania Safari Packages we at Jerry Tanzania tours offer a variety of travel choices and among them is taking a short visit to the Arusha National Park.

Arusha National Park is one of the small yet enchanting national parks of the country hypnotizing the traveler with its magnificent natural beauty, abundant wild-view, and pristine landscapes on Tanzania Safaris Tour

  • The national park covers up the second highest peak of Tanzania, Mt. Meru that creates beautiful scenery at the backdrop of the national park.
  • Not only the stunning peak of Mt. Meru but the iconic lake Momella also ads some spice to the stunning beauty of the park.
  • The day trip starts from Moshi which is the closest to the Arusha National Park, about an hour’s drive.
  • Accompanied by an experienced guide who has good knowledge about the park you can explore the best of this small park.
  • In this visit, you can explore lush rainforest, sparkling water bodies like Lakes of Momella and the Ngurduto Crater, and some rich game drive.

Spend a relaxing day near Kikuletwa Hot Spring

Kikuletwa Hot Spring is a true Africa Oasis to discover, concealed in the middle of the heart of safari country Tanzania. This is a great choice for Budget Safari Tanzania.

  • The location of this stunning hot spring is quite tricky; you really can’t believe such a tranquil hot spring with crystal clear blue water is located in the corner of the Masai village.
  • The hot spring is also known as Chemka Springs is located between Moshi and Arusha is a perfect gateway to spend a day or a half-day near this paradise.
  • This is the best choice for a Tanzania Luxury Safari.
  • In specific points of the hot spring, high temp water can be seen continually rising from the underground that gives a feel of bubbling water.  
  • The day trip to Kikulwtwa is quite interesting; it starts from Moshi afterward you will be driven to a small city called Bomang’ombe from where you will be driving in a small bumpy road for 30 minutes enjoying the view of local villages and onion farmlands.
  • After reaching this enchanting natural pool, you can explore a swimming session in the warm water, afterward, you will be served with picnic lunch as well as you can relax on mattresses provided especially for you to relax and chill.  
  • You can choose to visit the location in the cold dry season from June to mid-October which is the Best Time To Visit Tanzania.

Spotting the lake Chala

Looking for a perfect spot to spend a day relaxing and unwind from a busy schedule of life routine? Then we can bet you there won’t be any more perfect place than Lake Chala.

Lake Chala is a hidden gem and a remote caldera lake that is located on the borders of Tanzania and Kenya on the eastern edge of Mount Kilimanjaro.  

  • This perfect spot for a day trip starts with an hour’s drive from Moshi town.
  • You can stay at the Best Luxury Safari Lodges In Tanzania and make a fulfilling trip.
  • The interesting fact about the Lake’s water is you can witness turquoise blue water or maybe green; it just depends upon the season you choose to visit the place as the color of the water changes with the season.
  • A day trip to Lake Chala will start from the morning with an experienced driver-guide with a delicious packed picnic lunch.
  • Upon your arrival, you will first meet the beautiful private game reserve located overlooking the lake.
  • Afterward, you can go inside the lake to take a swim.
  • You can explore the green lush surrounding; you can meet baboon monkey, velvet monkey, blue monkey, antelopes, elephants, and many different birds while enjoying your picnic lunch.
  • Also, there is a chance of spending one night at the spot in the lodge or the camping site. 

An aromatic coffee tour in Materuni

Tanzania Day Trips will lead you to some of the dreamy places where you can spot a few world-famous things, like the well-known coffee beans of Materuni.

  • Nestled in the foothill of Kilimanjaro, Materuni is a true tribal village that is home to an iconic tribal group of Tanzania; the Chaga tribe.
  • Around 15km away from Moshi town, the spectacular small spot is residing, which is a great place to explore on a day trip.
  • In this trip, you will get a fair chance to meet some of the true tribal Chaga people and go through the whole process of the aromatic coffee powder preparation that you are sipping in Starbucks to small-scaled cafes.
  • Take a tour in the coffee plantation of Materuni, watch the step by step process of grown, harvest, roast, and brew of the few finest coffee beans of the world.
  • After an aromatic coffee tour, you can go for a small hiking walk of 45 minutes to explore the stunning Materuni waterfall.
  • You can stay at beautiful Tanzania Luxury Safari Lodges and take rest for the day.

Add more fun with Moshi biking tour

Want to add some more thrills to your adventurous encounter with Tanzania’s mountain ranges, valleys, coasts, and national parks? The best way to go for a more adventurous journey is to explore the finest spots on a day tour riding a bicycle.

  • Bike Tour within Moshi is a great way to deal with your jet lags.
  • The 20km long bike tour in Moshi is a truly adventurous trip to explore Moshi.
  • This fascinating tour will take you through colorful, bustling Moshi town roads to nearby picturesque villages, through forest trails, and along tiny farmland, paths to explore.

Marangu day trip To Explore Tanzania Day Trips

Don’t want to hike Kilimanjaro yet looking forward to exploring few best parts of this world-famous rugged mountain on your Tanzania Day Trips.

  • A Tanzania safari is truly incomplete without a visit to Kilimanjaro.
  • The visit takes you to explore into both modern Tanzanian life in the Marangu town as well as the Chaga tribe who are still following their age-old style of life.  
  • In this trip, you will go through the picturesque Kilasya Falls which comes after a lazy hike through the banana plantation of the locals, local coffee plantation, venture down the dark tunnels of the Chaga tribe, and you can take a break sitting in a banana beer vendor to taste some local banana-flavored beer.

Choosing the right season and destination For Visiting Tanzania Day Trips

Home to spectacular scenery and tranquil cities, Tanzania safari is undoubtedly a trip to remember forever. So planning it in the right season and choosing the right destination can make your short trips even the best vacations of your life.

  • Best season: However, the country is great to visit throughout the year but most of the travelers prefer the dry season which is from July to October the Best Season To Visit Tanzania when the country showcases the best of its landscape and wilderness.
  • Best Destination: Home to around 16 spectacular national parks and game reserves the country has many destinations from which it’s difficult to choose the best one. However, if you are planning a short visit the above mentioned day trips can give you great exposure to the country.  
  • Tanzania destinations are full of surprises for all ages and all genres of travelers irrespective of the time limit and preferred season. As a leading Tanzania Safari trip operator, we offer a wide selection of excursions to the most iconic spots of the country.


At Jerry Tanzania, we always strive to exceed our client’s expectations and serve them with high-quality hospitality and professionalism approach. We are the number one Tanzania Safari Operator and take care of your Tanzania Safari Cost keeping in mind your most important Tanzania Travel Safety. Just pay a visit to Jerry Tanzania Tours to plan your next amazing holiday to Tanzania.

Our guides provide you with Tanzania Safari Facts, the most accurate information on the Best Time To Visit Tanzania and some of the most interesting Things To Do In Tanzania.  For more detailed information visit our Beginners Guide To Tanzania or call us now and speak to our travel experts today!

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